Xoxotsumi’s Tsutsumi Hoang on creating the perfect Instagram feed

There’s no other way to say this, Xoxotsumi’s Tsutsumi Hoang is adorable. Having met her and sister Lillehoang’s Alexandra Hoang at a few different media events this year – they’ve quickly become two of my favourites to beeline towards during “mingling time”. And while it may sound slightly patronising to describe grown-ups as “cute” – they just are. It’s a fact.

Original hailing from Norway, Tsutsumi landed on Australian soil earlier this year to join Alexandra who was already residing here. Quickly making a name for herself around the local fashion and beauty industry due to her impeccable style and absolute goals Instagram feed, Tsutsumi has assimilated easily into the Australian blogging/influencer world.

Recently maximising some free time we both had in between commitments, I grasped the chance to turn the conversation from idle chat to an interview opportunity – grilling Tsutsumi on all the Instagram tricks and tips behind that impeccable social media account…

You’ve recently moved to Australia?
Yes! Recently moved to Sydney. My sister has been living here for 1.5 years and she convinced me to move here. She’d told me a lot about Sydney and I wanted to come here because I knew the fashion industry and the blogging market is so much bigger than it is in Norway – I wanted to give it a chance. And now I’m here!

How long have you been Instablogging and blogging for?
I’ve been blogging with my sister and creating content for Instagram and on YouTube for almost four years now.

Do you normally take your pics with a camera or a phone?
I usually take pics with my iPhone 7. I use the camera only if I really have time for it, but I actually take most pics on my iPhone as I feel it does do the work.

Do you edit your shots in any way?
I edit them using the VSCO app – oh my gosh, I love filters! VSCO is so good! It saves my life. If I take a really bad picture, I just put a filter on and it looks like legit.

What’s your favourite filter?
I think A6 is my favourite filter. I also like to use the app Preview – it’s like a feed app that lets you upload a lot of pictures and then you can just move them around so you can get a beautiful aesthetic. I’m all about that, so I have that app as well.

How much time do you typically spend on editing a post for Instagram?
I don’t think it takes that much time – making content takes a lot of time but the actual posting doesn’t take too long. Creating the content is the thing that takes up the most of my time – but I find building a feed is alright.

Main image: Husskie Press | All other images: @xoxotsumi

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  1. Maddy says:

    Ahh loved reading this! These girls are stunning! I will definitely take some tips for my own Instagram feed! Just thought I’d say that I recently started using the app “Plann” and honestly find it so much better than Preview and other scheduling apps like it! It is literally an all in one- so good. You can upload your images and plan your feed, scheduling when you want your posts to go out. The app will then send you a reminder so you never forget to post at peak times! They have recently updated it to have built in image editing tools so you don’t have to use multiple apps like VSCO. The filters are actually amazing and really good quality. There are swatches of your best colour schemes and photo analytics, and it even tells you the best time to post to get the most likes! If you’re super busy but want a successful and stunning Insta you should definitely check it out 🙂 Anyways, thanks again – a great read 🙂

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