What’s the next big thing in social media

At Husskie HQ, we are constantly being asked what we think is next for the industry. What’s next for Instagram? What’s next for social media in general? And what’s next for influencers? While we do have a few of our own ideas on what the future is set to bring when it comes to all things social, we thought we’d throw it out there to a couple who are strongly in the game to find out their take.

Working heavily with influencers to create and market their own activewear brands, Slyletica founders Simon and Yetta Rawadi are renowned for having their fingers on the pulse when it comes to all things influencer and influencer marketing. Here, they talk us through their predictions of what’s around the corner when it comes to social media trends.

Slyletica founders Simon & Yetta Rawadi

“It’s always the next big thing with social media: first it was MySpace, then Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and Instagram quickly followed. Those who succeed as influencers tap in early and master it quickly, and most importantly are always looking to adapt their brand to stay relevant. The next big thing Aussie Influencers should be looking to tackle is TikTok, the new platform that Gary Vaynerchuck told Aussie audiences just this week that is the next Instagram.

So, what is TikTok? TikTok is at its core a short-form video social platform. Having launched in 2016, it has quickly amassed over 500M users and surpassed 1 billion downloads in 2018. TikTok however isn’t just video, its integration with Apple Music allows users to edit, remix and discover new songs – driving musicians, established or aspiring, to post their music and climb the charts. Combined this with its user interaction, virtual currency, live streaming and easy video editing features has allowed a new stream of influencers and content creators to be born.

Like Gen Zers, TikTok moves fast, with trending hashtag challenges virality surpassing other platforms. Users can interact with each other in trending challenges, call-and-response duets where they can add themselves into existing content, reaction or cringe videos. Here the curation of perfect content like on Instagram is not the name of the game, TikTok’s algorithm works on exposing users to new users and content, showing users content they think they will like. You need to be new, fresh and most of all quick here.

The other thing influencers should be looking to do is build their own brand. Kim Kardashian has KKW Beauty, Kimono Shapewear, Kids Supply, Kimoji and the KKW Website & App. Younger sister Kylie Jenner has the billion dollar (yes, billion with a B!) Kylie Cosmetics and new Kylie Skin range. The Kardashian-West-Jenner Clan have a staggering 149 active business trademarks between them.

Celebrities like Kim and Kylie are showing what is possible. Influencers worldwide are no-longer just being brand advocates; they are developing and marketing their own products with agencies such as Slyletica (the best, if you ask us!).”

Image credit: Kylie Skin

* Slyletica is a fashion agency specialising in custom manufacturing and brand development of activewear brands. They work with influencers, athletes and fitness/wellness studios to create and market their own apparel labels.

Main image: Chiara Ferragni – one of the globe’s most successful influencers in utilising her digital platforms to develop a global brand.

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