The top 100 female travel influencers to follow on Instagram

Each day seems to bring with it a new travel influencer we’d not come across before – one that is producing content at a calibre which manages to completely captivate. These girls have made their Instagram feed an art form, and the creativity they conjure has us continually wanting to add new destinations to our bucket list.

From the mountains to the sea, the city to the wild – we take a look at some of the inspirational female travel influencers whose talent has seen them firmly find a place on our top 100 watch list for 2018…

1. Jade Seba | @jadeseba | 2.1M
Describing herself as a blogger, globe trotter and actress Jesus girl, when we’re not coveting this Rio de Janeiro-based influencer’s wardrobe – we’re pouring over the latest destinations she’s visited.

Image credit: @jadeseba

2. Gypsea Lust | @gypsea_lust | 1.9M
With Do You Travel’s Jack Morris by her side, Australian-born Bali-based influencer –Gypsea Lust’s  Lauren Bullen has amassed an impressive number of followers all wanting to come along for the ride on this couple’s epic adventures.

Image credit: @gypsea_lust

3. Lovely Pepa | @lovelypepa | 1.6M
Initially on the path to become a lawyer, Spanish born and bred Alexandra Pereira set up style blog Lovely Pepa in 2009 as a way to share her fashion, travel and photography inspo. 1.5 million followers later, and we doubt she’ll be practising law any time soon…

Image credit: @lovelypepa

4. Ohh Couture | @ohhcouture | 1.6M
Founded in the beginning of 2014 by German-based strategy consultant and passionate shopper Leonie Hanne, Ohh Couture has gone on to play host a number of top brands including Cartier, Net-a-Porter and Bulgari.

Image credit: @ohhcouture

5. Janni D | @jannid | 1.2M
A lifestyle blogger from Sweden living in Monaco, 26-year-old Janni Delér first began her blog to document her travel-laden life so she could go and look back on everything she’d been up to. And now she’s joined by a million other people wanting to do the same.

Image credit: @jannid

6. Angelica Blick | @angelicablick | 1.2M
Currently in Paris, Swedish influencer Angelica Blick’s impressive content creations have seen her crowned with a host of blogger awards including ‘International Blog of the Year’ and ‘Best Fashion Blog of the Year’.

Image credit: @angelicablick

7. Hello Emilie | @helloemilie | 1.1M
A University of NSW graduate who now resides in Queensland (when she’s not on the road), Hello Emilie’s Emilie Ristevski is one of Australia’s most successful female travel influencers alongside Gypsea Lust.

Image credit: @helloemilie

8. Collage Vintage | @collagevintage | 1M
Beautiful locations, perfect fashion finds, and immaculate captures – Spanish blogger Collage Vintage’s Sara Escudero has long been on our must-watch list.

Image credit: @collagevintage

9. Paris In Four Months | @parisinfourmonths | 940K
Moving from Sweden to Paris to follow her dreams in 2012, Carin Olsson began her blog ‘Paris in Four Months’ around the same time. Safe to say that four months has long passed with Carin still calling the city her home…

Image credit: @parisinfourmonths

10. Pilot Madeleine | @pilotmadeleine | 952K
From Munich, Germany, Pilot Madeleine’s Madeleine Schneider-Weiffenbach has taken followers on her journeys with her since she first glided into the digital world in October 2015.

Image credit: @pilotmadeleine

11. Tara Milk Tea | @taramilktea | 935K
Sydney-born, Melbourne-based influencer Tara Milk Tea’s Tara Whiteman is seriously talented when it comes to both the lens and editing techniques. And what makes her extra amazing is that she openly shares lots of useful photography tips and tricks with her followers via Insta Stories.

Image credit: @taramilktea

12. Debi Flue | @debiflue | 846K
After starting blogging as a hobby in 2013, German globetrotter Debi Flue’s Debi Flügge is now mixing it with the best of them as she travels around the world with partner Keeevsch.

Image credit: @debiflue

13. Victoria Tornegren | @victoriatornegren | 829K
A Swedish fashion and travel influencer, Victoria Tornegren recently caught our attention while travelling around Australia over the Christmas break.

Image credit: @victoriatornegren

14. Belen Hostalet | @belenhostalet | 657K
A Barcelona chika, Belen Hostalet’s tropical adventures will have you wanting to grab your togs and head for the beach.

Image credit: @belenhostalet

15. Allie M Taylor | @alliemtaylor | 644K
With breath-taking photography from around the world, Swiss influencer Alexandra Taylor continues to mesmerise with her inspirational feed that takes you from the dessert to the ocean.

Image credit: @alliemtaylor

16. World Wanderlust | @worldwanderlust | 627K
On the day she graduated uni, World Wanderlust’s Brooke Saward booked a one-way to London – with her journeying barely stopping since. As well as her blog and Instagram, Brooke has published a book, released an app, featured in numerous magazines, and has a team of 5 working for her.

Image credit: @worldwanderlust

17. Li-Chi Pan | @lichipan | 559K
Straddling the worlds of food and travel, expect to see more adventure-fueled posts this year as Sydney-based content creator Li-Chi Pan heads to the Maldives, South Africa and Taiwan.

Image credit: @lichipan

18. Queen of Jetlags | @queenofjetlags | 547K
Starting her digital foray in 2013 after graduating Museum Studies at the Amsterdam University, Noor de Groot’s Queen of Jetlags Instagram and blog is now a go-to destination for all your travel inspo.

Image credit: @queenofjetlags

19. Bookonin | @bookonin | 541K
After working over a decade in travel, media and finance, in early 2017 Book On In’s Naomi-Jane Adams left her career at Daily Mail and General Trust to focus primarily on Bookonin after demand for the platform required her full attention.

Image credit: @bookonin

20. Puanindya | @puanindya | 514K
Formerly a journalism student in Padjadjaran University and freelance photographer based in Indonesia, Puanindya’s Putri Anindya has had her work featured in magazines such as Marie Claire and the Huffington Post and worked with brands including Red Bull and Converse.

Image credit: @puanindya

21. Chelsea Kauai | @chelseakauai | 513K
Hawaii-based creative Chelsea Kauai’s Chelsea Yamase abides by the motto “Live simply, explore often, consume mindfully” – and has a feed that is a true showcase of this ethos.

Image credit: @chelseakauai

22. The Blonde Abroad | @theblondeabroad | 486K
A Californian native, The Blonde Abroad’s Kiersten packed in her corporate life in finance to travel the world in 2011. Kiersten has now travelled to over 50 counties and is on the road for nine months of the year.

Image credit: @theblondeabroad

23. Lauren Epbath | @laurenepbath | 463K
If you want to take your photography to the next level, then Australian influencer Lauren Bath is a great one to follow as she’ll quite often talk through the gear and settings she used on a specific pic. Great for those wanting to learn from one of the best in the biz.

Image credit: @laurenepbath

24. Jess Wandering | @jess.wandering | 456K
While she may have attended the University of Washington School of Law from 2008-2011, you’re unlikely to find Jess Wandering’s Jess Dales in the court room any time soon with the Seattle-based travel influencer a full-time content creator since 2015.

Image credit: @jess.wandering

25. Travel In Her Shoes | @travel_inhershoes | 408K
With a pretty epic girl gang group that features others found on this list, Travel In Her Shoes blogger Aggie Lal describes herself as an “LA free spirit who can’t get enough of adventure, good energy, avocados & puppies”. Sounds like a pretty dreamy combo to us…

Image credit: @travel_inhershoes

26. Hilvees | @hilvees | 405K
Bringing all sorts of #couplegoals, Nordic couple Hilvees’ Hildegunn Taipale and partner @eljackson’s Samuel Taipale are right at the top when it comes to Instagram travel #couplegoals and inspiration.

Image credit: @hilvees

27. Andrea Dabene | @andreadabene | 393K
An American-born French photographer, growing up on three continents saw Andrea Dabene’s passion for travel cultivated early thanks to being raised to appreciate cultural diversity and unique landscapes.

Image credit: @andreadabene

28. Meg Legs | @meg_legs | 379K
Based in Salt Lake City, Meg Legs influencer Megan Mitchell first jumped into the digital scene in 2013 with the launch of her blog Style’d Avenue.

Image credit: @meg_legs

29. My Peeptoes | @mypeeptoes | 365K
Spanish influencer Paula Ordovás from My Peeptoes is not only a travel influencer but also the social media strategist for Mercedes-Benz Madrid Fashion week and collaborates with several magazines including Vogue Mexico and Elle UK.

Image credit: @mypeeptoes

30. Bea Albero | @beaalbero | 357K
One half of Instagram power couple Mr and Mrs Monnet, Spanish influencer Bea Albero left her career in 2013 to share her experience of travelling the world with husband Jéremy Monnet.

Image credit: @beaalbero

31. See Want Shop | @seewantshop | 334K
After discovering the wonderful world of blogging in 2011 when travelling abroad, Australian influencer See Want Shop’s Lisa Hamilton decided to start up her own creative outlet to coincide with her profession as a health physiotherapist. Since then, the blog and Instagram have gone on to become her full-time dedication.

Image credit: @seewantshop

32. Tiff Penguin | @tiffpenguin | 328K
Mixing dentistry with adventure travel photography, Los Angeles-based influencer Tiffany Nguyen of Tiff Penguin might not have your usual mixture of professional pursuits – but it’s one that’s clearly working for her, with Tiffany collaborating with a number of top brands and media publications.

Image credit: @tiffpenguin

33. Goldie Hawn | @goldiehawn_ | 319K
Hailing from the Canadian Rockies, Goldie Hawn influencer Katie Goldie has managed to combine her love for the outdoors with her passion for photography (and no, we don’t think there’s any ties with Goldie Hawn the actress).

Image credit: @goldiehawn_

34. Round The World Girl | @roundtheworldgirl | 315K
With a feed delivering a heavy mixture of active living and wanderlust wandering, Round The World Girl’s Elise Sterck not only has two degrees from the University of Wyoming – in Geographic Information Systems and Environment and Natural Resources – but she’s also a helicopter pilot, sailor, and keen outdoor explorer.

Image credit: @roundtheworldgirl

35. Lily Rose | @lilyrose | 301K
From Switzerland to Morocco, watch on as travel blogger and influencer Lily Rose takes you with her to all the far corners of the world.

Image credit: @lilyrose

36. Renee Roaming | @reneeroaming | 294K
With a home base in Seattle, we love how Renee Roaming’s Renee Hahnel is not afraid to get out into the countryside to deliver us endless wild enchantment.

Image credit: @reneeroaming

37. June Sixty Five | @junesixtyfive | 281K
With her blog and Instagram name inspired by her mother – who was born in June 1965 – Paris influencer June Sixty Five’s Federica takes us with her as she travels from cities to beaches all with an impeccable wardrobe.

Image credit: @junesixtyfive

38. Fashiion Carpet | @fashiioncarpet | 279K
Launching style blog Fashiion Carpet in 2012 with boyfriend Patrick Kahlo, Nina Schwichtenberg has extended her digital footprint beyond fashion to now include snippets of her various travels.

Image credit: @fashiioncarpet

39. Zoe Laz | @zoelaz | 276K
Hailing from Utah, Zoe Laz’s Zoe Lazerson is another one who seems to seamlessly incorporate fashion and travel posts to give us the best of both worlds…

Image credit: @zoelaz

40. Si Sichen | @si_sichen | 273K
German-based blogger Si Sichen’s Simone is a globe-trotting guru – with the travel influencer off to Marrakech, St. Moritz, and Mexico next.

Image credit: @si_sichen

41. Polkadot Passport | @polkadotpassport | 256K
Polkadot Passport is run by 23-year-old Aussie girl Nicola Easterby, who began her travel blog at aged 20 after discovering a lust for adventure.

Image credit: @polkadotpassport

42. Olive Cooke | @olivecooke | 257K
Growing up in Western Australia and then moving to Byron Bay, Olive Cooke’s adventures around Australia (and the world) have you adding everywhere she goes to your must-visit bucket list.

Image credit: @olivecooke

43. Madeline Joy Relph | @madelinejoyrelph | 253K
From Sydney’s northern beaches but often found between Bali and Byron Bay, we’re addicted to Madeline Joy Relph’s feed thanks to her free-spirited adventurous nature.

Image credit: @madelinejoyrelph

44. Kitkat CH | kitkat_ch | 239K
Based in Switzerland, Kitkat CH’s Martina Bisaz has had an interesting career path. From 2008 – 2016 she worked part-time as a scientific illustrator in Zurich’s archeology department and as part-time as a freelance photographer and illustrator, but last year saw Martina embrace the life of a full-time influencer and photographer.

Image credit: @kitkat_ch

45. Zeeba Life | @zeebalife | 228K
Mostly found travelling the world with her husband and son, Zeeba Life’s Claudia Padgett leads her followers to some of the most beautiful hotels and and exclusive destinations found across the globe.

Image credit: @zeebalife

46. Girl Born To Travel | @girlborntotravel | 226K
Born in France, Girl Born To Travel influencer Hélène has been travelling the world since she was 18 and has since notched up more than 40 countries to her name. She is now based in France in a small town near Geneva, Switzerland.

Image credit: @girlborntotravel

47. Cara Jourdan | @carajourdan | 218K
Canada’s Cara Jourdan began her digital journey with her blog A Fashion Love Affair in 2011. She’s gone on to be featured in more than 100 media outlets (and with this article – make that 101…)

Image credit: @carajourdan

48. Alice Detogni | @alicedetogni | 209K
An interior and graphic designer, Alice Detogni’s Instagram takes us on a super cute adventure around her home city of Milan to further afield.

Image credit: @alicedetogni

49. Elise Cook | @elisecook | 202K
Living in a van with husband Domenic Palumbo, Elise Cook’s adventure-filled IG began taking off after being discovered by Tourism Tasmania a couple of years ago.

Image credit: @elisecook

50. The Tia Fox | @thetiafox | 201K
Beginning her digital journey in 2014, Melbourne-based The Tia Fox’s Melanie Liu travels the world creating and curating beautiful lifestyle content across the categories of travel, fashion, beauty and food.

Image credit: @thetiafox

51. Tour de Lust | @tourdelust | 197K
Born in Los Angeles but now based in San Francisco, Tour de Lust founder Christine Tran has taken us from Nova Scotia to the Napa Valley to Koh Samui – and that’s just this year (and yes, we are only 6 weeks into it!)

Image credit: @tourdelust

52. Rustic Bones | @rusticbones | 192K
With impressive wanderlust photography that highlights her free spirit, Rustic Bones content creator Jessica Bubb is based in Colorado and originally began the Rustic Bone blog in 2015 as a personal fashion and photography platform.

Image credit: @rusticbones

53. A Dash of Fash | @adashoffash | 189K
A Dash Of Fash’s Iris Dijkers calls her home base Amsterdam, but will soon be jetting off to Paris and Bali.

Image credit: @adashoffash

54. Laurie Ferraro | @laurie_ferraro | 187K
You may have known her by her previous handle @TheRueCollective, but this year saw Canadian influencer Laurie Ferraro change the handle over to her real name (while still delivering on the travel and outfit goals she’s renowned for).

Image credit: @laurie_ferraro

55. Lisa Danielle | @lisadanielle__ | 186K
With an affinity for twirling skirts and two-sets, Byron Bay’s Lisa Smith of @lisadanielle__ is often spotted with travel companion Emelinaah – with the two taking us around the world with them via the Gram from Italy to Morocco.

Image credit: @lisadanielle__

56. Irina HP | @irinahp | 185K
A travel and fashion blogger from Vienna, Irina HP’s adds some magic to her Europe travels with pretty pops of red and orange.

Image credit: @irinahp

57. Elizabeth Gadd | @elizabethgadd | 179K
With flowing red locks adding some interesting movement to Lizzy Gad’s IG feed, we love the almost ethereal feel delivered by this Vancouver-based influencer.

Image credit: @elizabethgadd

58. Frauke Hagen | @frauke_hagen | 168K
Made in Germany, Frauke Hagen’s moody travel shots are wanderlust central.

Image credit: @frauke_hagen

59. Lisa Homsy | @lisahomsy | 167K
Canadian travel and lifestyle creative, Lisa Homsy has recently been travelling around Los Angeles and the Bahamas and is now in Hawaii.

Image credit: @lisahomsy

60. Julia Mateian | @juliamateian | 166K
Montreal’s Julia Mateian decided to launch her blog The 26th Look while completing her Master in Marketing at HEC Montreal at aged 26. Since then, her adventures across Instagram and her blog have gone on to gain a fast following (as well as a number of awards).

Image credit: @juliamateian

61. Joelle Friend | @joellefriend | 165K
Based in Seattle, Washington, Joelle Friend’s Instagram feed inspires to take the beaten track and get into the wilderness.

Image credit: @joellefriend

62. Charlotte Little Wolf | @charlottelittlewolf | 157K
Portland photographer Charlotte Little Wolf’s Charlotte Gane studied illustration, graphic design, and photographer at University of California – and is now using all three skills to deliver content for brands such as Iceland Air, Pepsi, and SanDisk.

Image credit: @charlottelittlewolf

63. Voyage Provocateur | @voyage_provocateur | 157K
Hailing from Poland but now living in Germany, Voyage Provocateur spends much of the year exploring the world – with next on her list including Amsterdam, Kitzbühl, Copenhagen, and Jordan.

Image credit: @voyage_provocateu

64. Emelinaah | @emelinaah | 150K
Besties with Olive Cooke, Emelinaah’s Emily Hutchinson can be found residing in Byron Bay when she’s not visiting destinations like Japan, the Maldives, and the Sahara Desert.

Image credit: @emelinaah

65. MVanderluis | @mvanderluis | 148K
A Canadian-based creative from Montreal, we’ve been a little obsessed with Mel Vanderluis’ Instagram Stories of late as she lets followers into some of the behind-the-scenes action behind her enthralling feed.

Image credit: @mvandersluis

66. Haylsa | @haylsa | 148K
Having explored over 35 countries including Europe, Jordan, Oman, Thailand, Philippines, Indonesia, America, and Myanmar, Haylsa’s Hayley Anderson is currently at home in Australia where she is spending the summer.

Image credit: @haylsa

67. Melissa Findley | @melissafindley | 139K
An Australian photographer currently residing on the Gold Coast, Melissa Findley’s work has taken her across the globe from Australia to Nepal, Africa, Samoa and everywhere in between.

Image credit: @melissafindley

68. Sarah Pour | @sarahpour | 138K
Based in Frankfurt, Germany, Sarah Pour’s work as a visual artist, freelance photographer  and social media advisor has seen her work with top brands and tourism boards such as Canon and Visit Finland.

Image credit: @sarahpour

69. And A Thousand Words | @andathousandwords | 135K
After graduating from Amsterdam’s Fashion Institute five years ago, Merel van Poorten started up blog And A Thousand Words to share her photography and words on jewellery, travel, beauty, fashion and a healthy lifestyle. 

Image credit: @andathousandwords

70. Chloe BH | @chloe_bh | 136K
23-year-old Sydneysider Chloe Barry-Hang’s colourful adventures around the world have us desperately wanting to pack our bags and join her for the ride.

Image credit: @chloe_bh

71. Campsbay Girl | @campsbaygirl | 134K
A travel blogger from Cape Town in South Africa, Campsbay Girl’s Carlinn trots around the world with her photographer partner @thelawry’s Mike Eloff.

Image credit: @campsbaygirl

72. Ellie Bullen | @elliebullen | 134K
The second account for foodie influencer Elsa’s Wholesome Life, Australian-bred and Bali-based Ellie Bullen brings with us snapshots of her various travels via @elliebullen including trips to Joshua Tree National Park, Cambodia, and Hollywood.

Image credit: @elliebullen

73. Kimi Juan | @kimijuan | 131K
Born and raised in the Philippines, Kimi Juan travels the world with her partner Thomas Caja – with the two having their photography featured in a number of reputable print and digital media outlets.

Image credit: @kimijuan

74. Marisa Hampe | @marisahampe | 123K
Studying visual communication at the University of Arts in Berlin – German influencer Marisa Hampe began her Instagram account two years ago and quickly saw her landscape photography taking off.

Image credit: @marisahampe

75. Emi Toms | @emitoms | 112K
Marketing manager at Amazon by day and travel influencer by night, Emily Thomas can currently be found roaming around Seattle, Washington.

Image credit: @emitoms

76. Word Uuup | @worduuup | 108K
With crazy hair and an epic feed, Word Uuup content creator Polina K has spent the last 5 years in Africa after escaping Russia to explore the world.

Image credit: @worduuup

77. Ananaya Ray | @ananya.ray | 103K
From Alberta, Canada, Ananaya Ray really began getting into the world of IG four years ago when she travelled to Greece and wanted to showcase the beauty of the country.

Image credit: @ananya.ray

78. Mddyelrck | @mddyelrck | 103K
With a cute bio that reads “Climb mountains but take pictures of lakes”, Mddyelrck’s Madison Elrick is an active outdoor enthusiast who loves hiking, backpacking, climbing and mountaineering… and of course – photography. Originally from BC, Madison recently moved to Alberta and is quite fond of travelling the Canadian Rockies.

Image credit: @mddyelrck

79. Ju.Hu.Lia | | 89K
Made in Ukraine, based in Germany and soon headed to Bali and Australia, Ju.Hu.Lia’s Julia Rosenbusch has got the travel bug and we’re enjoying watching on as she puts more destination notches under the belt.

Image credit:

80. Em Peachy | @em.peachy | 88K
22-year-old psychology-graduate-turned-travel-enthusiast, Em Peachy’s Emily Smith is based in South Australia but can be found documenting her adventures across the country from Byron Bay to the Hunter Valley.

Image credit: @em.peachy

81. Kirsty Cane | @kirstycane | 86K
Hailing from South Australia, Kirsty Cane’s adventures have long had us wanting to jump in our kombi and head cross country.

Image credit: @kirstycane

82. Your Passport | @your_passport | 85K
Permanently travelling the world with partner Your Passage’s Uroz Polajzer, Your Passport’s Lara Kamnik is based in Koper Slovenia (but can’t often be found there!)

Image credit: @your_passport

83. Tracy Komlos | @tracy_komlos | 81K
Toronto-based Tracy Komlos has taken her travel influencing to the next level – launching Pangea Dreams – a range of blogger retreats that offer workshops in digital marketing, business strategy, and photography.

Image credit: @tracy_komlos

84. Amy Seder | @amyseder | 81K
Leaving her life in NYC to travel the world, Amy Seder can currently be found producing her content in Cali – with Nashville next on the list.

Image credit: @amyseder

85. Life With Three | @life.with.three | 73K
From South Australia, Life With Three influencer Rachel Barwick’s feed continues to get better and better as she seeks out the different beaches and fields the country has to offer.

Image credit: @life.with.three

86. Salty Luxe | @saltyluxe | 73K
If beach days and trips to the tropics are for you – then you’re going to like Sarah from Salty Luxe’s IG feed. Sarah hails from Byron Bay, Australia.

Image credit: @saltyluxe

87. K is for Kani | @kisforkani | 70K
Travelling creative & photographer from Melbourne, K is for Kani lifestyle influencer Connie Cao’s feed is inspired by a mix of nature and colour.

Image credit: @kisforkani

88. Carmen Huter | @carmenhuter | 67K
Take a look at New Zealand influencer Carmen Huter’s feed and then tell me you’re not inspired to climb a mountain… #adventuregoals

Image credit: @carmenhuter

89. Live Like Its The Wknd | @livelikeitsthewknd | 58K
During the day she’s a social media and branding consultant for small businesses – but in the evening you’ll findLive Like Its The Wknd’s Michelle Halpern relentlessly researching new travel destinations. She’s currently residing in Maine – with NYC next on the agenda.

Image credit: @livelikeitsthewknd

90. Take Off With Love | @takeoffwithlove | 57K
With a law degree and MBA under her sleeve, Take Off With Love’s Vanesa will soon be leaving her home of Slovenia to travel around Marrakech, Positano, and Venice.

Image credit: @takeoffwithlove

91. Lucy in the Sky | @lucyinthesskyy | 57K
With a super supportive Insti tribe supporting her every move, Lucy In the Sky influencer Lucia inspires us as she travels to all the hot spots in the IG travel world.

Image credit: @lucyinthesskyy

92. Outside Boxx | @outsideboxx | 56K
Currently living in London, Outside Boxx’s Karolina Valeikaite and partner @gypseetravel’s Marco Coppola are originally from Lithuania and Italy but spend a lot of the year abroad (like many on this list!)

Image credit: @outsideboxx

93. Icing and Glitter | @icingandglitter | 54K
A part-time Torontonian and part-time wanderer, we’ve been obsessing over Icing and Glitter’s Siffat Haider ever since we featured her in one of our Fast 50 interviews.

Image credit: @icingandglitter

94. KJ Pinc | @kjpinc | 50K
Washington-based photographer and lifestyle influencer KJ Pinc has taken us everywhere from camel riding in Egypt, to hot springs in Alaska, to mountain picnics in Mount Rainier National Park… and we’ve loved every second of it.

Image credit: @kjpinc

95. My Detox Travel | @mydetoxtravel | 48K
Currently in Patagonia, My Detox Travel’s Cath Simard is a Canadian-born self-taught travel / adventure photographer and art director who left her fashion stylist / model job to travel the world full-time – sharing her passion for the outdoors and the wilderness via both her Instagram and blog.

Image credit: @mydetoxtravel

96. Teru Menclova | @terumenclova | 45K
Based in Prague, Czechoslovakia, we’re looking forward to following Teru Menclova’s adventures this year as she heads to Kaprun and Iceland.

Image credit: @terumenclova

97. My Colourful World | @mycolourfulworld_ | 41K
Definitely one we’re picking to watch out for in 2018, My Colourful World founder Katie Purling is an Australian-based travel influencer that picked up her first camera in 2015… and hasn’t been able to put it down since.

Image credit: @mycolourfulworld_

98. The Wondering Dreamer | @thewonderingdreamer | 41K
Hailing from England, The Wondering Dreamer’s Jess Meyrick is currently residing in Bermuda – where she brings daily snippets of life on the island.

Image credit: @thewonderingdreamer

99. Alex SVD | @alex.svd | 39K
A graphic designer in the making, Alex SVD hails from Québec, Canada and is an avid traveller (and accomplished photographer!)

Image credit: @alex.svd

100. The Braided Lena | @thebraidedlena | 11K
Confession – this is actually my account, and while I cringe a little at the self promotion, if you want to follow my travels around beaches from Tropical North Queensland to Tasmania (with a little bit of Europe, Bali and soon South Africa and Iceland thrown in for good measure), then The Braided Lena is where you can find me having a little fun lugging around my trusty camera.

Image credit: @thebraidedlena

Do you have a travel influencer who’s content inspires you? Or are you a travel influencer yourself? Comment the account handle below – we’d love to check it out!

Main image: Pilot Madeleine

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    Loving all of these! Some many girlbosses 🙂

  8. Ale Busola says:

    Hello, I love your page…about this post are these the only female travel influencers…are there no black women into this…or you decided to concentrate on a particular statistics…if that’s it no problem…but if not… please next time black women too can be included, I am black and it’ll be really nice to look up to someone with the same color of skin and hair…and probably same geographic location… except this isn’t an international blog too…And for one I know beautiful black travel influencer…with over a 100k followers on Instagram…”asiyamigold”.
    Nice post…thanks.

    • Husskie says:

      So thrilled to hear you love Husskie. I definitely didn’t decide to concentrate on a particular statistic – in fact, had I known about Asiuamigold’s account before putting this together – she would most definitely have been included! I’ve just got in contact with her to see if she’d be interested in doing a feature with us on Husskie as we’d be beyond thrilled to have her on the site. We openly welcome everyone of every colour, age, sexuality – EVERYONE! 🙂 xx

  9. Ale Busola says:

    Hello, I love your page…about this post are these the only female travel influencers…are there no black women into this…or you decided to concentrate on a particular statistics…if that’s it no problem…but if not… please next time black women too can be included, I am black and it’ll be really nice to look up to someone with the same color of skin and hair…and probably same geographic location… except this isn’t an international blog too…And for one I know a beautiful black travel influencer…with over a 100k followers on Instagram…”asiyamigold”.
    Nice post…thanks.

  10. Holly Baird says:

    Sarah Richards at @coffeethentravel is one of my faves. She is also the mastermind behind @girlsthatscuba which has developed a cult following of lady divers of all levels and experiences. Love your work Lena xx

  11. Natalie says:

    All the travelers on this list are great creators! I only wished the list wasn’t at least 90% of blonde-thin girls. I like to follow many of them, but seriously, there are SO many influencers with different origins. I think you could do more to contribute to diversity in the travel industry. Isn’t traveling precisely about building bridges between different communities?

    • Husskie says:

      Hi Natalie, I’m so sorry you didn’t feel that there was enough diversity in here and will definitely be more aware of this the next time I pop the list together. I honestly don’t look at people’s race or hair colour when putting it together – just their general feed and photography. But will make sure I’m more aware of this for next time. Definitely agree that travelling is about building bridges between different communities. x

  12. Jure says:

    Love this list!! Absolutely great accounts, yet my fav is missing – @andshexplores for her unique photos and great sense of telling a story. Her blog is also pretty dreamy! I am also missing @saltinourhair on the list, but that’s more like couple influencers right?

    • Husskie says:

      Hi Jure, Thanks for the recommendations! Have started following And She explores and with Salt In Our Hair – I absolutely love their account (we’ve actually previously featured them!) – but this one was about just the girls. I’m going to be putting together one on couples shortly – so keep an eye out for that article! x

  13. Laszlo says:

    Simply a great read, Build your own dreams, You are and always will be in your own life.

    • Husskie says:

      So true, and love this statement. I think that modern life now, more than ever, has given us the opportunities to live out dreams. x

  14. Felicity says:

    I love following Grace @reignbowserpent on her travel adventures. She is beautiful girl inside and out, she writes lovely pieces about her travels, her love of family and has a strong social conscience.

  15. Alla says:

    Hi there! Don’t miss fresh pictures from @alllavi on my road trip in Australia #admiringaustralia

  16. Astha says:

    Wow, Both Are Pretty look.

  17. Georgiana says:

    Hi girls, I’m pretty sure you will love my feed as well -> @iamgeorgiana

    I hope I’ll make it to this list pretty soon.

  18. Susan Edel says:

    Hey there, love this list! I’d love to have you check out my site. I focus on luxury travel and resorts. My intent is to start creating short videos highlighting the locations I visit. I hope you get a chance to visit my site on Instagram @no.ordinary.resort or website ~ Susan

  19. Sarah says:

    @mylifeaseva is my favorite travel & videography influencer

  20. Ima says:

    I don’t have a travel account but I LOVE @fameisficklefood. I think she’s different because she tells a story with each image

  21. Drew C. says:

    Same, same, same, same, same… 100 of them and not an original in the bunch. Traveling the world wasting precious years of their lives doing exactly what everyone else is doing. Same locations, same shots, same filters, like little carbon copies begging for likes. Pathetic, sad, staged, uninteresting and worst of all inauthentic.

  22. Loacal says:

    Are you travel social media influencer planning to visit Cyprus, Turkey or the UK soon? We may offer free tours or discounted prices for you. Read more at

  23. Lola Mendez says:

    Miss seeing my fellow women of color on this list! Happy to see a few Latinos and Asians but just a very small amount makes me sad. Would have been great to see some responsible travelers too. I’m both, for future reference! @MissFilatelista

  24. Dave Horn says:

    I have recently found this influencer from Ukraine and love her style and stories. You might want to check it out. Also, coming from Ukraine I think gives her a unique perspective on things) @travelgirl_ukraine

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