The 3 Instagram rules fitness influencer Tanya Poppett swears by

With a passion for health and wellness for the majority of her life, fitness expert Tanya Poppett first began her Instagram account as a way to show friends how to add elements of health into their daily routines. Except that her short explanatory workout clips didn’t just find resonance with friends… Soon thousands of people from across the globe would begin tuning in to her every upload. An impressive 367,000 people in fact (if we were to just look at her Instagram following).

With fans welcoming her incredible ability to breakdown perceived notions of fitness and unique style of training (and then of course, there’s that insane six pack), Tanya was quickly fast-tracked to being a favourite fitness face to watch out for. But with an abundance of people in the fitness influencer space and shifting algorithms playing havoc on people’s feed – just how does she keep the followers coming back for more?

Fresh from holding a session at the Brisbane Fitness Show with Active Escapes partner in crime Danielle Robertson, we tracked Tanya down to talk her top 3 rules when it comes to posting on Instagram:

1. Language that promotes empowerment
As a trainer and public figure, I feel like it is my responsibility to choose language that promotes empowerment and body confidence. Over my career as a trainer, I have seen the impact common phrases can have on a client’s view of exercise and their body. I no-longer use phrases like ‘tone up’, ‘shape up’, ‘bikini body’, and ‘burn fat’ to promote exercise. These phrases are very aesthetic driven and take away from the TRUE value of getting active and living a healthy life. Health is very much a feeling, not a look… so I like to use language that reflects that: ‘Find freedom through movement’, ‘feel strong’, ‘improve your cardiovascular fitness’, ‘mental gains’…

2. Does this provide value to my audience
Apart from the odd light-hearted post, I want my content to provide some value to those who follow me whether it be via words of encouragement, workout ideas, or promoting a healthy outlook on life.

3. Stick to what you know
There is so much ‘health-based’ content on the internet giving tips and wellness advice. While this is on the most part very positive, many influencers may step out of their scope of expertise when advising their audience. It is important to stick to your field of knowledge and refer to other experts when necessary.

Tanya Poppett and Danielle Robertson at the Brisbane Fitness Show.

All images: @tanyapoppett

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