The Nude Nutritionist’s Lyndi Cohen: My day on a plate

Despite the name of her blog, you’re unlikely to catch The Nude Nutritionist founder Lyndi Cohen flippantly shedding her clothing attire – but what you will find this refreshing dietitian doing is ridding her life of photoshopped imagery or any advocacy for the word “diet”.

After struggling with her own weight issues from countless unsuccessful diets, Lyndi decided to strip back the misinformation surrounding nutrition and focus on bringing attention to a wholefoods approach to eating. An approach that has gained widespread traction, with Lyndi regularly appearing on TV, creating a popular blog, launching a successful eBook, and being headhunted as a nutrition expert for brands such as Huon Salmon.

And while we love everything Lyndi has to say about yo-yo dieting (ahem) and healthy eating, we decided we’d put her to the test to see what exactly it is she’s putting on her own plate each day.

My day starts with a homemade cappuccino, no sweetener. After my morning workout, I share a large green juice with my husband. Breakfast is typically a small teacup of plain Greek yoghurt with homemade muesli and seeds or three scrambled eggs, a quarter avocado, and some veggies like mushrooms and tomatoes.

Additional: My phone charges in another room and I don’t check my phone until after I’ve finished my morning routine. This really helps me keep my anxiety at bay.

Snack (if applicable)
I rarely have a mid-morning snack. I am rarely hungry after my coffee and juice so I postpone my brekkie till midmorning when I finally do get hungry.

Leftover salad and vegetables from dinner the night before with my favourite protein of smoked salmon, half a tin of lentils or chickpeas topped with feta cheese or avocado.

Mid afternoon
If I get hungry in the afternoon, I’ll opt for a handful of nuts, glass of milk or a piece of fruit.

Usually dinner is homemade salmon ceviche or a piece of grilled chicken with a big salad and grilled veggies like brocollini, corn on the cob, or asparagus. I try to eat oily fish at least three times a week and am very particular with choosing sustainable brands, such as Huon Salmon. Dinner is also my time to fill up on more vegetables, so I make sure there are plenty on my plate. I always make twice as much dinner for healthy lunches the next day.

When I crave something sweet, I’ll have either a piece of fresh fruit, two squares of chocolate or a couple of fresh dates.

So what do you think? We think Lyndi’s pretty much just nailed what we should be doing when it comes to healthy eating. Now if only we could keep that chocolate to just two squares – that’s some kind of serious willpower right there.

All images: @nude_nutritionist

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