The natural beauty brand that’s become a must-have for influencers

Kosmea Australia is no new brand on the market – in fact, it’s about to hit the big 25… but the last 12 months has really seen this natural Australian skincare company gaining some major kudos across the board (we’re talking consumers, retailers, media, bloggers, influencers… you name it, they’re onto it!)

First hitting the scene in 1993 after founder Marie Kapetanakis discovered the unique nourishing and balancing abilities of certified organic rosehip oil, Marie set about harnessing these properties into a bottle. Now, Kosmea is not only a local success story, but has also found a passionate international consumer base – a fact that has seen it take home numerous awards wins and nominations, most recently beautyheaven’s Best in Beauty Awards and the Pure Beauty Awards 2017.

Not surprisingly, influencers have begun flocking to the brand, with Husskie spotting Kosmea popping up across Instagram feeds from the obsessed macro influencers to super passionate micro beauty bloggers.

Below, we take a little look to see why Kosmea has influencers hooked, plus learn which products are their absolute go-tos…

Zoe Hoad
What they’re saying: “Thank you to @kosmeaaustralia for making shower time all the more enjoyable”. [Press the ‘▶️’ button to watch her Kosmea routine]. 

Marisa Robinson MUA
What they’re saying: “I am so excited to try these new natural beauties from #KOSMEA Australia. I have just spritzed myself with the mist and the scent is incredible! I’m going to apply the Rose Glow Body Oil containing Komea’s signature blend of certified organic rosehip oil with my jade roller – I can’t wait to see the results. I am also happy to say Komea does not test on animals so no furry friends were harmed in the making of this gorgeous range – skincare as nature intended!”

Confetti Avenue
What they’re saying: “I’ve been testing out some products from @kosmeaaustralia recently and have really been loving the Hydrating Rose Water Mist after cleansing my skin. I’ve only ever tried the Kosmea Rose Hip Oil before (their signature product) so it’s fun exploring a new range!”

Image credit: @confettiavenue

Diana’s Healthy Living
What they’re saying:Loving all of these @kosmeaaustralia Natural Skin Care goodies. These products have been like food for my skin”.

Image credit: @dianashealthyliving

Beauty Through Bowie
What they’re saying: “THANK YOU @kosmeaaustralia for these skincare goodies!! Have had the Rose Hand Cream and Facial Mist on high rotation and they’re keeping my skin feeling super soft and moisturised. Kosmea’s rose hips are also ethically sourced and handpicked!”

Image credit: @beautythroughbowie

Noise In Wonderland
What they’re saying:The #love for all #natural products continues on the #blog today with my @kosmeaaustralia #haul”.

Image credit: @noiseinwonderland

Cat Forsley
What they’re saying:Can u tell I have a brand crush on this amazing #australiabrand… @kosmeaaustralia… Everything I have used so far has their amazing #rosehipoil in it! In love!!!”

Image credit: @catforsley

Ashley Kaila
What they’re saying: “For the past couple of weeks I’ve been trying these two products from @kosmeaaustralia for you guys. The Rose Hip Oil is their signature product and I’m crazy for it. You can even use it in smoothies because it’s vegan, certified organic and wild crafted. I use this on my face and décolletage every night. Throughout the day to keep my face fresh and hydrated I take my bottle of Hydrating Rosewater Mist and apply when I feel like I need that extra pick me up. I have seen results because my face and décolletage look hydrated and I can feel that my skin is more smooth than it was before I started using these two products. Extra points go to #kosmea because they don’t used animal products or test on animals and their bottles are all recyclable ✨”.

Image credit: @ashleykaila

Hey There Jacquelyn
What they’re saying: “Testing out some @kosmeaaustralia products on my face! ? The Rose Glow Body Mist is so refreshing on these ridiculously hot days ☀️”.

Image credit: @heytherejacquelyn

Karina Edge
What they’re saying: “Thank you thank you thank you @kosmeaaustralia for making the BEST Rosehip Oil on the market. You may be a small bottle but you are mighty ? #skincare #love”.

Image credit: @karinaedge

Clean Beauty Talk
What they’re saying: “A little obsessed with these new rosehip babies by @kosmeaaustralia! They’ve released a rosehip body wash, body oil and even a hydrating body mist. (Now all I need is to be able to have an uninterrupted shower sans baby and I’ll be set.) Seriously who isn’t a fan of rosehip oil! (And who isn’t a fan of luxurious long showers by themselves) ?????”.

Image credit: @cleanbeautytalk

Love From Mim
What they’re saying: “Radiance 24/7 Youth Boost 10mL: You had me at youth boost! As I approach 39 (ooh!), I’ll take all the youth boosting properties I can find in my skin care regime. The natural, age-fighting ingredients in this include apricot, pomegranate, raspberry, Seabuckthorn and Rosehip oils. I already use products with rosehip oil and have loved the results so far so I’m excited to see how using this goes.”

Image credit: @lovefrommim

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Article produced in partnership with Kosmea.

Main image: @ashelizadavis

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