The Instas to follow religiously, according to Estée Lalonde

Estée Lalonde. She’s an unwavering force of style in the blogging world. Her delectable taste for everything home, sartorial and beauty reels us in, but it’s her Girl Next Door personality and bounties of creativity that have us immutably hooked. (Paying cred where cred is due, we’re also obsessed with her pooch Reggie and SO Aslan. They really are a package deal).

So, when she shares a definitive guide to her favourite Insta accounts of the mo’, we proceed to investigate them with Nancy-Drew-level inquisitiveness. A thorough raid of these movers and shakers’ accounts is in order. If they’ve won Estée’s tick of approval, we can only expect aesthetic reveries, excellent gloss and plentiful Scandi vibes…

TO FOLLOW: @brittanybathgate
ESTÉE SAYS: “She has the best outfits ever. Super simple, clean and realistic looks.”

TO FOLLOW: @monikh
ESTÉE SAYS: “She will forever be my fashion icon. She makes EVERYTHING look cool.”

TO FOLLOW: @haleboyd
ESTÉE SAYS: “Because, chic.”

TO FOLLOW: @chinutay
ESTÉE SAYS: “Obsessed. So obsessed.”

TO FOLLOW: @katiejanehughes
ESTÉE SAYS: “Best.Makeup.Ever.”

TO FOLLOW: @amelialiana
ESTÉE SAYS: “Because damn this woman puts a lot of effort for these glorious photos. It’s like candy for the eyes.”

TO FOLLOW: @chinaealexander
ESTÉE SAYS: “For beauty, fitness, general life tips and being a boss a$$ bish.”

TO FOLLOW: @double3xposure
ESTÉE SAYS: “Just too cool.”

TO FOLLOW: @allanaramaa
ESTÉE SAYS: “This girl is hilarious, gorgeous and your new best friend.”

TO FOLLOW: @blademaciuba
ESTÉE SAYS: “And my favourite dude to follow…”

Main image via: Estée lalonde | Words by Genevieve Phelan

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