The A-Z list of social media influencers

At Husskie, one of the key things we aim to achieve with this platform is to deliver the insider story of social media influencers – to showcase exactly what is happening in the lives of the creators behind the pretty pictures you see in your Instagram feed.

And who better to tell us this information than the influencers themselves. With each week seeing us deliver an array of exclusive interviews with social media personalities, we’ve decided to house these interviews in an easy-to-navigate ‘A-Z List of Social Media Influencers’ so you can quickly find your favourites.

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Instagram credit: @alexhayess


Aisha Jade

Alex Centomo

Alex Hayes

Alice Catherine

Alice Roberts

Alivia Latimer

Alyssa Lynch

Allegra Rose Berger

Ally May Hayward

Amy Maree Comber

Amy Pejkovic

Amy Seder

Ania Milczarczyk

Anna Heinrich

Annie Tarasova


Anouschka Marlene


Ashleigh D’Mello

Ashton Wood

A Slice O Pi

Ave Camilla


Base Body Babes

Base Colour


Beck Wadworth

Belle Lucia

Be Parisien

Bianca Wilshin


Brenda Wasylucha

Brooke Styles

Brooklyn Kelly


Cait Miers

Captain Potter

Carmen Huter

Carolina Nashtai

Caroline Groth

Charlotte Caslick

Chloe Barry-Hang

Chloe Ting

Christina Macpherson

Citizens of the World

Claudia Graziano

Coconut and Bliss

Culture Machine

Cross and Bone

Cynthia BGC


Instagram credit: @christinamacpherson


David Higgs

Day In My Dream

Deddeh Howard

Deniz Colak

Design By Aikonik

Disco Daydream

Dominique Elissa Faludi


Edge of My Desire

Eileen Cassidy

Eleanor Pendleton

Elise Cook

Elisha Herbert

Ella Nelson

Ellie Gonsalves

Ellyse Perry

Elora Tahiti

Elsa Pataky

Elsa’s Wholesome Life

Elyse Knowles

Elyse Taylor

Emily Doherty

Emily Vartanian

Emma Blake-Hahnel

Emm Gurr

Em Sheldon

Erin Holland



Felix + Scott

Find Us Lost

Fiona Barron

Frankie Hildebrand

Friend in Fashion

From Luxe With Love


Instagram credit: @gypsea_lust


Gab Scanu

Genevieve Day

Georgia Gibbs

Gypsea Lust



Hannah Perera

Harley Quinn & Co.


Heidi Hamoud

Helen Chik

Hitomi Mochizuki

How Two Live


Icing and Glitter

Inka Williams

Inspiring Wit

Isabella Nichols

Isabelle Cornish


Jacko Brazier

Jade Tunchy

Jake Snow

Jane Lu

Jarrad Seng

Jasmine Garnsworthy

Jayde Archives

Jayme Jo Massoud

Jenny’s World Tour

Jeremy Cowart

Jesinta Campbell

Jessica Clements

Jessica Alizzi

Jessica Hart

Jessica Roche

Jessica Sepel

Jodie Fox

Jonathon Colombini

Jono Castano

Jordan Simek

Josh Carroll

Júlia Muniz Brandão

Justin Savage


K is for Kani

Kahili Blundell

Karina Anne Hunt

Karina Irby

Kate Kendall

Kate Wasley

Katie Williams

Kelly Hill

Kelly Maker


Kimberly Nissen

Kimi Juan

Kim Jones

KJ Pinc

Kristy Who


Kyah Simon


Instagram credit: @lichipan


Lachie Brycki

Laura Byrne

Laura Jade Stone

Lauren Argonne

Lauren Curtis

Lauren Vickers

Leila Dee Thomas

Leisel Jones

Li-Chi Pan

Life With Three

Lilian Tahmasian

Lily May Mac

Lindsey Pelas

Lion In The Wild

Lisa Clark

Lisa Di Maria

Lisa Messenger

Live Like It’s The Weekend


Liv Phyland

Lorna Jane

Lucette Romy

Lucy Brownless

Luke Dean Weymark


Madeline Stuart

Madi Edwards

Maia Cotton

Maid in Melbourne

Man of Many

Mariah McAlpin

Marie Fe

Matilda Djerf

Matty J Johnson

Megan Hess

Mel Tan

Melina Mandarini

Melissa Ambrosini

Melissa Sassine

Melissa Whitelaw

Mel Vandersluis

Mimi Elashiry

Miss Gunner

Montana Lower



Nadia Fairfax

Natalia Kalinowski

Natascha Elisa

Nicoletta Reggio

Nihan Gorkem

Nikkia Joy

Noel Alva


Instagram credit: @nadiafairfax


O’Brien and Olive

Olivia By Nature

Olivia Molly Rogers

Olym Li

Oracle Fox

O Square


Paige Hathaway


Peta Carrige

Pia Cattapan

Pia Miller

Pia Muehlenbeck

Pip Edwards



Rachael Brook

Rachel James

Rachel-Lee Anderson

Renee Herbert

Renee Roaming

Rianne Meijer

Roxy Jacenko

Rozalia Russian

Ruby Golani

Ruby Brownless

Ryan Pernofski


Saasha Burns

Sally Fitzgibbons

Salt In Our Hair

Salty Luxe

Sam Earp

Sam Wood

Sanne Vloet

Sarah Ellen

Sarah’s Day

Sarah Czarnuch

Sasha Benz

Saskiateje Saskia Jenkins

See Want Shop

Sharon Farrell

Skye Naite

Sophie Elkus

Spoonful of Sarah

Stacey Allen

Starlette Thyme

Stephanie Gilmore

Stephanie Lee Goldhahn

Steph Claire Smith

Steph Weizman

Storm Wes

Study With Jess

Style Structure


Susie Burrell


Instagram credit: @seewantshop


Talisa Sutton

Tao of Sophia

Tammy Hembrow

Tanya Poppett

Tasha Meys

Tayana Yarkaya

Taylr Anne

Tegan Martin

The Ambitionista

The Fashion Fraction

The Fashion Medley

The Fit Foodie Blog

The Friendly Pirate

The Grey Layers

The Lust List

The Lust Listt

The Neverlandboys Co

The Nude Nutritionist

The Tia Fox

The Sleep Mama

The Sunday Chapter

The Vista

Therese Rawsthorne

The Wondering Dreamer

They All Hate Us

Thomas Caja

Through Rose Coloured Glasses

Tina Yong

Tori Wade

Tracy Komlos

Travel A Little Luxe

Travel Mints

Trendy Chickadee

Troy Pes

Tully Smyth

Twice Blessed

Tyen Rasif


Valentina Marzullo

Vydia Rishie


Wanderers and Warriors

We are Triibe

Wendy Online

Wesley Tan

When Words Fail

Wholesome Stef

Wildluxe Misha





Yan Yan Chan

Your Passport


Zander Hodgson

Zander Shine

Zanna Van Dijk

Zoe Hoad



Instagram credit: @Zoelaz

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