The 23 top lifestyle secrets you want to know about Josefine HJ

With Josefine HQ long on our list of style influencers to obsess over, suffice to say we were pretty thrilled earlier this week when she gave her Instagram followers an insider peek into all her beauty, fashion and travel go-to products and places.

Answering questions via her Instagram Stories, the style and travel influencer gave a snapshot glimpse into 23 of her lifestyle secrets from having crazy curly hair to her thoughts on plastic surgery…

1. What’s your favourite designer at the moment? Balenciaga
2. How old are you? 22
3. What date were you born? April 29, 1995
4. Skincare tips/routine? Wash your face every night, then use exfoliating face mask (3 times a week) and then apply a loooot of lotion!!!
5. Do you have lash extensions? And if not, which mascara do you use? No lash extensions – I use a mascara from a Danish brand called Nilsens Jord
6. How tall are you? 1.74cm
7. What makeup do you use (foundation, highlighter and mascara)? All my makeup is from MAC Cosmetics except lip makeup from Dior and YSL Beauty and then mascara from Nilsens Jord
8. Where is your favourite place that you’ve travelled to and what did you love about it? Definitely the Maldives. Most breathtaking place on earth.

9. What inspires you? Travelling and people watching
10. Where do you live? Copenhagen
11. Favourite food? Dumplings
12. Is your tan natural? Yes my tan is natural. I travel a lot plus my mom and dad get SUPER tanned! So I’m just lucky I guess
13. What is your main goal in life? I know this sounds corny, but just to be generally happy
14. Where do you get most of your jewellery from? My sister’s brand @nuitetlinette – most beautiful pieces in this world!
15. What are your favourite series at the moment? ‘Stranger Things’ and ‘Dark’ – waiting for new seasons!!
16. What is the one thing that could make you feel better instantly? The sound of a voice that belongs to a person I love. It brings me comfort
17. How many tattoos do you have? I have 8, just got two new ones in LA

18. What is still on your bucket list? Swimming with whale sharks, sky diving, and just more travelling – see the world
19. What is your guilty pleasure? Sour candy
20. Do you workout? Yes I dooo
21. Is [what you’re doing for work] what you always dreamed to do? I always dreamt of becoming a marine biologist – but life surprises you and I’m awfully happy with where I am today
22. Have you done plastic surgery? Nope, not yet. I’m not against it. I believe that if you have something that’s a big insecurity for you and there’s something that could be done to make you happier and feel more confident – there’s no shame in getting it fixed
23. I really love your hair. Is it all real? Yes, my hair is natural. I have really big and crazy curls, I’m just straightening them a bit with a straightening iron every day.

All images: Josefine HJ

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