The 15 health, fashion and beauty rules Roxy Jacenko swears by

While the past few years may have seen Roxy Jacenko face her fair share of ups and downs, 2018 has definitely seen the PR queen and lifestyle influencer/ambassador go from strength-to-strength (quite literally – have you seen her workouts?!)

Off the back of news of a whole slate of health and beauty roles with the likes of Chargrill Charlie’s, ENJO, Skinny Tan, Toni & Guy, and Sparkling White Smile, we thought it the perfect time to sit down with this girlboss to discover just what really are the top 15 rules she follows when it comes to all things lifestyle…

1. Invest in good quality workout wear that breathes – there is nothing worse than trying to train and almost self-combusting whilst doing so due to not being in breathable gear
2. Keep dinner healthy – such as the Summer Melt Salad from Chargrill Charlie’s with a side of grilled chicken
2. Wash your hair if blonde only twice a week – or it will end up on the floor!
4. A good brow shape and tint is essential every 5 weeks – I swear by Amy Jean, she has changed my face by correcting my brows
5. Know when is enough in your lips!!! Less is more!! You heard it here first!!

6. Ditch all the makeup removers and use the Enjo seamless makeup remover pads with water only – your skin will love you for it (even if you love a full face like me)
7. Don’t ever match your bag and shoe!
8. Stick with staples – don’t get caught up buying of the moment pieces. Buy classics – a great blazer, pant, skinny leg jean, and basic tees
9. Invest in a great pair of trainers suited to your style of workout regime – don’t be in running shoes if you focus on resistance training, you will only cause yourself a possible injury
10. Change your foundation brands regularly, I find my skin is better when I mix up the brands during the week

11. Wash your makeup brushes weekly to keep your skin clear! Dirty tools make for a grubby makeup look and pimples
12. Tan weekly. I used to swear by salon tans till I became a mum – now I apply Skinny Tan 7 Day Ultra Dark weekly and have a natural glow without having to visit a tanning salon
13. If you are trying to trim down, stick with blueberries and raspberries as snacks – it fills the desire for something sweet and it’s the lowest calorie fruit you can have!
14. Get your teeth whitened every 6 months, there is nothing better than a glowing smile. It’s so easy to do these days with teeth whitening services that can come to you 7 days a week like Sparkling White Smile – we have them come into our office for perfect white teeth!
15. Ensure you have a summer and a winter colour with your foundation – nothing worse than the summer foundation being used on pale winter skin! I find that Napoleon China Doll is great for summer (in shade 3 and 4 mixed) as it has an SPF in it, and for winter I love Armani Sheer Veil.

All images: Roxy Jacenko

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