Taking a field trip with Nerii_XX’s Irene Sacristan

When we first came across Irene Sacristan’s Instagram account Nerii_xx, we were immediately taken with it. Her laid back vibe mixed with a bohemian luxe style had us drawn into her feed, and when we spoke to Murkani Jewellery about working on a shoot together – Neri was the first person who came to mind.

Originally from Spain but now based in Melbourne, Husskie flew out to Port Melbourne to meet Neri for the shoot. The very Australian backdrop of long wild grass and ageing wood complemented perfectly the latest two ranges from Murkani – the Freedom and Petite Earring collections. The Murkani Petites is a new fine range of delicate White Topaz hoops and single White Topaz Studs, while the Freedom collection has been created in collaboration with HAGAR Australia and sees a percentage of profits helping those women and children who have suffered from trafficking, slavery, and abuse.

As we bring you a highlight reel from the shoot, we sit down with Neri to find out a little more about her background – from following her heart in both career and countries, to how she first got into Instablogging, to why her father has helped shape her path.

We love the look and feel of your Instagram feed. When did you start getting into Instablogging?
Thank you, glad that you girls like it ☺. I’ve been showing my lifestyle on Instagram since its early days as I’ve been involved in the fashion and photography industry all my life.

Is being a content creator your full-time job?
I studied Advertising & Digital Marketing and I’ve been working on the digital side for different companies most of the time, part time modelling, and creating content for other fashion labels.

Can you talk me through a typical day in your life?
Now that I’ve started my own fashion label, my life is a crazy mess, haha! Literally I don’t stop working. I was advised that if I started my own business, I would have more weekends off, haha. Anyway, I’m happy with my decision and feeling blessed to be working in what I like. I usually work in my office at the CBD. After work I go to the gym to try to disconnect. If I have to create content, I’ll choose a day of the week to do that, but most of the time it’s during the weekend.

You’re originally from Spain but now live in Melbourne. Why the move?
I came to Australia for love. My boyfriend was transferred for work to Melbourne and we started our new life in this amazing country. It was a bit hard for me as I didn’t speak English.

Do you think you’ll now stay settled in Melbourne?
Yes, we think we’ll be here for some more years. We love the Australian lifestyle and our projects are here.

You’ve launched the label Ottway with your partner. What was the reason behind launching the brand?
Yes, we launched it a year ago – time flies!! It’s being a beautiful journey that we started together as both of us love fashion and have so many cool ideas that we wanted to recreate.

Talking about your partner, how and when did you first meet?
We met in a bar in Madrid when I was studying at university and it was love at first sight.

Did you both move out to Australia together?
He moved first and we did a year long distance, it was so hard. I had to finish my last year of uni to come here with him. The wait was worth it ☺

Why do you think you make such a good couple?
Hahaha, maybe because we are very similar but complementary. So many times we get asked if we are siblings!

Is he the person behind lots of the photos on your feed?
Yes, he took a lot of them – but he’s not a boyfriend of Instagram, haha. He doesn’t like taking photos, despite being really good. Most of the photos are taken by my dad too. He’s a professional photographer and loves taking 10,000 photos of me, haha. Love him!

A professional photographer in the family, that’s handy! Can you tell us a bit about what your father does?
He has been working as a photographer for many international wildlife magazines. He travelled the world in his Landrover taking photos of nature. Such a dream job!

Do you think your father’s influence has helped with your own content creations and eye for what makes a good shot?
I’m sure I got involved in the modelling world because of him, but we have different tastes in photography. We are always discussing what kind of photo is better and we never agree, haha.

With being a content creator, is it important to you what brands you align with?
Yes, so important. I always work with brands that I share the same vibes. Otherwise, it wouldn’t work as it won’t be real.

What appealed to you in regard to working with Murkani Jewellery?
I love, love every collection! They are very much my style and it was a pleasure working for them.

What is your favourite piece?
My favourites are the SAHARA SMALL HOOP EARRINGS.

Can you describe to us your fashion style and inspiration?
I love bohemian style. I’m a big fan of maxi dresses, leather boots and big hats.

And just lastly, five years from now – where are you hoping to be in both your career and in life?
That’s a good question, but I have no idea!

Article and shoot created in partnership with Murkani Jewellery. Murkani creates unique, handcrafted pieces of jewellery inspired by travel and crafted from sterling silver and semi-precious stones. With design influences taken from ancient art, architecture and the textiles of locales such as Morocco, India and Turkey, each collection delivers bohemian luxe pieces that are timeless and made from long wearing and beautiful materials. Click here to discover more about the brand.

All images feature Neri_XX wearing Murkani Jewellery taken by Husskie Press. 

Clothing credits:
Main image: Binny dress + Murkani Freedom necklace
Slide 1: Finders Keepers top and pants + Frankie Peach scarf + Murkani Petites stud + Freedom necklace + Sahara Dagger Thread earrings + Eclipse necklace
Slide 2: Binny dress + Murkani Petites stud and hoop + Riviera Double Pearl ring
Slide 3: Joslin top + Murkani Petites stud and hoop + Riviera Double Pearl ring + Andalusia ring
Slide 4: Finders Keepers top and pants + Murkani Freedom necklace + Sahara Dagger Thread earrings + Creation Oval ring + Eclipse necklace + Free Layering ring
Slide 5: Binny dress + Sarah J Curtis hat + Murkani Riviera Double Pearl ring + Creation Oval ring + Andalusia ring + Jaipur bangle + Lace Edge open cuff + Bamboo round bangle + Beleza cuff bangle
Slide 6: Binny dress + Murkani Petites hoop + Riviera Double Pearl ring + Creation Oval ring + Free Layering ring
Slide 7: Finders Keepers top and pants + Murkani Petites stud + Freedom necklace + Sahara Dagger Thread earrings + Eclipse necklace

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