Why Blank Itinerary is an all-encompassing lifestyle destination

Our Style Spotlight has a few criteria before fixing on a digital influencer. When it comes to Paola Alberdi of Blank Itinerary, it takes a quick perusal of her account to tick ALL of the boxes. Her staggering following (760k+!!), swoon-worthy photography, and niche for motherhood and lifestyle blogging are the perfect trinity for success on the ‘gram. Oh, and we can’t deny an affinity for her Spanish-English bilingual abilities.

A tapestry of content is woven through the Blank Itinerary blog. Whether you’re there for the best ruby-red rouge of the moment, or how to style gingham, or even advice on choosing baby car seats – it’s all there for you and your content-hungry eyes.

Without further ado, here’s a sample of reasons why Paola is a blogging veteran that you should get into your feed, stat…

1. Her bub, Enzo, is quite possibly the cutest thing ever… and she’s moved into a slightly different realm of fashion blogging with his welcome
We’ve all read Paola’s little red dress edits and can’t wait to (one day) attempt pulling off some leather-look pants after her styling series. But, since giving birth to her baby boy, Enzo, we’ve seen a whole new genre of baby blogging hit the Blank Itinerary page. For any soon-to-be or brand new mums out there, the Motherhood tab will be your new bub bible. Ps this ‘Where I shop for Enzo’ article is filled with the most adorbs tiny-human clothing we have ever seen.

2. Her YouTube channel is a tell-all take on vlogging
From V-Day Relationship Q+As to entire home tours, Paola’a YouTube videos allow her followers a glorious and unadulterated insight into the behind-the-scenes of blogging life. We’ll never pass up reclining back and watching a  good life update, with a cuppa in hand. (It’s the best procrastination tactic EVER).

3. Paola’s style isn’t your run-of-the-mill monochrome mania
Okay, it takes a few seconds of scrolling through the @blankitinerary ‘gram to notice a running theme. Or lack thereof. Paola’s style is completely unpredictable, with constant collisions of colour and print making every outfit pop against its typically street-styled backdrop. Our favourite look of late? This patent pink trench, because PHWOAR.

4. We live for her Mexican sojourns
Paola’s Mexican roots see her jet-setting regularly back to streets of Oaxaca City and beyond. You can expect sensational travel snaps, but not the ones teetering on the edge of ‘overkill’ in the Insta world. And you can expect the dressing to be impeccably juxtaposed to the surrounds Paola is in. Every.single.time.

5. She’s an interior design aficionado
Seriously. How much can one person know about so many facets of lifestyle? This year has already seen Paola join forces with the interior design crew at RH Baby & Child to conjure up a a bohemian rhapsody of a dream nursery for Enzo. And okay – not to be dramatic or anything – but her Living Room Reveal post kinda sent our heart into palpitation mode. The bar cart of all bar carts, textures galore, lush greens and metallic-trimmed glass touches. If you’re needing an interiors reboot, look no further.

All images via: Blank Itinerary | Words by Genevieve Phelan

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