Style Spotlight | Margaret Zhang, the girl who can do it all

Waving 2017 au revoir (which feels like a short eternity ago now), Margaret Zhang reflected on a “tumultuous year of greatest highs and harrowing WTFs.”

More than a content creator, Margaret is marked firstly by this sense of unbridled perspective and authenticity. Then, by her unparalleled communication of fashion – whether it be via art, photography, words, and now even filmmaking. It’s later that you notice the staggering 935k following, and feel a little winded.

We all know the risk you run when becoming a jack of all trades – but it seems Margaret has seriously mastered each craft, and made it somehow look like one huge, effortless passion project. Enough people railing behind her to fill a small country, she has made an irrevocable mark on the fashion industry and beyond. Here’s a surface-scraping list of why Margaret reigns supreme…

1. The hair
You can’t miss it. Margaret’s fairy floss locks not only set her apart from both the figurative and literal crowd, but also form the crux of her pink-veined Instagram aesthetic. While it’s still a mish-mash of colours, people, places and oddities, the pink trend instils a bit of consistency and identity. Also, points to her for pulling it off with ease.

2. She’s standing up for what she believes in… and helping other people do the same
Recently, Margaret was in conversation with Teen Vogue at the Goldstein residence. She talked all things Asian representation, children of immigrants, distorted beauty standards, and the direct corollary between these issues and associated identity crises in youth – mainly young girls. We can’t help but belt out an internal ‘hoorah’ when seeing such prominent forces in popular culture making waves where it really matters.

3. Her Harper’s Bazaar shoot is EVERYTHING. Oh, and cover of ELLE, anyone?
The magazine racks are awash with Margaret’s ultraviolet bob and impeccable complexion. Among our favourites of late, there’s the androgynous, militant edge of the Harper’s Bazaar shoot, and the dewy, glitzed-up juxtaposition of the ELLE Singapore spread. Everything works. Gah.

4. Her Rome shots have us yearning to travel
Roma looks good on Margaret. We’re swooning over the recent Trevi Fountain snaps, following her touchdown in the city of romance. It seems fitting that falling head over heels for her style is inevitable. Think warm hues, vintage Chanel and silky neck-scarves, made to be ruffled by an Italian summer breeze.

5. Margaret’s writing is sublime, her inaugural short film is all kinds of exquisite
There’s No Space Left in C# Minor is the title of Margaret’s first foray into short film making. She describes it with love, intricacy, and a well-deserved dose of pride as “a truly personal piece of film” that was a year in the making. Another new talent is revealed in its inception – some insanely good piano skills.

“…This work explores my visceral experiences with playing Frédéric Chopin’s Fantasie – Impromptu in C# Minor, Opus 66 – stripping back the layers of performance and manufactured identity through my eyes (as both subject and director), my collaborators, and you, my audience,” she said.

All images via: Margaret Zhang | Words by Genevieve Phelan

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