Style Spotlight | Jenn Im, fashion’s iconic dream maker

Meet Jenn Im, the cool girl next door that you’re dying to know. Amassing an astounding number of 4.4M followers across all her social media platforms, Jenn’s no stranger to the industry… and it’s easy figuring out why. Starting off from humble roots with her YouTube channel, once called ‘Clothesencounters’, Jenn’s vlogging has now skyrocketed into her own personal brand.

With what looks like a picture-perfect life, Jenn is able to live out her dreams and achieve her goals with a massive support from her friends, family and followers (her last Instagram post is encroaching on 100,000 likes).

Below, we’re revealing just why we think you should go check out Jenn Im…

1. She recently had her princess moment the fairytale wedding we all long for
First off, we’ve been looking forward to this wedding ever since her now-hubby Ben Joliffe (@bengunsuk) proposed to her last year. After watching this heartfelt video, we’ve been completely awestruck by the real-life romance. Now, we’ve had a glimpse of the wedding – and everything about it looked breathtaking from the pastel colours and roses, bridesmaids in pink, a dashing Ben, and Jenn in her haute couture Mihca Cho gown. Now we’re just waiting for the wedding video to drop!

2. She’s definitely an OG Youtube queen
Stepping into the scene in 2010, Jenn was one of the first Youtubers that was making moves in the realms of all things fashion and beauty. Bursting onto the screen with her infectious personality – Jenn vlogs about everything from lookbooks to monthly favourites. We’ve got to watch on as she’s grown from confused college girl to girl boss.

3. Jenn’s an awesome BFF!
We love girls that uplift and support each other, which is exactly what Jenn does with BFF Stephanie Villa from @soothingsista. Each other’s ‘yin and yang’, we live for their hashtag ‘#wildlavender’ and its backstory. So what’s next for this duo? Well, they’ll be coming down to Melbourne for the upcoming Vidcon Australia 2018 real soon…

4. We’ve fallen head over heels with Jenn’s clothing label, Eggie
Known for her effortless, chic and eclectic signature style – you’re bound to want your hands on Jenn’s Eggie range. Especially as it’s as close as you can get to raiding her closet. Currently, we absolutely have heart eyes for her newest back to school collection – and may have already added the ‘Teacher’s Pet Sweater’ to our shopping basket.

5. Her furry angel, Cheeki!
Who doesn’t love a little puppy, nonetheless a maltipoo? Cheeki was bestowed to Jenn on her birthday two years back and has been part of the family since. She even has her own Instagram account (@imcheeki) too – which may I add is totally cute!

All Images: Jenn Im | Written by Margaux Levy

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