Stephanie Gilmore on surfing disasters and eating habits

It was the sign of a good year to come when six-time world champion surfer Stephanie Gilmore rode the wave to victory at the Roxy Pro on the weekend – beating out American Lakey Peterson to take home the yellow jersey. Performing for the home crowd at Snapper Rocks, the win had fans eagerly anticipating what 2017 is set to bring for the Tweed Heads local.

Fresh from her race and in optimum physical shape (would you just check out these shots of her wearing the latest Roxy collection!), we chatted to Gilmore about the peaks and troughs of surfing – as well as what food we’d typically find on her plate.

Congratulations on your win on the weekend! What do you think has made you such a standout surfer?
Thank you! I think always knowing there’s room for improvement and working hard to progress have been important. Also just smiling along the way.

What’s been your favourite surfing moment?
Any time I get barrelled. It never gets old.

And on the flipside, what’s the scariest thing that has ever happened to you in the surf?
I was surfing Sunset Beach on Hawaii’s north shore of Oahu. I was wearing a small bikini thinking it was a chill, fun afternoon in the surf, however, the swell was due to rise – I just didn’t realise how quickly it comes up. In the space of 30 mins, it turned from 5ft to 15ft and the daylight was quickly fading. I was caught out the back and a set broke on my head. My leg rope broke and I got washed across very shallow reef all whilst trying not to drown and keep my bikini on in the dark. Very scary. I lost my friends along the way and could only pray we all got in safely. Luckily we did.

That is scary, very glad to hear you all got out of there safely. Let’s move on to a lighter note! Can you talk me through the secret to that incredible figure and your usual day on a plate?
Thanks! I feel lucky to have inherited height which helps when I fluctuate. I start the day with a smoothie, greens, banana, coconut water, dates… that kind of thing. Then after a surf, I’ll have eggs and avocado on a sourdough or with quinoa. Lunch I try to have a salad with protein, something fresh and colourful. And dinner is sautéed veggies, rice and a nice piece of freshly seasoned salmon. Something like this. I snack throughout the day with nuts and yoghurt, or crudités and hummus. I also love a small double shot cappuccino in the morning and a glass of red wine or dark chocolate at night. Always striving for balance. 😉

When you’re not in the water, what sort of things can we find you doing?
I travel a lot for events and surf trips, so when I get a chance to spend a couple of weeks in one location (home or elsewhere) I love to keep it minimal. Hang with friends, dine out, surf, play music, basic day-to-day stuff but hopefully with funny people around.

What are you hoping 2017 brings for you – both life and career?
More good times, great waves, hopefully experience a place in the world I never have before, and good health. I’d like to start doing yoga frequently too. Namaste.

Check out more from Stephanie Gilmore here and more from Roxy here.
All images: Josie Clough from It’s Now Cool for Roxy.

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