Sisterhood: A Q&A exclusive with Isabelle and Olivia Mathers

There are two things that are undeniable when it comes to Isabelle and Olivia Mathers – one, they are insanely good looking and two, they have insanely good rigs. And if you’re not already one of the 1.56 million Instagram followers of the Mathers sisters – let us introduce two of Australia’s fastest rising models.

Hailing from the Gold Coast, Olivia, 22 and Isabelle, 20 are not only sisters but are quite clearly in each other’s corner – often found together either working or just hanging out. Having recently shot the Cotton On Body campaign together on their home turf of the GC, we decided to use the occasion to pull the sisters aside for a bit of a one-on-two chat to find out a little more about life behind-the-feed.

Here, Olivia and Isabelle Mathers talk exclusively to Husskie about growing up together, whether or not they’re as close as they look on Instagram, and their biggest argument to date.

As an outsider looking at Instagram, you two seem to be super close. Are you?!
We are!! Instagram only shows a tiny snippet of what our relationship is really like.

Have you always been super close?
We’ve definitely become closer as we’ve grown up, but we’ve always had the best relationship as sisters.

Would you call each other best friends?

Do you still both live at home?
Is: I still live at home.
Liv: My boyfriend and I live in our own place.

Do you ever argue?!
We’re very honest with each other so sometimes that can be conflicting. We really do value each other’s opinion though – so if we do argue, it’s not for long.

What’s been your biggest argument?
Liv: When Is was underage, I made her stay home after catching her trying to sneak out to a party. We were a bit sour over the following days.

Is it just you two or do you have more siblings?
We have a not-so-little brother, Eli.

What’s been the best thing you’ve ever done as sisters?
A sister’s work trip to Greece.

And the best job?
A campaign shoot in Bora Bora.

What’s it like working together as sisters?
We both think so highly of each other and sometimes this can affect our own self confidence. Other than that, it’s always the most fun and we’re guaranteed good BTS (we take turns snapping each other).

Do you prefer doing jobs together or separately?
Always down for jobs together but doing work separately has different benefits for our own personal development within the industry.

You recently worked together on the latest Cotton On Body campaign (which we’re loving these snaps from). Can you tell us a bit about the shoot and what swim styles you loved wearing?
The whole Cotton On Body team created such a fun and comfortable atmosphere, lots of laughs! We loved dressing up in the new mix & match styles.

Was it fun doing it together?
Work never really feels like work when we’re together.

Are you looking to do more work together as sisters in the future?
Of course! We’re super lucky to be in the same industry, being able to come together for shoots will always be special.

Where are you both hoping to be in five year’s time?
Happy, healthy, doing what we love…

All images: Isabelle Mathers and Olivia Mathers wearing Cotton On Body.

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