Roxy Jacenko’s top 10 tips for success on Instagram

If there’s one thing Sydney PR Queen, businesswoman and media personality Roxy Jacenko knows a lot about, it’s how to dominate at the social media game. Not only does she run a multi-million dollar talent agency that represents a slew of top influencers as well as launching a creative content agency earlier this year, she also has a prominent personal Instagram account of her own which boasts over 223K followers.

And while her followers are highly engaged in everything she does – from her family life to her morning gym session to what outfit she chose to wear that day – one thing they definitely can’t get enough of is her advice on all things business-related. That’s what you get when you’re the founder of two uber successful businesses.

So what do you do when you have an audience that is constantly looking for the formula to your business and social media success? You write a book about it, of course. Which is exactly what Roxy has done – last week launching her much-awaited first non-fiction book: Roxy’s Little Black Book of Tips and Tricks. A book that sees Roxy deliver her “no-bullsh*t guide” to all things PR, social media, business, and building a brand.

To help celebrate the book launch, we decided to track Roxy down for our own little one-on-one tutorial around our favourite topic here at Husskie HQ… social media. Here, Roxy chats exclusively to us about her top 10 tips on running a successful Instagram account.

1. Build content
Content needs to be juicy, on-trend, and topical to your audience. Find content that excites, stimulates and (somewhat) shocks audiences. It is important to ensure that content is also current; consumers want to see and buy – not see and try to buy, only to find out it’s not available.

2. Cross promote
Without overcrowding each post, cross promote the brands you are wearing and like and are supportive of where you can. Followers move to the trend of convenience. Make mention of this in your caption and tag brands as an opportunity to share your style.

3. Use the correct hashtags
Personally I am not a fan of overusing hashtags, but at the end of the day – it is about numbers. The more numbers, the more powerful your post is and the more reach you can achieve. The key to this is research and be specific by finding hashtag trends that are relevant to your post.

4. Use good quality imagery
Where you can, opt for your professional photographs over an iPhone shot. Even in this case, cropping is important. Lead the viewers eye to what they want to see, which is often slightly off centre. Every shot crop varies depend on the content. If you are favouring iPhone shots then you can edit were required. We have all seen too many over edits and excess filters, so less is always more.

5. Link to other social media sites
Share, share, share! If you have linked social accounts like Facebook or Twitter, opt to share where you can. You expose yourself to many more demographics and target markets that are either simply not on Instagram, or these other accounts are in more use. It does of course work two ways with members of other social platforms having a direct access to your account through linking.

6. Stay regular and consistent
Two posts a day is a perfect amount, while remembering that post limits are different to Instagram story limited (much higher per day). Consistency is key. If you are posting multiple tiles per day, they do require some sort of flow/relationship as compared to grouped post on a differing day.

7. Mix it up
Make sure your posts include, work, play, study, friends and family. As much as people say they don’t, everyone wants to know everyone’s business. Share what’s appropriate as an insight to your life – which extends past a car collection. One thing to mention is that if you use separate accounts for personal and work, keep them separate. Business accounts should solely feature business-related posts. Your followers follow you to get the latest on your business, not your morning routine.

8. Comment and interact with others
Liking and commenting is a one way ticket to increase your followers. Not only do we like and comment to be kind and supportive for things we like, we show others that we are paying attention. If your comments feature on a post, there is always higher traffic to your profile – that is human curiosity for you.

9. Be honest
Your Instagram is ultimately a reflection on your own life and personality. Be honest. If you post unrealistic expectations, there comes a time where it is hard to keep this up – leading to posts becoming irregular and content becoming inconsistent. Brands choose to connect with you because of what you represent. In these cases, it is even more important to be honest and also to represent brands that align with your own personality.

10. Have fun and be real
Nobody is perfect, and it is important to remember that. It will never hurt if you put up a photo that is fun, off-guard and gives followers a chance to connect to the ‘raw’ version of you. In the case of an embarrassing or ‘off point’ photo, don’t forget there is always a caption that can be worked in to soften the blow.

All images feat Roxy Jacenko taken by Karon Photography.

Click here to purchase Roxy’s Little Black Book of Tips and Tricks.

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