Q&A: Putting JXN Jacko Brazier under the microscope

Telling his Instagram followers “Dreams really do come true”, social media star Jacko Brazier is seemingly living the good life. Recently signing with Warner Music and dropping his debut single ‘Solitude’ on November 23, travelling the world with girlfriend Sophie Batzloff, and with a following of over a million across his various social media platforms – the 25-year-old is definitely making the most of every opportunity.

Recently in town for the launch of FIRST EVER, an Australian ath-street brand designed by National Basketball League co-owner Justin Kestelman drawing inspiration from the basketball court, we decided to use the occasion to pull Jacko aside to find out a little of what he’s been up to lately.

Here, he talks everything from dropping his first single, to playing semi-professional basketball, to first meeting Sophie.

Jacko Brazier with Kassidy Ure wearing First Ever.

Congratulations on all your digital successes! How did you first start growing a following on the Vine and then Instagram?
Honestly, just being consistent and executing all my ideas into little videos – people just started loving it. I had an advantage because I was the only Australian that started it.

What do you think it was about the content you were creating that had people tuning in?
Relatable content mixed with new ideas 🙂

You also have an extremely popular YouTube channel. Is it hard sharing so much of your life online?
It’s not hard sharing life because I love it, it is hard keeping up though.

How do you manage to keep up with it all?! Do you ever find time to switch off, and do you even want to find the time?
I definitely do have my down time, and I guess if I feel like not making a video, I just don’t. I’m my own boss, so it’s great! 🙂

Jacko Brazier wearing First Ever.

Can you talk me through a usual day in your life?
The past year and a bit has been mainly focussed on my music career as I’ve just signed my first recording deal with Warner Music. So if I’m not in the studio, I’m vlogging or editing. And if I’m not doing that, I’m being a giant nerd and playing Fortnite with mates, haha.

What’s your top Instagram tip?
Post content you love so other people can too. Be consistent.

What’s been your career highlight since being an influencer?
Just all the opportunities that have opened up for me and travelling the world.

And career lowlight?
Living out of a suitcase gets hard sometimes, but I honestly can’t complain.

Jacko Brazier with Kassidy Ure wearing First Ever.

Best campaign you’ve ever worked on?
OOOH that’s a tough one, I’ve honestly done so many I can’t narrow it down. I enjoy most of them. 🙂

Worst thing that’s happened to you on a photo shoot?
To be honest nothing, haha. Getting up at 6am, maybe?!

What’s three things about you that most people wouldn’t know?
I played semi-professional basketball, I can draw, half my middle name is Ronald.

Jacko Brazier with girlfriend Sophie Batzloff.

How did your involvement with the First Ever campaign come about? Why is the brand a good fit for you?
I’m so involved in sports and especially basketball, the NBL and NBA, I felt First Ever was a perfect fit. Justin’s vision is amazing and I wanted to help out as much as I could and be involved!

If you could pick one piece from the range as a favourite item, which would it be and why?!
I love the black and white track pants, so comfortable and they look sick! Can wear them anywhere and dress them up.

And just throwing in some relationship questions because I can’t help myself! How did you and Sophie meet?
Haha, of course! We met at a bar in Brisbane before my friends (Jess and Gabe’s) wedding in the Sunshine Coast.

Can you talk me through your first date?
We went to Holy Moly Golf in Brisbane, she was looking fire. I made the move on the 18th hole and snuck a kiss in there!

Jacko Brazier with girlfriend Sophie Batzloff.

And what about your best date?
We went to Mykonos together, so that was an amazing few dates, haha. But dinner-wise, keeping it simple. I took her to the 360 Dining Experience in Sydney and we had an awesome night. 🙂

What’s your favourite thing to do as a couple?
We love getting in bed at the end of the night and putting on whatever TV show we are binging!

How would you describe her? How would she describe you?
She’s super gorgeous and just has SO much potential to do anything she wants. It’s inspiring 🙂 She would describe me as hottest man on earth obviously 😉

Where will we see you in 5 years’ time?
Hopefully selling out massive arenas doing stadium tours from my first or second album!

Jacko Brazier with Kassidy Ure wearing First Ever.

Main image: Jacko Brazier

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