All the trends we’ve been obsessing over in 2017 (according to Pinterest)

Fredrika Akander

We know what you pinned last summer… Thanks to the recent release of the Pinterest 100, we have a snapshot of all the very peculiar things we avid pinners have been obsessing over across the past 12 months (like air purifying plants, really guys?!)

Beauty lovers have especially been pinning their little hearts out – with a current 48 million beauty pinners currently using the platform (that’s a 75 per cent increase in pins year on year), according to Pinterest. While falling a long way behind beauty – food + drink and fashion still remain strong interest areas for eager pinners.

Featuring over 19 billion ideas, the food + drink category has had a 46 per cent increase in pins year-on-year. And when it comes to fashion, this category has over 16 billion ideas with 70 per cent of female pinners visiting the platform at least once a week for style ideas.

Below, we take a look at the latest fads and trending inspo when it comes to what people are pinning across food, home, women’s and men’s style, beauty, wellness, and travel (plus how much the “saves” have increased by)…


  1. Air Fryer (increased by 1809%)
  2. Souping (increased by 306%)
  3. Healthy coffee (increased by 218%)
  4. Moroccan (increased by 2579%)
  5. Plant proteins (increased by 417%)
  6. Snap peas (increased by 273%)
  7. Korean condiments (increased by 222%)
  8. Ghee (increased by 155%)
  9. Vegan desserts (increased by 329%)
  10. Virgin cocktails (increased by 160%)
Elsa's Wholesome Life

Image credit: Elsa’s Wholesome Life vegan dessert


  1. Spa bathrooms (increased by 269%)
  2. Mixed metals (increased by 423%)
  3. Terrazzo (increased by 316%)
  4. Statement ceilings (uncreased by 310%)
  5. Bone inlay (increased by 207%)
  6. Herringbone patterns (increased by 131%)
  7. Colourful doors (increased by 121%)
  8. Patterned plants (increased by 533%)
  9. Big wall art (increased by 637%)
  10. Sage (increased by 170%)

Image credit: Domino’s spa bathroom

Women’s Style

  1. Logos (increased by 203%)
  2. Structured statement earrings (increased by 947%)
  3. Wide leg (increased by 213%)
  4. Berets (increased by 269%)
  5. Long layered clothing (increased by 102%)
  6. Lucite & Patent leather (increased by 110%)
  7. Side slits (increased by 147%)
  8. 100% cotton denim (increased by 115%)
  9. Sheer socks (increased by 72%)
  10. Embellished shoes (increased by 222%)

Image credit: Be Modish in wide jeans

Men’s Style

  1. Small prints (increased by 476%)
  2. Beard trim (increased by 200%)
  3. Shearling, trucker jacket, corduroy & chore coat (increased by 160%)
  4. Flex pants (increased by 242%)
  5. Leather backpacks (increased by 146%)
  6. Men’s accessories (increased by 201%)
  7. Men’s logos (increased by 241%)
  8. Oversized jacket (increased by 216%)
  9. Cuffed short sleeve (increased by 340%)
  10. Monochrome (increased by 289%)
Lifestyle by PS

Image credit: Lifestyle by PS with a very handsome beard trim


  1. Lashes (increased by 152%)
  2. Cleansing oil (increased by 555%)
  3. Complexion matching (increased by 378%)
  4. Long hair & pixie (increased by 130%)
  5. Geometric nails (increased by 83%)
  6. Bright eyeshadow (increased by 63%)
  7. Derma roller (increased by 345%)
  8. Makeup kit (increased by 147%)
  9. Lip tint (increased by 414%)
  10. Slicked back & wavy (increased by 166%)
Ania Milczarczyk

Image credit: Ania Milczarczyk… just knows makeup like nobody’s business


  1. Gut health (increased by 251%)
  2. Strength training (increased by 415%)
  3. Air purifier & air purifying plants (increased by 270%)
  4. Post workout stretches (increased by 105%)
  5. Healthy hair tips (increased by 219%)
  6. Vitamin C serum (increased by 3379%)
  7. Tai Chi (increased by 189%)
  8. Essential oil food recipe (increased by 689%)
  9. Self care (increased by 537%)
  10. Yoga wheel (increased by 72%)
The Stylish Gypsy

Image credit: The Stylish Gypsy nailing yoga


  1. Desert travel (increased by 125%)
  2. Local travel (increased by 146%)
  3. Travel journal (increased by 169%)
  4. Mykonos (increased by 96%)
  5. River cruises (increased by 346%)
  6. Mexico city (increased by 96%)
  7. Historical travel (increased by 92%)
  8. Street art (increased by 79%)
  9. Climbing (increased by 82%)
  10. 24 hour travel (increased by 134%)
ohh couture

Image credit: Ohh Couture traveling the desert in style

For more great pins – you can always find us on Pinterest y’all! ? Just click here or search for Husskie in the app…

Main image: @fakander in a logo tee | Words by Maddi Kinchington

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