Night photography tips from a travel influencer

One quick glance through Olym Li’s Instagram feed and you can tell this is one talented photographer. From countryside to seaside, Olym takes his followers in a journey across the globe. And his skills haven’t gone unnoticed, with Apple picking the Sydney-based creative to join the brand for its latest #shotoniphone campaign ‘On One Night’.

Working with a number of international photographers to capture a collection of images of facets of the night, from dusk till dawn, Apple chose Olym’s iPhone 7 Plus shot of Bondi Beach as part of the On One Night global campaign.

Discussing his dawn shot, Olym explains: “As iPhone becomes more capable of capturing at night, and as an adult, I can embrace the darkness without fears myself. iPhone is more than capturing good quality photos. It’s the spirit of being able to innovate and dares me to be myself. When I take photos with iPhone, it feel less stressful, I don’t have to worry about the tech specs, all I care about is the feeling, and the emotions that I want to express with the image.”

Tapping into his expertise, we take a look at Olym’s top seven tips for taking images at night:

  1. Use the touch screen to find your focus and exposure point at night to get the best image quality
  2. Bring a mini tripod with you, try long exposure shots on your iPhone – you may want to experiment with some apps as well
  3. I don’t use HDR at night because I don’t feel like you need to bring out every detail in the photo when it’s low light
  4. Break the rules! Go against lights to get silhouettes or more creative photos. A beautiful silhouette shot with different colours is my favourite type
  5. Shoot in Raw to leave more space for editing
  6. Take multiple images at one set. It is very easy to take some blurry pix in low light because of the slow shutter speed, make sure you always prepare to shoot multiple images
  7. Dress in bright colours, and explore with friends

All images: @Olymli

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