Mimi Elashiry chats leaving Australia & moving into film clips

Mimi Elashiry is one of those people you just know is going to be a star (although some may argue she’s already there – what with 887K Instagram followers to her name). But for us at Husskie, we think this Bohemian-esque beauty is only just getting started.

Bringing with her an unmistakable presence that fights the conventional, the Australian/Egyptian influencer has one of those demeanours that people are just drawn to; A carefree ethos that makes you want to throw away your shoes and live a barefoot existence in the hinterlands.

With news Mimi is moving overseas this weekend, we caught up with the lifestyle influencer just before taking off to talk what’s in store, the impact Instagram has on her life, and her top Insti tips.

We saw you recently got a place in Byron. Are you currently living there?
I’ve actually been staying at my mum’s house in Sydney. I technically do live in Byron, but I don’t spend much time there because there’s no work. I’ve just been in New York and LA for the last month – so I’m kind of all over the shop.

Talk to me about New York and L.A…
I was living in LA for two years and I just moved back five months ago to base myself in Australia. Now I just fly myself over there for work – as having a place over there just wasn’t working for me as I spend more time here, so it was a little bit funny. I’m actually going to London on Sunday for five months, which will be awesome… but other than that, I don’t really know what I’m doing tomorrow or the next day!

What does ‘work’ look like for you?
It’s kind of a little bit of everything – a little bit of travel, a little bit of influencing. I’m doing some really exciting work with Plan International now, which is a young girl’s charity. I’m just trying to do things that I love and take advantage of the fact that I have the opportunity to travel around.

Confession moment… We’re a bit of a fan of your dancing Insti clips here in the Husskie office. Are you still big into your dancing?
It depends where I am. If I’m in Sydney, I try and dance every other day. Same if I’m in LA and New York, but the schedule gets the best of you sometimes and classes tend to be around the middle of the day because dancers aren’t doing other things. So it depends what I can get myself to.

Would you love to one day be a professional dancer?
Definitely! But I think my leeway into that is trying to do film clips and things like that – so I’m working on that currently as well.

Have you done any film clips?
I haven’t yet, but I’m working on getting some connections in that area and getting into that field – just so I can crossover my work with what I love.

You have a huge following on Instagram. What impact does this have on your life?
It just means I have a huge opportunity to influence young women, especially. I’ve looked at my statistics and I’ve found that over 25 per cent of my followers are women aged 14 to 24 – and so, what with having little sisters as well – it makes sense for me to set a good example. I just look at [Instagram] as a good opportunity to share how important it is to live a holistic and happy lifestyle, but then also inspire people in terms of fashion and travel and things like that as well.

And lastly – just three quick questions… Must-have beauty product?
Highlighter – for the cheekbones! Today I’m wearing a Laura Mercier one.

Top Instagram tip?
Post first thing in the morning.

What in your opinion is the best way to boost your followers?
Be creative. I really don’t overthink it, so I have terrible tips!

Interview and photography by Husskie editor Yelena Fairfax. Mimi snapped here at MBFWA with her two sisters, Farrah and Inas.

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