Behind the bikinis: A chat with Matilda Djerf

For someone who spends a LOT of time in their bikini (she’s a self-described “bikini addict and sun seeker”), we weren’t completely shocked when lifestyle influencer Matilda Djerf announced the news she was set to launch a range of swimwear.

Collaborating with relatively new West Australian swimwear brand Ete Swimwear for the line, Matilda revealed to her followers on Nouw: “I’ve gone through so many bikinis (since I am a bit obsessed, like you guys know! haha) so I knew exactly what I wanted to do when designing my collection.

“I’ve been so particular with everything, and this is why I can promise you guys will like the pieces. I’ve put so much love and thought into them and I’m finally so excited to launch and see you wear them!”

To find out more about the range, we spoke exclusively to Matilda ahead of the brand’s drop online today.

Why did you decide to launch a swimwear collection?
When the owner, Jess from Ete Swimwear, contacted me about doing a collection for her brand, I immediately felt like it was the right fit. It was definitely a pinch me moment, so I jumped on board.

Can you tell me a bit about the range?
It’s very feminine, with soft colours that look amazing against tanned skin. I’ve been very focused on making them super comfortable, as I feel that is the most important thing when it comes to bikinis.

Did you always want to get into fashion designing?
Honestly, its always been a dream of mine. And now I want it even more…

How hands-on were you with the design process?
Very hands-on. I’ve been very picky with everything so I truly can stand for what I’ve designed. The colours, designs and final fittings have all been with me and the owner Jess. She really let me explore my own mind with this collection, but of course helped when I needed it. A dream team to say the least!

Can we expect to see you doing more fashion design in the future?
I definitely got a taste of it, and I love it, so who knows.. ?

Images: @matildadjerf / Nouw

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  1. cygne says:

    Hi, have you profiled any influencers who are not in their 20s?

    • Husskie says:

      Most definitely! We love influencers of any age. 🙂 Ones you might like are interviews we’ve done with Oracle Fox, The Ambitionista, and Lisa Messenger (all can be found on the A-Z List of Influencers up the top). Yelena x

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