Love Stories with JS Health’s Jessica Sepel and Dean Steingold

Recently turning 30 and taking her entire family to the Maldives to celebrate, what caught our eye the most were the couple shots of a loved up Jessica Sepel and husband Dean Steingold snapped from the holiday. Married at the end of 2015, these two are still clearly going strong – with Jessica captioning a picture of the duo together: “He’s my absolute entire heart 💖”.

While holidays are enough to have any couple feeling the love, back home – and these two are definitely very much in sync, becoming a bit of a business power couple when it comes to the health and wellness arena. Working side-by-side on JS Health, the brand is continuing to soar – now offering an app providing 300+ recipes, an 8-week nutrition program, and a range of vegan vitamins.

Impressed by their achievements and intrigued by the backstory of their relationship, we tracked Jessica down to find out a little more about the history of these two. Here, Jessica talks everything from first meeting Dean, to first dates, to the juggle of working and living together.

When did you and Dean first meet?
In South Africa when we were both there on vacation.

How did you meet?
His friend came to visit me at my grandmother’s home in South Africa and brought Dean with him. A few months later, we were both in Las Vegas for a party and met up there after staying in touch.

Who made the first move?
Haha, Dean… IN Vegas!!! ON a girl’s trip!!

Can you talk me through your first date?
Imagine… Las Vegas! Club! Pool party! Not what you would expect… right???!! This really was our first date.

What about your most romantic date?
Probably our engagement night that happened at Qualia in Hamilton Island.

You recently headed to the Maldives for your 30th birthday. Can you tell me about this?
Truthfully, about 2 years ago I said to Dean – a dream would be to take the entire family away for my 30th. I never imagined it would be something we could ever do, but I’m so grateful we could. I have also developed a menu at this particular property ☺.

You got married in 2016 – so a couple of years on, how is married life treating you?
We really are just happily married. We have so much respect for one another – which leaves little room for conflict. A big challenge for us was when we were living in LA as we both missed our families, which created some stress.

What was it about Dean that made you fall in love with him?
He’s the kindest and most caring human I have ever known. He has a pure heart and genuinely cares about people. I respect his values and view on life. I just feel his absolute love and devotion to all the people in his life. Honestly, our hearts just connect. We get each other – he was made to be my husband. My parents say it to us every day, hehe!

What are his best qualities?
Kind. Patient. Positive. Hard working. Strong.

And what about for Dean – what made him fall in love with you?
I think he could just feel my heart and genuine care for him and others.

What does he think are your best qualities?
I think he probably loves most how dedicated I am to LIVING as well as working hard. I make sure to leave us time to enjoy life as a couple and see the world. Dean is very happy to just be at home and stay in the everyday hustle, he never needs time off. When we do things out of the box, he always says how much he has loved it.

What has been the happiest moment the two of you have had as a couple?
We actually feel happiest in the everyday simplicity. We work 6-7 days a week and then we love just chilling out together on the weekend. We love going for a walk every evening after work and we always say: “Aah, isn’t this just the best life”. We work damn hard and then make sure to enjoy some time off – which is usually traveling so we can escape the fast pace of a small business.

Have there been any tough times?
I would say the very typical nature of building a small business from scratch is ALWAYS HARD. How can it be easy? It’s not meant to be easy. We both know it. So of course, we feel the tough times and moments and just let them pass – because we know they are part of the journey.

The two of you now work together. Is it hard working, living, and being in a relationship with the one person?!
It has its moments for sure. BUT I would say we do pretty well considering the stress and intensity. We have too much respect for one another to let the conflict stay for too long.
We also are in totally different parts of the business. I just feel so appreciative to have him in JSHealth though, it would not be a business without him.

Does Dean help you with a lot of the content found on the blog and on your Instagram?
No, he is solely focused on growing the business.

When you’re not working, what is the favourite activity the two of you like to do as a couple?
Honestly, a long walk outside and then pjs, a movie, and a YUMMY JSHealth dinner ☺.

Why do the two of you make such a good couple?
We have very similar core values. We just genuinely care about one another.

And where do you see yourselves as a couple in 5 years time?
Hopefully just where we are now – with a few little kiddies next to us! ☺

All images: JS Health with Dean Steingold

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