Love Stories: Madi Edwards and Josh Carroll

You know those couples you see on Instagram that look way too perfect to possibly be true? Before meeting them, I felt sure Madi Edwards and Josh Carroll would fall into this category – except these two are most definitely for real (yep, even down to their matching chiselled features and baby blue steels).

Recently grabbing the two aside for our latest Love Stories feature – we spoke to Madi and Josh about everything from first meeting on the runway, to playing hard to get, to moving in together…

How did you first meet?
Madi: We first met on a job together – on a runway! I actually had a boyfriend at the time, so nothing happened – but then I saw him at the races a few months later and I was no-longer with my boyfriend. We then caught up at an event and that’s when we first started seeing each other – we started dating 6 months later. If Josh had it his way, we would have been dating in the first month – but I was like “No, I don’t want anything serious!” I made him wait… but I knew I liked him from the start!

How long have you been together?
Madi: Just over a year now, officially – but we’ve been seeing each other for a year and a half.

Does it help you have similar careers?
Madi: So much! Previous relationships that I’ve been in, they just don’t really understand shooting with other people and that you sometimes have to work with boys – they get very defensive. But no, it’s really amazing and we get to go to heaps of stuff together. We do a lot of jobs together.

Do you shoot each other?
Madi: Yep! I shoot all his content and he shoots all mine. It’s a breeze! And we just moved in with each other in Coogee, so it’s very convenient – we’re loving it.

Can you talk me through your first date?
[Josh walks over]
Madi: Well, we didn’t really have a first date…
Josh: What about that first time I took you out and put heaps of effort in!
Madi: Yehr, so he picks me up from my apartment and I’m like: “So where are we going to dinner?” and he’s like: “I dunno, where do you want to go?” And I’m like: “Didn’t you book somewhere?!” and he’s like: “No, was I supposed to?” And I was like: “That’s generally what you do on a first date…”, and he was like: “Oh, well where do you want to go – you can pick!” So I picked Neighbourhood in Bondi and we got sat on a shared table with four other guys. Josh was like: “Yehr, so this probably isn’t like your ideal date”, and I was like: “No, not really”. But he still made me laugh…
Josh: I came out of the date thinking I’d done quite a good job, and then didn’t hear from her for about 3 weeks. She had to go cool off!
Madi: I wasn’t impressed – I was like: “He put no effort in!”

So how did it turn around?
Josh: The next date I came over and had flowers and a picnic organised. I took her out to this secret area that nobody really knows about overlooking the harbour, sun coming down, picnic, wine… and now we’re here.
Madi: That’s what definitely won me over – I was willing to give him a shot.

What has been your favourite moment as a couple?
Josh: There’s been a few. This isn’t my favourite moment as a couple, but one of my favourite moments was just seeing her for the first time. We had a job at the Ivy – it was actually my first ever job as a model doing a runway. I already knew about Madi as I’d been following her on Instagram for about 6 months…
Madi: Although he pretended he didn’t know me…
Josh: Well, I obviously couldn’t be like: “Hey, I know everything about your life, your whole family, how’s the dog…!” So I played it cool, but that was a big moment for me – even though she had no idea who I was. I feel like that was a pivotal moment for me.

And Madi, what about you?
Madi: I think my best memory would have to be the first time we went to Bali together. I’d already been to Bali probably about 20 times, but it was just really fun with Josh – I felt really safe, it was such a great time.

And lastly, what do you think are each other’s best quality?
Madi: His best quality would have to be, even though he is really handsome, it would have to be how much he makes me laugh. He’s hilarious – he’s always putting a smile on my face.
Josh: I feel like you took that from me! Madi makes me laugh every single day. We’re just constantly telling jokes and always making each other laugh – which is easily her best quality.

All images: Madi Edwards and I Am Josh Carroll

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