Love Stories: Laura Jade Stone and Benjamin Kearney

Laura Jade Stone and Benjamin Kearney are one of those easy-going chilled couples you can tell love relaxing and hanging out together – laughing at each other’s jokes and just super comfortable in one another’s company. And while Ben might not make too much of appearance on Laura’s feed – it doesn’t mean he’s not there, often the cameraman behind the flawless shot.

After getting to spend time with the duo on the recent Somewear Elsewhere influencer trip [not sure what I’m talking about? Click here to read all about it], I was eager to get the two of them on Husskie to find out more about their relationship past.

Sitting down with the couple, read below for my couch chat with Laura and Ben about everything from nightclub hook-ups to matching humours…

How did you first meet?
Laura: We had mutual friends, but we first got together when we were in a nightclub! We had met previously though…

How old were you when you first met?
Laura: I was 17…
Ben: And I would have been 19. Laura was just out of school.

How did the relationship go from the first hook-up to properly dating?
Laura: I think I told Ben that I liked him and then he told me he liked me as well – so from then on it just…
Ben: …went pretty quickly, I guess!

How long between the first hook-up to becoming girlfriend and boyfriend?
Laura: It would have taken a couple of weeks and then we had ‘that conversation’. He said he loved me within the first two weeks and then I think from then on we were together!

Can you talk me through your first date?
Laura: We didn’t really have a proper first date – we would just go over to Ben’s house and watch movies a lot.
Ben: A lot! I was living by myself at a pretty young age, so Laura would like to come over to mine all the time.
Laura: We use to drag the mattresses out into the lounge room and just watch movies the whole day.
Ben: I can’t remember any actual dates… I’m sure there would have been a first date though.
Laura: I remember on one of the early dates you made me chicken curry at yours and we would go to your parents’ pub in the country quite a lot…
Ben: I’m not too romantic!
Laura: You’re maybe not the most romantic person in the world…
Ben: But I can be in my own way!

What’s been the most romantic date you’ve ever had together?
Ben: I guess the most romantic one was in Bali…
Laura: That was really recent! The one at Rock Bar, that was really nice. But Ben’s not really a romantic guy – I can’t think of anything too romantic we’ve done!

No flowers, chocolates??!!
Laura: This is really showing you up!
Ben: I have a few times…
Laura: On Valentine’s Day he always bring me chocolates and little bears and things.
Ben: We have a collection of little teddies.
Laura: He buys me a stuffed toy every Valentine’s Day – so I’ve got a little collection going.

When you first started dating, did you know it was going to be a long-term thing?
Laura: The funny thing is that before I was with Ben and we were just friends, I told my sister that I was going to marry him. I’d never kissed him before or anything like that, but I said that to her and then a couple of months later we got together and have now been together for nearly 10 years. But no, I didn’t know what was going to transpire.
Ben: We were so young when we first met – I probably wasn’t thinking too much about our future, but we got pretty serious straight away.

What’s been your favourite memory together as a couple?
Laura: Probably moving into our first house together – that was really amazing. And all of our trips together – we’ve done a lot of road trips. We did a road trip down to Melbourne along the whole Ocean Road which was really special.

When did you move in together for the first time?
Laura: We pretty much lived together as soon as we got together because I was always at Ben’s house. But then his parents moved back to Adelaide – so we lived with his parents for about 3 years and then we moved out together about 4 years ago.

Do you think you’ll stay in Adelaide long-term?
Laura: We do want to do some travel, but I think we will come back to Adelaide because we have family here. When we want to have kids, it would be nice to be around family.
Ben: We do want to do a period in London at some stage.

Laura, you have to travel a lot for work. Do you miss Ben while you’re away?
Laura: I do. It can be difficult because I go away so often – but I try not to be away for too long… three weeks max – but it’s still hard. And I feel bad because I’m getting to travel the world and Ben’s at home.
Ben: Holding the fort down!

Do you FaceTime?
Ben: All the time!
Laura: We FaceTime like three or four times a day! I tell him every single thing that happens.

Ben, what was it about Laura that made you fall in love with her?
Ben: Well, she’s very good looking! I guess that’s what attracted me to her at the start – but her sense of humour is really similar to mine.
Laura: We have an identical sense of humour.
Ben: We just crack each other up – and I guess that’s always been there for us. But in some ways we’re so different to each other. I’m really into my sports – but Laura has no interest in that. And things like fashion, I have no idea!
Laura: Yes you do!
Ben: I’m starting to have an interest in it now.

Laura, what would you say is Ben’s best quality that made you fall in love with him?
Laura: He’s funny and kind. Everyone just always loves Ben. He’s just got this personality that everyone loves.

Do you enjoy doing similar things?
Ben: We do enjoy doing similar things. Going travelling, cooking – I cook…
Laura: I watch!

What’s the favourite activity you like to do together as a couple?
Laura: Travelling is obviously number one, we love travelling – but I reckon cooking. What do you think?
Ben: Cooking for us is really good because we’ve spent all day apart and then we come home together and put music on…
Laura: It’s bonding time.
Ben: Yehr, it’s not about the actual cooking – the food’s not normally the best…
Laura: It’s definitely the time we get to bond and talk about our day. I also like going to the movies and making Ben come to them with me.

Finally, how would you sum up your relationship?
Laura: I just think we’re best friends.
Ben: We can both see ourselves spending the rest of our lives with each other – which is exciting for what’s ahead.

All images: Laura Jade Stone

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