Love Stories: Jade Tunchy and Lachie Brycki

If you follow the @therealjadetunchy Instagram account, you’d already be familiar with the fact that Jade Tunchy, or if we’re being official – Jadé Tuncdoruk, is pretty bloody funny. And also not afraid to have a laugh at herself (which in our minds, is the best kind of funny).

But as it turns out, she also has a super sweet romantic side to herself – a side followers are getting a sideline peek into as boyfriend Lachie Brycki makes more appearances on the Gram. And when they’re not paying each other out (actually, even when they are), these two are clearly couple goal central.

Here, we chat to the duo to find out everything from nightclub stalkings to DM sliding to rekindled romance…

How did you first meet?
Lachie: I use to run the door of a nightclub and this one [Jade] would frequent it. Instead of going inside and enjoying the music and drink, she would sit out the front and just stare at me until I talked to her!
Jade: I did not! Well… you use to stare at me too! Yehr, we’d chat a lot on the door because I’d sit outside for like 45 minutes.
Lachie: She would get “kicked out each week” – but she was never actually kicked out, it was always by choice.

How long were you chatting before you went on a first date?
Jade: A few months…

Were you secretly trying to push it towards date territory?
Lachie: She tried to make it secret by sliding into my DMs, but it wasn’t that secret.
Jade: Yeah, we chatted for a while and then the DM.

So how did it go from DMing to the next step?
Jade: He invited me over one afternoon after work and that was the first time we’d hung out properly together privately outside of a workplace. So I went over and we hung out a little bit…
Lachie: And then we spoke more frequently.
Jade: I moved into the area as well, so we were hanging out a bit more.

When was the first date?
Jade: Our first official date was at a Japanese restaurant.
Lachie: That’s when I asked her to be my missus.
Jade: We were quite casual for a few months before we eventually started dating. I’d say the date that took us to the next step was a big group date with his closest friends – we went bowling and it was like an initiation. I met his mum and his friends on the same night! We were dating from then on, but then we split up for a couple of years and dated other people. We only last year rekindled the love.

I didn’t realise you were together previously! When did you first meet?
Lachie: We met about 4 and a half years ago.

How long were you together before you split up the first time?
Jade: Around 6-8 months.

And then back together late last year? Talk me through that!
Lachie: Well… she’s a creature of habit! 4.5 years ago she slipped into the old DMs and so she decided to do it again…
Jade: Oh come on! He watched my Instagram Stories and there’d been no activity for years and I was like ‘what’s going on here?!’ so I messaged him on the DM.
Lachie: And then we started chatting again from there and hanging out…
Jade: And bob’s your uncle!

What’s been your most romantic date?
Lachie: One day we went out to a little dinner at a Sydney restaurant. We were just going to go home but instead we drove down to Blue’s Point and just sat on the water looking over the Harbour Bridge and the Opera House and watching all the boats go by and the city lights.
Jade: I was going to say the same. It was a really nice night.
Lachie: She also likes Maccas drive-through…
Jade: Stop throwing me under the bus! But I do, it’s true…

What are the characteristics about Lachie that made you fall in love with him?
Jade: I love everything about him. He’s really chivalrous and kind and puts other people first all the time. He’s funny and charismatic and isn’t afraid to tell me if I’m wrong about something! He’s also really supportive… just everything you could ever want.

And what are the characteristics about Jade that made you fall in love with her?
Lachie: When I met her, she was just very different to everyone I’d ever met – she exuded this confidence. I’m simple in that I just want to be treated the same way as I treat people and she gave me exactly that. She always puts me first and is just very caring and kind. We’re both very affectionate people so that works out. She’s like no-one I’ve ever met before – she’s just a big stand out.

All images: Jade Tunchy and Lachie Brycki

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