Love Stories: Citizens of the World’s Meghan and Dominic Loneragan

Welcoming a new citizen to the world earlier this year with the birth of new bub Lachie, Citizens of the World content creators Meghan and Dominic Loneragan suddenly went from being couple goals to family goals. But while we think Lachie is 100 per cent deserved of an article of his own – for now we’re turning our attentions on Mum and Dad to find out a bit more about where it all began.

Delving into the duo’s past, we chat to Meghan about everything from locking eyes at a party, to first dates at Bunnings, to a mutual appreciation for Mighty Boosh…

How long have you and Dom been together?
It’s 7 years now. This sounds random, but I always remember it from my ‘Worst Year Ever’ (a.k.a the worst breakup ever) which was 2010 because I remember I met Dom in 2011 and suddenly everything became amazing. I really believe in divine timing.

Can you tell me how you first met?
March 5, Sydney Mardi Gras 2011. I was getting over said breakup but my horoscope said if I went out that night I’d meet the love of my life. Anyone who says they don’t turn to horoscopes during tough times is LYING to you. So I hauled myself off the coach, dragged on a dirty Ken Done T-shirt and jeans, forgot to shave my legs, and went to this house party my housemate was heading to.

I remember feeling the epitome of DGAF (google what that means) that night and I walked into the room and locked eyes with Dom (who I thought was the most gorgeous guy at the party). It’s not my style to lock eyes and keep looking but I was riding a tequila wave and I remember we stared at each other right in the eyeballs for something like 30 seconds. Which is a REALLY long time if you count it out.

The rest is history. Also, you know that old rule that you always meet someone cute when you forget to shave your legs? Living proof here that that’s true.

So the house party was the first time you’d met each other?
Yep! But in true Sydney style, my housemate was friends with the girl who’s party it was, who happened to be Dom’s friend’s girlfriend. I also had a co-worker at an ad agency I worked at who lived at the house too.

Randomly, Dom found out later that he’d met my housemate before. In London. When he briefly dated their housemate…

Not keeping up? Don’t worry about it.

Was it love at first sight?!
Absolutely. On an epic scale. The hard part was acting like it wasn’t for about a month. It’s more like just meeting a like-mind at first sight – just two quirky souls who found each other at the right time.

Can you talk me through your first date?
Bunnings Warehouse, Alexandria to buy a barbecue. Yes, I ran into aisles and secretly called my friend asking her ‘wtf, he brought me to Bunnings? Is this even a date?’

Dom has proved to be more romantic the longer we’ve been together.

The funny thing is, looking back, this ‘date’ felt more romantic and genuine than any of those cheesy dinner-dates everyone idealises. We’re just best friends.

When did you know he was “the one”?
Walking home from the Mardi Gras party that night and we kept finishing each other’s Mighty Boosh quotes (which was a HUGE show at that time). That made me go ‘oh this guy gets me’. I just loved how easily we laughed together.

There’s never been any pretension. We don’t control each other and our combined goal is always to just support each other’s life journey. Does that sound too hippie dippity? I just mean we never get jealous. I’ve never had that kind of trust and understanding before.

How long after meeting did you get married?
3 years.

Can you give us a quick little snippet into the wedding day?
Dom planned the wedding because he’s a perfectionist/hero… I’m not a party organiser. Anyone who knows me will agree.

We got married in Eureka which is in the hinterland near Byron Bay. We booked a local hall for something like $300 a day and did it up ourselves.

Byron Bay is just our happy place. It’s where we go when we need to just switch off because we’ve been there so many times before and it’s just so familiar – but also so beautiful and inspiring at the same time.

What has been the most incredible thing Dom has done for you that blew you away?
This sounds like a cliché, but I find the small things incredible. Things like he always grabs me a coffee if it’s morning and he’s walking past a coffee shop, or how much he thinks of his family (ours and his own). Age and experience has shown me these kinds of traits are worth their weight in gold.

What are the favourite things you like doing together as a couple?
Collaborating on shoots is fun for us. Working together is fun for us. Also lying in bed on a Sunday morning and watching bad movie reviews because it makes us feel super smart to pick them apart. Shout out to FanBoy Flicks on Youtube.

And three quick ones to finish off… how would you describe Dom?
Kind, funny, talented.

How would he describe you?
Nerd, goofy, hot. *He is behind me shouting these words out*

Thing you most love about him?
His smile.

All images: Citizens of the World

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