Love Stories (but with a twist): Brittany Hockley

Traditionally, Love Stories is where we get couples in to chat to us about their relationship, but with the Galentine’s Movement going strong in 2020 – this Valentine’s Day we decided to put a twist on our usual Love Stories and bring a single into the mix. And after chatting with Brittany Hockley at a recent event, we knew she would make the perfect candidate.

Probably best known for being subjected to Nick “Honey Badger” Cummins going rogue in the final episode of Season 6 of The Bachelor Australia, almost 18 months on and Brittany’s dating life continues to have us tuning in. And as followers of her Instagram and Podcast – Life Uncut – know only too well, when it comes to love, Brittany has a story (or 27) to share.

Honest and open about all things dating, here we pull Brittany aside to ask the hard questions on everything that’s happened to her when it comes to love since that infamous moment in New Caledonia.

It’s been a year and half since the conclusion of your season of The Bachelor. Can you tell us what has been going on in your dating life since then?
Hasn’t it flown by! It took me a while to get back into the dating scene after filming wrapped. As you can imagine, it was a fairly tumultuous time. Being heart broken is one thing, but having it done as a “first” on national tv is a woile other ball game. I just sat in it for a while and rode the wave. After a few months, I jumped straight back into the dating scene but I didn’t go back to “online dating” for a year after that! When my girlfriends finally convinced me that it was time, I signed up to Bumble and was kicked off after only one night as too many people reported me as a “fake” profile, haha. Getting booted off Bumble… a sad day indeed. The issue was quickly rectified and I am now allowed to participate in the glorious world of inappropriate texts.

You’re currently single – but are you on the dating scene?
Yep, I sure am. One thing you could never say about me is that I’m not out there giving it a red hot crack. I actually have been going on so many dates lately! I go through phases of meeting lots of new people and enjoying the dating scene, to hating every second and deleting the apps and just chilling out on my own for a while. It’s a vicious cycle indeed!

Are you looking for a relationship or are you content with being single?
Both! I am definitely looking for a relationship, I am well and truly ready, but having said that, I am so comfortable on my own – so I don’t feel the need to just ‘settle’ for anything. Maybe because I have been single for nearly 8 years, I’m comfortable in my own skin and in my own company. I know a lot of people do settle because they are scared to be on their own and are desperate for a relationship, but I would rather be alone than be with someone I know isn’t right. But hot damn I am ready to do life with someone!

In terms of dating, are we talking Tinder, Bumble, Happn… or anything like that? Or what’s your idea of finding a date in 2020?
Anything goes in 2020! I still wish people would spend more time in the real world, you know? Like asking someone out in real life – it’s almost classified as strange now if someone does it, which I find a real shame. I would love people to talk to me more in real life but alas, our world is now all online. Most people have profiles on every dating app! I have been on most at some point, including Raya, which is the fancy pants dating app. I saw Channing Tatum on there actually in his single days. I swiped right, but he mustn’t have come across my profile 😉

Instagram is also a big one – it’s almost like a dating app. People just slide on into people’s DMs. I’ve successfully done that before, haha. I am more than happy to ask someone out if I am interested. One of my best friends recently just got married to her partner whom she met after he messaged her on Instagram – so there you go.

Can you talk us through a couple of your dating stories?
Oh my gosh, where would I even begin?! You could literally write a book on my (messed up) love life – I have had so many horror dating stories. Recently I was actually drugged on a date. Luckily, I got out of the situation before it ended too badly for me. The messed up part is that my only saviour in that situation was the fact that it was the THIRD time I had been drugged so I recognised the feelings and symptoms straight away. What is wrong with people?! Honestly! If you’re reading this, please be so careful when you are dating and meeting strangers. Just be smart – even if they seem “so nice”. Honestly, if it wasn’t for bad luck, I’d have no luck at all in the old dating game. You can tune into my podcast “Life Uncut” to hear plenty more. Laura (Byrne) and I are always having a good old laugh!

Has there been anyone come along since the Honey Badger that you thought could have potential?
There have been a few people I have spent a bit of time with that I have had strong feelings for… but I won’t say too much more for now. Watch this space though… 😉

What are the key characteristics you’re looking for in a potential date?
Humour! It is so important, honestly. We are all going to get old and wrinkly one day, our looks won’t be with us forever, so a sense of humour is a must. That, along with someone into adventure and travel, someone compassionate and driven, family oriented, and MUST love dogs.

Last year you mentioned on your podcast that you dated a guy for two years who was actually in a relationship with another woman. Do you think this has made you untrusting in relationships?
Surprisingly, no. Well, to be fair I haven’t had a proper relationship really since then! In terms of people that I let close to me, it has definitely made me more cautious – but if anything, I am probably still too trusting. I always see the best in people and give them more than one chance. I’m not sure if that’s a good or bad trait!

Do you think it might be holding you back in your love life now?
I don’t think it is holding me back now. I definitely held on to some scars for longer than I care to admit, but I am in such a good place now in every aspect of my life. I am just waiting to find that person that really adds value to my life. Someone that makes me laugh and supports all of my crazy ideas and adventures, my penguin (penguins mate for life, you see). Until then though, I’ll just keep poking along on my own!

Late last year you announced you’ve been cast in a Hollywood feature film. Are you going to be moving to the States? Will you still be involved in your medical career? Are you currently in limbo land waiting to see what happens with the film? So many questions…
Yes, I’ve been cast in my first feature film, Malibu Crush. It is an independent feature film though, not a big Hollywood blockbuster! I wish! I have a small role that I am super excited about and I’m looking forward to jumping into this new adventure and doing something I am really passionate about. It’s so much fun being able to let go and escape and be someone else for a small amount of time. I would of course move anywhere for the right job, and that would be the dream, but right now I would be so happy to get work here in the film and TV industry in Australia.

I’m still working in an emergency department yes, and I imagine I will until something more permanent comes up. I still love it! I could only hope for an ongoing role here in Aus. But yes, I just take every day as it comes and very much live in the now in all aspects of my life.

The film is a comedy filled with romance. Are there any similarities between the role and reality?
I am actually a really romantic person at heart and I love to make people laugh, so I feel this film is perfect for dipping my toes into the industry. As for my character, she is not like me at all – but that is what’s fun!

And lastly, being Valentine’s Day… What are the best bits about being single?
Ahhhh V day! The best parts are that you can go for the two-for-one meal deals and eat both meals, haha. That, and you save money on ridiculously over the top gifts, you can do whatever you want all day and you can eat that entire box of chocolates naked, with a face mask on, watching rom-coms with no judgement.

How are you spending your Valentine’s Day?
I’ll probably shout myself a little self love like a massage or a facial, then a few girlfriends and I have dinner, drinks and a night out planned. They are all in relationships, but bless their cotton socks they are coming out for Galentine’s Day. I have the best friends! They are always trying to set me up, even when I don’t want to.

To all the single ladies: Love yourself first, that is what matters most! Also, go out on Valentine’s day. All the singles will be out, haha.

And last but not least, what’s your key advice for those on the dating scene in spotting a douchebag?
Ugh they are everywhere… and I seem to continuously keep finding them! It’s hard online because you don’t actually know them yet. All I can say from experience is trust your gut instinct – it’s always right and has never let me down. Take notice of the little red flags, because when combined, they aren’t so little. My golden piece of advice is: If a guy wants to contact you, wants to see you, wants to talk to you, he will. He will always find time and find a way. If you have to ask yourself ‘I wonder if he likes me’, it’s highly likely the answer is ‘no, he doesn’t’ – or at least not enough, because when he does, you will know.

All images: Brittany Hockley shot by Mel Carrero

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