Life, Luma and staying lean with Jessica Hart

Three years since first launching beauty brand Luma Cosmetics onto the scene, supermodel Jess Hart is back with version 2.0 – a completely revamped offering including everything from illuminators to BB creams.

With Jess in Australia for the launch, we were thrilled to get the chance to sit down with her to find out everything about the new range – plus talk all things diet, exercise and what’s next professionally and personally.

Congrats on the launch of Luma 2.0! Can you talk me through where the brand’s at and how life’s treating you?
I’m extremely excited to finally have this off the ground! The 2.0 version. There was a long time in there where I questioned everything in life with regards to the relaunch – relaunching was really intense. It was a big decision to tick everything off that I wanted to change – so to have it on the shelves and out and available right now is just a real triumph. Other than that, I’m still working lots, modelling, travelling… life’s good!

What was behind the decision to do a relaunch?
I really feel strongly about authentically promoting things, and I just wasn’t quite proud enough of it. I felt like I could do better and I don’t settle, so I was like: “Sorry guys, we’re starting again!” It wasn’t so much about the product, the product was fantastic, I just wanted to amp up our packaging a little more and wanted it to be a little more timeless – to create something I know I’m going to be involved in for years and years and years.

I also wanted it to be something that could grow with me. The last one [Luma 1.0] I was a little young I think. I started [concepting] it when I was 24 and designed the packaging then – so my target market was probably a lot younger and I think we tried to aim it that way. Then I realised that at that age, everyone wants something a little more sophisticated… so I took the chance!

How do you go with juggling everything – the modelling, having a personal life, doing the brand?
You just do! I think having modelled for so long and having always worked really hard, it’s really nice to phase out a little bit of modeling and only do those jobs I really want to be doing – opening up the time for this kind of stuff [Luma]. But I like to be busy, so it’s not hard.

Can you talk me through a usual week in your life?
There is no usual week, it really changes so drastically. The modelling industry is extremely last minute – so anything can happen. If I’m home in New York, I’m doing all the things I can’t do when I’m travelling like working out, being with my dog. And with work, because we [Jess and the Australian Luma team] have such a huge time difference, all our skype meetings are in the evenings. This allows me to do everything I need to do in New York and then come home and still work on that stuff.

And you’re still regularly modelling?
It depends on the season. I could work 5 days a week and then not again for 2 weeks, or I could work an entire month and then not for two weeks – there’s nothing regular about it!

Do you still enjoy doing that side of things?
Yeah, I love it. The fact I’m still getting booked for things… I’m lucky.

Well you’re still in amazing shape. Can you talk me through your exercise routine?
I always have to change it up. I do anything from Soul Cycle to F45, but then mainly I have this great personal trainer and he makes it really fun. I’ve been working with him for so long now we’re like friends – but with training, I really just have to change it up.

Do you ever train with your sister [Ashley Hart]?
Not really. She does yoga every single day, but even when I’m with her, I don’t really do that.

What about food wise… what foods would we typically find you eating?
I’m really balanced. I’m a foodie – I’ll eat anything! I love going to restaurants and eating great things, but I like to be healthy. Sometimes it gets to the point that you’re like, ‘oh, I need to start being healthy again!’ But yeah, it’s all about balance.

Just lastly, where are you hoping to see yourself in five years’ time – both professionally and personally?
I’d just love to see Luma become a household Australian beauty brand and I’m going to work towards that. I don’t really have personal goals, I just go with the flow.

Watch the video below to see our Raw Conversations with Jess Hart – talking favourite beauty products, fashion buys, food addictions, and the things she gets up to on her days off.

Images and interview by Husskie Editor Yelena Fairfax | To check out the Luma range, click here

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