Keeping up with the Jenners with mane man Jonathan Colombini

When you’re the go-to hair man for the Jenner sisters (need we name them?! Okay, just in case you don’t own a television or haven’t opened a magazine or been on the internet… Kylie and Kendall Jenner), we’re going to take a punt and say your career is pretty much made. But that definitely isn’t the only resumé clout celebrity hair stylist Jonathan Colombini is bringing to the table.

With a penchant for working with natural textures finding him being called on by a long list of Hollywood heavyweights including everyone from Iggy Azalea to Demi Moore – Jonathan soon caught the eyes of the Kardashian clan. Now, he’s become a pretty regular fixture in the Jenner household as he works his magic on Kylie and Kendall’s hair for a slew of events and appearances.

But while he might be in pretty hot demand – we were lucky enough to catch Jonathan on a recent trip to Australia for the launch of Lady Jayne’s new brush range: a slick-looking collection of six professional brushes. Here, we chat to him about everything from what it’s like to work with Kendall Jenner and her number one request, to his top style tricks and tips.

You and Kendall Jenner seem to work together a lot! How did the two of you first start teaming up?
I was actually working with Kylie first.. I think word in the family got around!

What do you think it is about yourself that sees her keep coming back for more?!
Well, I would assume because she likes what I do! And we have a lot of fun together… there’s always some kind of laughs happening.

How often would you say you work together?
Often enough to have inside jokes and talk through a look.

Is it mostly on shoots – or do you also go to her home prior to an event?
It’s a combo of personal at home for events and for filming Keeping Up With The Kardashians.

When you’re working together, what style does she mostly request?
She’s an easy going girl, so she loves a roughed-up texture or a messy top knot. Even for a red carpet, it’s a more relaxed look.

Does she just let you do your own thing most of the time or has she got a strong vision of what she wants?
It’s always a team effort. We sit down and brief looks / concepts – [her look is] very dependent on the type of event and what she is wearing.

Do you like to mix it up a bit with her styles?
Yes – keeps it cool.

We’re in love with the beachy long bob you’ve created for her recently – can you talk us through how to get that look?
I like to create a beachy texture with my flat iron… rocking the iron back and forth while I slide down each section – adding a little texture with any dry shampoo.

What are your five top hair tricks of the trade?

  1. Learn a good pony
  2. Learn a good top knot
  3. Invest in a dry shampoo
  4. Don’t wash everyday
  5. Keep up on your haircuts

Why is the new Lady Jayne brush a must-have in a person’s hair arsenal?
Lady Jayne is a brand that’s honest and straightforward that I love as a hairstylist. [The brand] makes life on styling so much easier. The Ceramic Radial Brush is one we recommend for that perfect bouncy blow dry, and because the technology of the ceramic barrel acts as a curling iron – it’s genius! And if I may add… the line looks so chic in my kit.

What styles do you expect influencers to be rocking in the coming months?
The bob is going to be around for a while…

Kendall Jenner in a shoot for Hollywood Reporter. Hair by Jonathan Colombini.

All images: @jonathan_colombini

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