Kendall Baggerly: On sea changes, Instablogging + life beyond the feed

Blonde hair, akubra-style hat, and a stream of shots from Sydney’s Eastern beaches one could be forgiven for thinking Kendall Baggerly is a true blue Aussie. In actual fact, she grew up in San Diego, California but has quickly settled into Sydney life, thanks in part to her Australian boyfriend Glenn.

Drawn to everything Australian from our landscape to our fashion and even our beauty products, it’s little surprise that Kendall has fallen in love with Australian made and owned beauty brand Elucent Skincare. With a philosophy that believes every woman is beautiful, Elucent delivers a multi-faceted approach to skincare combining vitamins and AHAs via cruelty-free methods and using only non-animal derived ingredients (something Kendall is passionate about).

Teaming up with Elucent to delve a bit more into Kendall’s new life Down Under, we chat to the lifestyle influencer about everything from switching up countries, to getting involved in Instablogging, to working with Australian-made brands…

You’re originally from America. Can you talk me through where you grew up and what that was like?
I grew up in San Diego, California. I always lived pretty close to the beach so I spent most of my time hanging out there. Because the weather is pretty much always sunny and warm, I always found myself doing things outside like swimming, hiking and kayaking. San Diego is located close to other cool locations like Palm Springs, LA, Joshua Tree and even Mexico, so I did a lot of road trips on the weekends!

When did you move to Australia?
I touched down in Sydney on 14 September, 2017. It’s only been a little over a year here but it feels like I’ve been here much longer (in a good way!).

What was the reason for moving here?
So long story short, I studied abroad at UTS in 2015 which is when I met my now boyfriend, Glenn. We hit it off right away but were scared to commit to each other knowing I had to go home at the end of the semester. But over those months we grew so close that we didn’t want to end what we had, so we decided to just go for it and do the long distance. He then moved out to San Diego for a year to be with me while I finished my degree and got some work experience, and then we packed up and made the move to Sydney last year. So I guess Glenn is the reason I moved here! But I also think that even if I didn’t meet him, I would end up back out here at some point in my life. There’s something about Australia that just keeps drawing me back!

What is it about Australia that you love the most?
I’ve been asked this a lot and I really don’t think I can narrow it down to just one thing! There’s a certain vibe and energy about this country that’s so enticing. The people are so friendly and easy to get along with, and there’s a real ‘work hard, play hard’ mentality. And the terrain/nature is absolutely stunning so many gorgeous beaches, mountains, everything! Oh, and the coffee… don’t get me started on the coffee here! Not sure how I managed drinking the coffee back in America! It’s definitely a combination of all of these things that I love the most. And I guess Glenn makes it easier as well… 😉

We’re big fans of your Instagram account. Have you been Instablogging for long?
Thank you! I’ve been at it for about two years, but I started taking it more seriously just before I moved to Australia last year.

There’s a real ‘work hard, play hard’ mentality.

How did you first get into it and why?
When I graduated from university, I started working in social media at a marketing agency so my interest began then. I figured that if I was doing social media professionally, I should probably have a good Instagram personally! And then I also started getting into photography, so my Instagram was an outlet to practice both.

Did you find that moving to Australia changed your Instagram account at all?
Since I was already living near the beach back in the States, my content and style didn’t change too much. But I’ve been traveling and exploring more in Australia, especially now that Glenn and I bought and renovated our VW van, so I’d say it’s become a bit of a style and travel mix now!

How important is it for you to now work with Australian-made brands?
Very! I love supporting local brands and family businesses. It feels really good to purchase products that I know are made here.

Obviously we’re here today with Elucent which is an Australian-made brand. What made you attracted to the brand and want to align with them?
I love that they’re cruelty-free and only use non-animal derived ingredients. I want to feel good about the products I use and know that they didn’t cause harm to anything in the process of being made. And I of course love that they’re made in Australia!

Have you seen any results from using the products? If so, what?
My skin seems to have more of a ‘glow’ to it. I’ve barely used any face makeup this past week because my skin is looking so fresh on its own!

Can you talk me through your usual skincare regime? How would you describe your regime?
My skin regime is pretty relaxed and simple. I was very lucky to never have any acne issues so my focus has always been on just keeping my skin clean and protected from the sun to prevent wrinkles or sun spots.

My typical regime is pretty much the same for both mornings and nights and looks a little something like this:

  • Wash my face with an exfoliating cleanser first to take off dirt, makeup, sweat, etc. followed by washing with a simple cleanser.
  • Once my face is dry, I put on some eye cream/serum and then some basic moisturiser with anti-aging properties.
  • In the morning I’ll follow that up with an SPF lotion so my skin is protected. I also make sure to put skincare products on my neck, chest and hands since they also see the sun regularly and can show signs of ageing.

What are your favourite products from the range and why?
The SPF 50+ day moisturiser* for sure! So many SPF products are too thick and clog my pores but this one is light and easy to apply. I also really like the eye cream!

You’re clearly a big beach girl. Is it important for you to look for products with an SPF?
Yes! Being sun safe, especially in Australia, is SO important. I’m always wearing hats to keep my face and neck out of the sun but I also use SPF 50+ on my face if I’m at the beach or just going about my day.

With Elucent, you’ve been trying the anti-ageing range. Why do you think it’s a good idea to start using anti-ageing products at an earlier age? 
I’ve always thought it was silly NOT to use anti-ageing products at a younger age. I mean, the name speaks for itself. If I can help prevent age spots, wrinkles, etc. from actually forming in the first place, why wouldn’t I?! I don’t want to wait until I have the wrinkles and then frantically try to get them to go away!

And lastly before we go… I just want to ask a few quick Instagram questions to finish off. What are your top tips for creating a beautiful feed?
I like to save my previous posts as drafts within Instagram so I can see what my next post will look like on my feed – sort of like Planoly, but I do it directly in Instagram. I also think it’s key to mix up the content close-ups/details, with/without me in the photos etc. so my feed is diverse. And having a consistent colour theme is key!

How do you choose shoot locations? Do you take your own pictures?
I like to find open spaces and try to picture what the photo will look like in my head beforehand. I really don’t put too much pressure on the location though! My boyfriend takes the majority of my photos. He actually used to hate it to be honest, but he’s since gotten into photography on his own so it’s less of an “Instagram boyfriend” burden. I think it’s also important to not put too much pressure on getting the perfect shot. When you start to really force things, it comes across in your photos. So we like our shooting to be lighthearted and fun. Otherwise, what’s the point?! 🙂

I think it’s important to not put too much pressure on getting the perfect shot.

What are the biggest lessons you’ve learnt when it comes to Instagram?
The biggest lesson I’ve learned is that quality over quantity will always reign true. That goes for content as well as followers/engagement. Focus on producing good content and the right people will take notice and become loyal supporters. Another lesson I’ve learnt is that it’s so important to support other Instagrammers! There’s plenty of room for everyone, so comparing yourself or thinking of other bloggers as competition is just silly. I’ve made so many friends just by being genuinely interested in their photos and who they are beyond the photos – so don’t be afraid to reach out and engage with others!

What are you hoping to achieve with your Instagram account?
I want to be a source of inspiration for my followers whether that’s through style, travel or just living in the moment and enjoying the ride of life. I hope to be a positive, realistic influence on anyone I come across, digitally and physically. I also hope that my travel photos will persuade more of my American friends to make the trip out here! 😉

*Always read the label. Follow directions for use.

All images feat Kendall Baggerly and Elucent Skincare shot by Husskie Press/Kendall Baggerly. Article created in partnership with Elucent Skincare.

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