Jesinta Franklin: “Every year has its highs and lows”

Jesinta Franklin (nee Campbell) is one of those people you just want to stare at, actually sit and stare at (creepy, much?!). Whether she’s in her running gear or glammed up for an event, there’s definitely no need for a filter or Face Tuning with this one.

Catching up with the slashie (influencer slash model slash brand ambassador slash author slash presenter…) recently, we chatted to Jesinta about everything from her beauty and health routine, to a day in her life, to career highs and lows…

Nice to see you again. I think the last time we spoke was when you’d just signed on with Nude By Nature after your Miss Universe crowning… A lot has changed since then!
Nude by Nature was probably my first beauty contact that I ever had! It was a very long time ago now, maybe seven years ago? Life has changed completely. Miss Universe was the pageant that kickstarted my entire career – before that, I was just an 18 year old girl with big dreams from the Gold Coast. I moved to Sydney with a one-way ticket and $500 in my bank account. I borrowed $250 from my grandma so I had $750, because that sounded closer to $1000 – which felt more reassuring for me.

But it’s been such a great journey and a lot of hard work has gone into it. It’s so nice to look back on that and be in the position I’m in today. I feel like I’m still living my dream. I’ve still got big dreams and I’m still probably a bit naive, like that young 18 year old that moved to Sydney – but I feel proud of myself. I think it’s okay to say that too. We don’t say that often enough: “I’m proud of myself!”

Can you talk me through your beauty routine?
For me, my beauty routine is really consistent and quite regimented as well. I don’t really change things up too often. I keep things really consistent – I cleanse in the morning and moisturise with a day cream that has an SPF in it, and at night I’ll double cleanse if I’ve been wearing makeup, and then I’ll hydrate with a night cream.

What’s your number one beauty tip?
I guess my biggest beauty tip for women is to have a different cream for day and a different cream for night. You don’t need to go to bed with a cream with SPF in it at night, they [day and night creams] both do different things.

What are your favourite makeup products?
I always have so many different products used on me for makeup because I’m in different makeup artists chairs or on different sets all the time. For me I don’t really have a particular brand that I love for makeup, but I definitely love a smokey eye, a little bit of bronze, highlight, and showing your skin is really nice too.

Do you get your makeup done for you every day?
When I’m at work I get my makeup done for me, sometimes twice a day… For example, today I’ll have my makeup done twice because I have two different commitments. When I’m working, getting my hair and makeup done is what happens.

Do you have one makeup artist that does you regularly, or is it different people?
It’s different, but Normie, I use him a lot. I’ve used Michael Brown a lot too, Victoria Baron is amazing… I’ve worked with a lot of makeup artists. I’m so lucky that the makeup industry is such a great industry – I love catching up with everyone when I’m in their chairs and getting my hair and makeup done.

What does a usual day in your life look like?
No two days are the same – so that’s why this question is sometimes really hard to answer. But definitely a boxing workout in there, a few green smoothies, some healthy meals, a little bit of chocolate, red wine on the weekends… I just work Monday to Friday really. If I’m not physically at an event or on the red carpet, or a photoshoot or on a runway, then I’m at home doing all my admin and running a business really… I think that’s the side of this industry that people don’t see. It’s a business to run.

So are we talking super early mornings and late nights?
Yeah I have done a few late nights in my time… and early starts! But usually I’ll try and turn my emails off by about 8pm at night, so that’s the cut off for me. I’m trying to make it earlier but some things come through late.

For someone incredibly busy, you have an amazing figure! What’s your favourite health tip for busy women?
I think my favourite health tip is definitely balance. You have to find balance with your exercise, healthy eating, and it has to fit into your lifestyle. The most common thing I hear women saying is “I’ve got a wedding coming up in four weeks, what can I do to have a flat stomach?” or “What can I do to fit into this dress?”. If you take care of yourself all year round, you wouldn’t have that stress in the lead up to a big event.

I think finding something that fits in with your lifestyle, something that you enjoy [is important]. I love boxing – so for me, to get up every morning and box is not a chore. It fits into my lifestyle, I enjoy doing it, I do it with friends, it makes me feel good – so it’s easy. It’s the same with healthy eating. It shouldn’t be hard, it shouldn’t be a chore. I’ve never dieted. I think it’s just about making a conscious effort everyday to do something that’s going to nourish your body and also your wellbeing.

Career highlight?
I think definitely signing the contracts that I have now… like being the face of Olay Total Effects in Australia. To have a beauty contract like that I feel is a big thing for a woman in Australia. It’s such a small market, for a big international brand to want me to be their spokesperson here is amazing. David Jones was such a highlight for me too. I grew up watching Miranda [Kerr] and Megan [Gale] on the catwalk, and Getaway too was amazing. Every year is a highlight for me… I try to find the joy in every day.

Have there been any lowlights?
I think my first year as Miss Universe was definitely difficult. I learnt a lot about the industry. I was young, only 18, and had no idea what this whole world was about. I think that was probably my most challenging year career-wise because I was learning. But every year has its highs and its lows, and the good comes with the bad. Sometimes it’s hard being under the spotlight and under media scrutiny. But if I didn’t have that, then I wouldn’t be able to do all these other amazing things. I just try to find the joy and happiness in everything that I do.

Lastly, when you’re not working, what are you doing?
I’m at the beach swimming in the ocean… I’m spending time with my husband, family and friends. My days off are pretty cruisy!

All images: @jesinta_franklin

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