IG tips from a meso influencer (inc how to grow your following)

At Husskie, we’re often asked what number makes someone a “social media influencer” – and I always answer that there is no magic number. If someone’s feed is influential or they are creating beautiful content, then I believe that’s the real factor in determining whether or not a person can be classified as an influencer. What the follower count does dictate is whether or not they fit into the category of micro, meso, macro or mega influencer.

The meso category is probably the less discussed one in the influencer world, but basically it just means “middle” or how we like to put it – straddling the ground between micro and macro. One person sitting in the camp of meso influencer is model Emily Doherty. The owner of two Instagram accounts (@emilydoherty_ and @theglutenfreebucketlist), Emily has an IG following of over 35K across both accounts.

Recently being introduced to the leggy blonde [why does saying this always make me think of Flight of the Conchords?!], we were interested in finding out what someone in the meso category thought about the world of IG. Here, we chat to Emily about using Instagram for work, top tips for creating a beautiful aesthetic, and how to grow a following.

Can you tell us a little about yourself?
I did things a little differently to most models and entered the industry at 26 years of age. I have always been very academic and pride myself on my education. I completed a Bachelor of Business Management and Master of Speech Pathology degree at university. I then worked in a hospital as a speech pathologist for two years before I decided to enter the modelling world. I have since signed with Chadwick Models and was a NSW State Finalist in the Miss Universe Australia competition. I live in Sydney and am modelling full-time.

How does Instagram work itself into your life?
I have always had an Instagram page (@emilydoherty_), but have only used it as a business tool since I started modelling. It is amazing what opportunities have come from my social media accounts. I like to post daily on my Instagram. My content includes photos from my modelling shoots as well as photos from my day-to-day life. As I have coeliac disease, I have my own food page @theglutenfreebucketlist. I love to raise awareness for coeliac disease and post about gluten-free dining destinations, recipes and products.

What’s are your three top tips for having a beautiful Instagram feed?
I am no Instagram whiz, but here are the tips I try to implement with my feed:
1. I like to use the same filter on every post so that the colours of my Instagram feed are consistent.
2. I plan my Instagram feed in advance to ensure that all posts work well together.
3. I think it is important to work out the type of content you want to post so that your audience can learn what posts to expect i.e. fitness, fashion, food, travel posts. The ‘theme’ of your page is your visual personality.

What’s your key advice for people wanting to grow a following on Instagram?
It is so important to genuinely engage with other users. I found that my account grows the most when I put time and effort into interacting with others. Even though it takes a long time, I always reply back to every comment that I receive.

Favourite filter?
I don’t use any of the Instagram filters. I prefer to edit my photos in the VSCO app. My go-to filter is A6. I use this filter for all of my photos to ensure that they have a similar feel.

Camera or iPhone?
Most of my shots are taking with an iPhone as I always have my phone with me. I am looking to invest in a camera though so that I can improve the quality of my feed.

Five favourite people to follow on Instagram?
My favourite people to follow on Instagram constantly change depending upon what I am doing in my life and what inspiration I seek. I love to follow fitness, travel and gluten-free accounts.

All images: @emilydoherty_

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