Inka Williams: What life is really like for this model/influencer

Despite being just 18 years of age, fresh-faced Inka Williams has long been on the list of names to watch when it comes to the Australian modelling scene. Born in Melbourne, raised in Bali, and now living in London, Inka’s penchant for bikinis, barefeet, and the zen island life has seen her amass an Instagram following of 1.1million+ – all eager to tap into her daily pursuits.

But what’s life really like for the doe-eyed model/influencer? And is it the dream it appears? With Inka recently announced as the new face of iconic Australian lifestyle label Bonds, we thought it was the perfect excuse to go behind-the-scenes to chat with her about everything from typical days to using her influence for good.

Can you talk me through a typical day in your life?
As a model, you don’t really know what you are doing tomorrow until the evening before, and even then it can change. I try and wake up before 8am every day as a form of habit because there are days where I may not have my first casting or commitment until late morning, but you try and create a routine. If I have a day of castings or meetings, it’s usually a tea at home, a shower, then I venture into the day. If it’s a shoot, I make sure I am prepared with clean hair, and usually out of the house a lot earlier! I’ll grab my green juice and breakfast on set. I prefer evening work-outs, so if I am going to exercise – it’s after my day has wrapped. I love nighttime, so then after exercise I will shower and meet friends around East London for dinner – which is where I’m currently based for work.

When did you first start getting into instablogging?
I wouldn’t say I ever necessarily started “instablogging”, it just organically evolved from me signing up to Instagram. [My Instagram account] I created as a place to post what inspired me and my friends, like any other young girl.

Did you notice your following grow straight away?
I think for me, I was lucky enough to be surrounded by SUCH beauty in Bali – so I think my followers were enjoying the “escape” through my pictures. Especially those in big cities or who may not be near oceans and beaches would enjoy looking at my feed.

Was this lifestyle something you always dreamed of doing?
I get to travel the world for work and see amazing and exclusive locations that I wouldn’t have without the privilege of modelling… it is absolutely what dreams are made of.

Do you think having had a large social media following in your teens has affected the way you’ve grown up?
I think I was lucky growing up in a more isolated and bohemian lifestyle like I did in Bali, I was almost protected from this happening.

Would you change any part of it?
Of course not, that would change who I am today.

Do you have to travel a lot for the job? Is this something you enjoy?
Being in other countries and experiencing these moments and cultures of course is enjoyable, but sometimes the physical act and logistics of travelling isn’t always a fun experience – like delayed flights. These moments you just have to remind yourself how lucky of a position you are in.

What are the best aspects of being an influencer?
That you have a voice. As I get a little older, I realise the honour this is and am starting to use mine – even on a small scale. I am helping animals in Indonesia find homes and bringing general awareness around animals as this is something I have always had a strong passion around.

Are there any aspects of being an influencer that you would change or that are negative?
I think potentially sometimes the audience – young girls especially maybe put too much reliance on the accounts of “influencers” they follow and live their life within this realm. I have recently made a conscious decision to not obsess over Instagram myself, just to watch that I am not spending an excessive amount on social media.

Can you talk me through some of your best career moments to date?
Shooting for Carolina Herrera was a big career highlight.

Is being named an ambassador for Bonds a “pinch me” career moment?
I look at the models before me who have shot Bonds – the likes of Miranda Kerr – and to think, I am in that company! It’s definitely a PINCH ME moment.

If you weren’t being a model/influencer, what would you do?
Something to do with animals, without a doubt.

And where can we expect to find you in 5 years’ time?
Hopefully happy and continuing the live the life I am now, because I love it.

All images: Behind-the-scenes on the recent Bonds shoot with Inka Williams 

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