Influencers spending 9+ hours a day on mobile phones

If you ever think influencers must have to spend a heck of a lot of time on their phones to be able to respond to all their followers and keep their engagement levels high, you’d be right. A recent report by influencer marketing agency Influencer Agency found that in a study of influencers with a following of 50K+*, the average participant spent 9.02 hours a day on their movie device – well more than double the amount of time spent by the average US consumer (3.43 hours a day).

The study found that influencers were spending 400 minutes a day on social media and WhatsApp, followed by 60 minutes using the camera function, 50 minutes on phone calls, and 20 minutes on other miscellaneous apps. Influencers involved in the study were found to pick up their mobile devices approximately 342 times a day. This is compared to 52 times by the average US consumer, according to the Deloitte, Global mobile consumer survey: US edition report.

While male influencers were found to definitely not shy away from screen time, spending an average of 7.19 hours per day on their mobile device, it was the female influencers that truly put the 9-5 working day concept to shame – spending an average 10:06 hours per day on their mobile device. And we wonder why sometimes influencers say they need a digital detox!

For those with an iPhone who want to check out their own screen time behaviour, just head to your phone’s Settings and click on ‘Screen Time’. If you click on your name at the top, you’ll be able to see a breakdown of all your most used apps for both that day and the last 7 days, as well as being able to see how many times you pick up your phone per hour. Warning, you might not like what you find…

*1,053 influencers participated in the survey. All influencers were 18+ and were under contract to Influencer Agency.

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  1. diyasree says:

    I wonder, how do they manage their work besides this. I bet they must be having substitutes for every task.
    Thank god, I was never been that crazy for any celebrity.

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