An influencer’s secrets to nailing the perfect Instagram photo

Through Rose Coloured Glasses fashion influencer Fran Doll has nailed the art of creating edgy sartorial photos that pop. A style chameleon, one thing that remains consistent in her Instagram feed is that whether it’s boho or rock chic – her picture always has depth.

So how does she manage to create a feed filled with flawless imagery? Here, we pull her aside to find out all her top tricks and tips…

1. Discover your best pose
Everyone photographs differently – so experiment with a number of different poses to find your best angles. Extend your body, shoot from above, keep trying different styles and work out which angles will work best for you. Don’t try to be someone you’re not. Originality is key – be unique and people will take notice.

2. Follow the light
Lighting is everything – when you get the right lighting, there’s minimal need for editing… which is a HUGE time saver. Before sunset or after sunrise tend to be the best times. Avoid the middle of the day – direct sunlight is glary and causes too many shadows. If I’m indoors or can’t get the right light outdoors, I use my Spectrum Aurora ring light which helps create the perfect image by casting a soft halo of light across your face.

3. Think outside the square
If you want your pics to really pop, try not to be too rigid in your thinking by framing all your images to fit within that ‘Insta square’. Instagram will now let you have portrait and landscape pics in your feed, which adds a lot more depth to your imagery – so shake things up and experiment with different forms.

4. Always plan ahead
I spend a lot of time researching my location and planning my outfits. Think about your environment – is it urban, the beach, a music festival? What outfits are really going to pop and make you stand out? People on Instagram are mindlessly scrolling and the only way to make them stop and take notice is by doing something a little shocking, a little out of the ordinary. Be bold. Don’t be afraid to push boundaries.

5. Look behind you
When it comes to your background, less is definitely more. Negative space is so important for the composition of any photo – if you’re inside, clean your room, clear the tables, keep furniture to a minimum. Outdoors, make sure you capture your environment – you don’t always need to be front and centre. Switch up your feed and let your location be the hero from time to time.

All images: Through Rose Coloured Glasses

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