A Sister Act | In conversation with Lucy and Ruby Brownless

Aficionados of the Melbourne modelling scene, Lucy and Ruby Brownless have garnered impressive following counts on the ol’ Instagram. Not only do these girls share incredible genes, they also have a mutual understanding for the importance of health, wellness and transparency in the oft-murky waters of the fashion industry.

Side by side, the Brownless pair have promoted feeling good, looking good and living the good life. Free-flowing blonde locks and killer sartorial combos make them a match to follow closely on the ‘gram, but (as per usual) we wanted to dig a little deeper and hear the voices behind this stellar Sister Act.

Today, we chat to the gals about their daily routines, modelling insights, event highlight reels, and of course their indelibly close relationship as they continue to divide and conquer in the Melbourne influencer stakes…

Girls, you seem to be quite the dynamic duo. Have you always been a close twosome growing up?
RUBY: As we are so close in age (only 18 months apart), we’re most often mistaken for twins. We naturally share a close bond. Throughout our childhood, we moved in the same circle of friends and shared similar interests, especially today in our job – so our bond is becoming even deeper. We made the move to Melbourne together, and obviously now we are constantly working and travelling together.

LUCY: Absolutely! Being so close in age inevitably has made us not only sisters but close friends since we were really young. We are always working together and have been living together for the past 2 years up until the last month – so we are constantly around each other. We are super lucky to have such a close bond.

What are the perks of having a partner in crime (whether it be a sister, a friend etc) in the modelling and influencer industry?
RUBY: I think the main thing is that you always have someone there that you can truly trust and lean on. As this industry is a hard one to be in, it’s really nice knowing your sister is in it with you.

LUCY: It’s amazing that Ruby and I always have each other to turn to for support and advice – we are so lucky we get to work together and experience amazing opportunities alongside one another. Being so close in age is amazing. Sometimes we agree to disagree though as we are both so different and have very different personalities – but we’re sisters, so that’s normal, right?!

Can you run us through a typical working ‘day in the life’?
LUCY: I love fitting in a workout before I start the day and get to work, so my alarm normally goes off at 6:30am to fit in a Pilates class or a session with my personal trainer – which I have just started and LOVE. I’ll then grab a coffee from my favourite café and go home to make some brekkie. I almost always have avo on toast or some eggs.

The most important part of my day is planning ahead. As everyday’s different, whether it be a shoot, casting or meetings, they are always starting and ending at different times in different places. Sometimes I have to drive all over the city. Regardless, I try to be as organised as I can and always have snacks and water on me at all times. I will check my emails at the beginning of the day as well and check in with my manager on what’s coming up and what else needs to be organised. On days when I have a free spot, I love to catch up with friends for a coffee or tea.

After work (whenever that might be), I always love walking down to the Botanical Gardens for some fresh air – or if I have the time and the energy, I will squeeze in a yoga class. I then swing by the supermarket, grab some food, go home, and cook a healthy dinner together with my boyfriend.

Has modelling always been your dream career?
RUBY: I had always dreamed about being in the fashion industry – I studied styling… so when I landed in the modelling world, it was a great introduction. I’m really lucky as I get to work with amazing brands and people in the industry.

LUCY: I have always looked up to models since I was little and thought: ‘That’s what I want to be doing’. I’ve always dreamt of living in New York since I can remember, but that has changed a little bit since being in the industry. I think a lot has changed recently – there is a lot more than just being a model, which I think is amazing. There are now lots of avenues and paths that are attached to modelling.

How did you first break into the modelling space?
RUBY: It began once I finished school and we moved up to Melbourne. It’s such a fast-paced industry, so I can’t really remember as it all happened very quickly. So far it has been amazing!

LUCY: I started off doing some small modelling jobs for some family friends when I was about 15 and did a few little things on and off for a few years. And then when I was 18 I signed with an agency in Melbourne just after school.

What are your favourite things about the Melbourne blogging scene?
RUBY: There is always something on in Melbourne! We are so lucky we have the Australian Open, the Portsea Polo, Spring Racing, VAMFF, NGV events etc. It’s great that there is always something to be involved with in Melbourne.

LUCY: We are so lucky to live in Melbourne!  There is always such a wide range of experiences to document and SO much inspiration. There is never a dull moment in Melbourne.

Recent event highlight?
RUBY: Portsea Polo – glam and beach living. Loved it!

LUCY: We recently attended an event down on the Mornington Peninsula with Jeep. We started the day picking cherries at a huge cherry farm, then everyone got to drive a Jeep around the Peninsula for a little road trip adventure. We then finished off the day at the Pt.Leo winery – it was sensational. We are so lucky to live so close to amazing beaches, wineries and beautiful scenery.

How do you choose which brands to collaborate with as models and influencers?
RUBY: I think it’s important to work and align yourself with brands that you are passionate about. I choose to work with brands I truly believe in – that way you are creating genuine and organic relationships with brands and clients, and you enjoy your job and position in this industry a lot more.

LUCY: I think it’s important to work with brands that you genuinely love, that you would choose to wear and that speak to your lifestyle – whether it be their philosophy or an amazing collection. My fashion definitely changes and evolves, so it’s really about being inspired by pieces in collections and making it my own.

How would you describe your Instagram aesthetic? Is there a particular theme that you’re striving for?
RUBY: My Instagram aesthetic does change a lot, but this year my new year’s resolution is to share the real me more and what I am truly passionate about. I love interiors, travelling, beauty and fitness – which I haven’t really shared with my followers all too much. I think I will be integrating that into my Instagram a lot more, along with my modelling.

LUCY: I like it to keep my Instagram simple, and try keep all my photos quite consistent with one filter which I believe creates its own theme. In terms of aesthetic, I don’t really play around with my photos or images too much – I want them to be as real as possible. I guess what I’m trying to portray to my followers is a real insight into my life. My lifestyle really is simple – I love the outdoors, living a healthy lifestyle (food and fitness) and modelling.

How do you edit your Instagram photos?
RUBY: I usually just adjust the brightness or use VSCO.

LUCY: VSCO cam, always!

Is there a particular filter that you tend to use?
RUBY: No, not really. It always depends on the image… I like to try not to over-edit my images too much.

LUCY: I try and keep it all M5.

And three last questions… Current beauty holy grail?
RUBY: Cream products! I love using a cream bronzer, blush and highlighter – especially in this heat as it’s nice to only use products that are going to melt into your skin!

LUCY: I’m currently obsessed with Super Elixir, Elle Macpherson’s super food powder that I add to my smoothies or mix it with water in the morning. My mum recommended it as she found it was really making a difference to her overall health. I also use organic coconut oil all over my body. My skin gets super dry, so I am constantly keeping it hydrated with the oil. Lastly, my regular facials from Skindepth Dermatology with Dr.Rudd – she keeps my skin so fresh!

What are the clothing labels that we must check out immediately?
RUBY: Im absolutely obsessing over anything P.E Nation and the Upside (as I’m in gym clothes pretty much every day), Chosen The Label, Sir the label, Bec & Bridge, Aje and Steele. It seems I really like our Aussie labels!

LUCY: Orseund Iris, Reformation, Bec & Bridge, Zimmerman’s new collection, and Bagitaba for jewellery.

Ultimate role model?
RUBY: Georgia Fowler, Ashley Graham, Georgia Gibbs – they are all so comfortable in their own skin

LUCY: Oooh that’s a tough one… I take inspiration from so many. Therefore, I don’t think I have just one. I’ve narrowed it down to my top 3! I would choose Jess Sepel for her health and fitness and portraying a really relaxed, easy approach to being healthy. Jesinta Franklin [also] as she really shows a great balance with her work and personal life. She stays true to herself, always evolving and not being too scared to change it up. She has a great work ethic. Then, Jess and Ash Hart as they are very relatable for Ruby and myself. They are both in the industry and such strong individuals in looks and personality, but as sisters – are such a team and complement each other.

All images via: Ruby Brownless & Lucy Brownless | Words & Interview by Genevieve Phelan

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