Jordan Simek talks Day on A Plate & life beyond ANTM

More than just a pretty face, Jordan Simek emanates good vibes in a realm often deprived of positivity and authenticity. The modelling sphere of Instagram generates incredible imagery and aesthetics worth oohing over, but what it continues to lack is a strong sense of balance.

Jordan is taking strides to imbue the Aussie influencer game with an antidote of honesty. You may remember her as the ANTM contestant with the gloriously pearly smile. You’ll also recall being dismayed at her teary confession of being dubbed ‘too bottom-heavy’ to compete in this industry.

Fast forward to 2018, and we’re following Jordan’s movements oh-so religiously. She fronts a social presence fuelled by wellness, hard-work, and an insatiable craving for fun. Through the looking glass of her grid, we are privy to the glamorous stints of her blossoming modelling career, but – more importantly – allllll of the other stuff that goes along with that.  

The behind-the-scenes has never been so crucial in revealing the full picture of a modern influencer’s life, and today Jordan talks us through painting that exact portrait. We chat trials, tribulations, talent and treating yourself…

How do you edit your Instagram photos?
I have a couple of apps that I use to edit my photos on Instagram. VSCO cam, Snapseed and Planoly are my main ones.

Is there a particular filter you use?
I don’t exactly have one filter I use for my photos because every photo is different and they all need unique editing – I have about 3 filters that are my go-to!

What aesthetic/vibes do you try and maintain on your Instagram account?
I am probably most OCD about having only good quality images on my feed. I also prefer to keep my account fresh, vibrant and a positive platform for women. Since ANTM, I have had a lot of young women and aspiring models following my journey on Instagram – I try to keep that in mind when posting on my social media. I would hate for someone that follows me to feel like they have no one to look to for positive inspiration.

Talk us through your rise to the forefront of the Aus modelling scene?
I never intended on getting into modelling until a friend suggested me to go on ANTM. I instead went and searched for agencies and got into a small boutique agency. From my very first photoshoot I actually realised how much I adored modelling. Ironically, a couple of years later I auditioned for ANTM and to my surprise got in. ANTM definitely helped me launch my career and put me on the map in the modelling world.

So what compelled you to take the step of applying for Australia’s Next Top Model?
One of my good friends at school had been hassling me for years to do Top Model, even before I was modelling. I had been modelling ‘freelance’ for a while and thought ‘I do it now or never!’ Something just felt right, and so I took the plunge and to my surprise I’ve managed to turn it into a career.

What can we find you doing on your perfect day off?
My perfect day off would be a nice sleep in till 8ish, waking up and going for a long walk along the coast and then getting brekky. Then, packing my bags for a relaxing day at the beach, reading a book, and soaking up the rays. Home for dinner with pizza and wine. Honestly, it doesn’t get much better than that.

Tell us a typical ‘Day On A Plate’ for you?
I usually would have breakfast after the gym – which would consist of either a smoothie or gluten-free toast with vegemite and a cup of green tea. Then my snack would be a piece of fruit and nuts. More tea. Lunch would be either a big, healthy jam-packed salad or grilled veggies and rice. Afternoon snack would be hummus and veggie sticks. Dinner would most of the time be a ‘nourish bowl’ full of vegetables and goodness or something similar to what I had for lunch. I also can never finish dinner without some kind of sweet thing – so dark chocolate, tea and raspberries always go down a treat. Otherwise, if I have time, I tend to like making my own ‘nice-cream’ which is basically just blended up frozen banana and whatever I choose to flavour it with.

How does a typical week normally go in your life? Is it difficult juggling work, play and fitness?
I have gotten used to the craziness of my life now. Not one day is the same, which I love. I used to struggle fitting everything in because I would get so overwhelmed with the inconsistency of the industry. One week you’re flat-chat and the next you might have only one job. But, I have now learnt that I just have to take each day as it comes. Fitness is sometimes hard to fit in, but I try and just commit to doing one thing that’s active every day, whether that be a proper workout or a nice walk along the bay. I don’t feel bad if I don’t workout everyday like some people do. Life is all about balance and when I have my days off, I make sure I balance it with catching up on life admin as well as relaxing and enjoying that time doing the things I love.

Divisive question: Melbourne or Sydney?
Born and raised in Sydney. But, Melbourne has my heart – never moving back to Sydney now!

What other girls in the modelling arena do you draw inspiration from?
I tend to draw inspiration from women that are empowering and that are setting a great example for young women [in terms of] self confidence. Girls like Ashley Graham, Steph Claire Smith, Natalie Roser, Tyra Banks, Megan Gale… These women are defying industry standards and it is something I truly aspire to. I also look to a lot of these women because they have built a business empire from their name. They aren’t just models, they are intelligent businesswomen – which is something I hope to be in the near future.

What are your top tips for managing a modelling portfolio on Instagram?
DON’T OVERTHINK IT! When I first started with my Instagram, I would overcomplicate posting so much it would literally drive me crazy – I would be worried if it didn’t get enough likes or if people didn’t like it or if it didn’t ‘go’ with my feed. Now, I just post when I like the image. I don’t stress about ‘peak times’ or captions etc. I obviously still put hard work into my socials and I have now wrapped my head around what my followers like seeing and the vibe of what I am trying to portray on Instagram – but I don’t let it consume me as much as I use to. 

All images via: @jordansimek | Words and interview by Genevieve Phelan

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