I Am Galla: The mastermind behind the GALLA fashion empire

Having graduated with the best dressed award in high school, Adam Gallagher went on to become the mastermind behind the blog I AM GALLA and garnered a loyal following of two million under the Instagram handle @iamgalla. He’s since built his GALLA empire on his natural fashion foresight and a flair for blending his native Californian elegance with a New York twist.

With an impeccable eye for apparel and a fashion blog that can have you scrolling for hours, we wanted to find out what it was about @iamgalla that had him on the top of the global list of male style influencers.

1. A fashion connoisseur from the diaper days
His natural fashion foresight was inborn, starting his early days shopping with his parents and picking out what he calls “ridiculous things” like Hawaiian shirts and global prints. As he got older, he made a rule for himself to change his look every year, which eventually led him to win the best dressed award in his graduating year at high school. He’s definitely proved to us that flawlessness takes time to master.

2. Suave speaks simply
Adam is living proof that achieving the epitome of polished can be as simple as a plain white shirt paired with trousers. Whether it be blending neutral tones in clean cut suits or using suspenders and throwing out the jacket, Gallagher shows us how to get classy with close to zero effort. Despite his commitment to slaying with simples, he’s known to switch stripes into his wardrobe for a bolder look and we honestly can’t get enough of it [homage to stripes always]. From diagonally streaked ties to vertical blues and reds, “sharp chic” is phrase we can’t stop using with this GALLA guru.

3. His fashion goes beyond clothing and into design
Teaming up with high-end jewellery brand Miansai, Adam launched his own 10 piece collection late last year. Miansai founder Michael Saiger described the range to Esquire as: classic, wearable, everyday pieces that are fun and unique, yet timeless”. From silver airplane stamped pendants (a call to “never stop exploring”) to braided leather bracelets, the collection embraces his iconic suave style mixing metals with neutral tones. It absolutely nails that Galla glam.

4. He’s not afraid of showing his fit form
The GALLA life is all about shaping the clothes, not letting them shape you a lesson this fashion guru emphasises to his devotees on Instagram. Famous for picking the cuts that display his hard work at the gym, he told American Eagle: “I’m a firm believer that everyone (including men) shouldn’t be afraid to showcase some body shape. Fitted everything… that’s my rule.” Preach!

5. He’s known his best friend since he was 11
And made the sweetest dedication to her for her wedding day! Posting on Instagram, the style influencer wrote: “It feels like yesterday when we were 11 years old, ruling the world in the gym daycare both oblivious to the fact that from there on out we’d be best friends. From middle school where you took me under your wing & made sure I wasn’t alone to High School where hormones hit & we still kept a steady ship. Chellina, you are one of those few, golden people who are beautiful inside & out. Your father said it best tonight when he mentioned the words ‘Selfless’ & ‘kind.’ I don’t know who I would be if I didn’t have a best friend like you.” Heart officially melted.

All images: I Am Galla

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