Pia Muehlenbeck: How to capture the perfect Instagram shot

With MBFWA just behind us, one thing that had us super intrigued throughout the week was just how influencers always managed to nail that perfect Instagram shot – whether it be of their street style look or of the runway. So who better to ask about this than IG power duo Pia Muehlenbeck and Kane Vato

No stranger to the dos and don’ts of Instagram imagery (Pia has over 2 million Instagram followers – with Kane the cameraman responsible for capturing her perfect posts), we got the two of them to talk us through their five top tips for snapping the perfect Fashion Week shot…

1. Arrive early if you want to capture ‘that shot’
The main runways and areas often become swarmed close to show time. If you want plenty of space in your shot – the only answer is to arrive early!

2. Use Portrait Mode on iPhone (available on iPhone X, iPhone 8 Plus & iPhone 7 Plus)
With such a busy environment, I always flick to Portrait mode on my iPhone to ensure what I’m wearing is the main focus of the photo. Portrait mode also works great on wider shots (not just close up face portraits), so I’d recommend experimenting before the day to work out what distance works best for you – then you’ll be able to capture SLR quality images with nothing more than your iPhone

3. Find your angle
When shooting the catwalk, don’t pan to follow the model – position your iPhone at an angle you are happy with and let the models walk past you. It’s far easier on the eyes and looks more professional when you post.

4. Leave the flash off
Despite the iPhone having a really good flash, you want your street style shots to look as candid as possible. Provided you are shooting in good daylight – keep away from flash for a more natural-looking photo.

5. Have Live Photos turned ON
You never know when you want to turn a photo into a cute Boomerang for Instagram Stories (in case you didn’t know, when you are posting a photo on Instagram Stories – just hold your finger down on the pic and it’ll add the live photo instead!)

All images: Pia Muehlenbeck

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