Health influencer Kate Kendall’s six steps to inner calm

It’s only just hit February, but the Christmas holidays already seem a lifetime ago – am I right?! With businesses back in full-force and the juggle of commitments endlessly playing on our mind, we thought it would be nice to learn six unusual-but-simple steps to bringing about inner calm (and then share them around, of course!).

So who better to turn to for this advice than Kate Kendall. The co-founder and yoga director at Flow Athletic and Blackmores wellbeing coach, Kate shows us how you don’t need a regime of difficult manoeuvres to get back on track…

Make a date with Mother Nature: ‘Biophilia’ is the healing power of nature and refers to the big, healthy scoop of serotonin that you get when you’re out amongst the trees, ocean and plants of any kind. Research has shown that it reduces stress plus improves sleep and mood.  

Belly Laugh: Not only does a good old-fashioned belly laugh release serotonin, a feel good hormone in the body, but when we share one with a good mate, it releases another called oxytocin which is a bonding hormone. Feel happy and connected – winning! Make time to hang out with people who make you laugh… til it hurts.

Legs Up the Wall:  A perfect posture to stay cool, calm and connected. Not only does it release fluid out of the ankles and the feet, but it also allows you some space to decompress and digest the hot spots in your life. Just like our internal digestive system, when we allow space to digest thoughts and emotions, it keeps up light and less reactive.

Pause: Pepper a few pauses into your day. Three or four is perfect. A pause is stepping back from whatever it is you’re doing at any one time to do nothing but focus on your breath. Make them conscious, full, generous breaths. When we slow down and pause, we let ourselves ‘catch up’. When you slow down the breath, you slow down the beat of the heart, you slow down the brain waves and you become more present.

Evening elixir: Before bed every night, I add a teaspoon of Blackmores muscle magnesium powder into a glass of water and sip on that before bed. The potent blends helps me to relax at night and restores my muscles.  

The Space Between Breath: Select one of your ‘pauses’ above to practice the below super sweet and highly productive breath work.

Images: @activeyogi

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