Going behind-the-scenes of an influencer trip

With more and more brands realising the value in an influencer getaway (teaming up a few influencers together for a group destination trip), Jess Williamson saw a big business opportunity in this… launching Somewear Elsewhere earlier this year – an influencer travel agency that partners brands with influencers.

With the first international getaway taking place in June, the second trip for 2018 was recently held in Bali – with those involved staying at The Cotton House villa in Seminyak from October 23 to 26. Influencers on the trip included Emily Gurr, Fakander’s Fredrika Akander, Tayana Yarkaya, and Kendall Baggerly, while participating brands included the likes of Ete Swimwear, Cooper Street, The Beach People, MLM The Label, Pastiche, All The Dresses, Hedzup, Bondi Peak, Sojourne, Bianko, Jenna Rose, Coco California, and Long Lashes.

At Husskie, we were lucky enough to get invited on the trip – with myself [Editor Yelena Fairfax] joining the group as both a photographer and editor. Getting first-hand access into what actually goes on behind-the-scenes of one of these influencer getaways was an incredible experience, and so I wanted to share it all with our readers. Below, we give you an insider’s look into what happened on the Somewear Elsewhere trip – from the poolside cocktails to the spa treatments…

Fakander wearing Ete Swimwear.

Tuesday, October 23, 2018
Arriving to the villa at 2.30pm, I first spot Fredrika by the pool – bikini clad and camera in hand. Jess and her assistant Michaela Sawle are running around making sure that all the gifts for each of the influencers is in the correct room.

The Cotton House is HUGE. A lawn runs down the middle, greeted by a big pool and then surrounded on the outside by different rooms. The styling is very Palm Springs – think lots of white with splashings of plants and bamboo. I want to move in forever.

Jess takes me up to the room where I’m staying – and it basically feels like a manor looking over the entire villa. If I didn’t need to start snapping, I’d be doing starfishes in the massive big four poster bed. But instead, I grab my camera gear and head down to see if I can get some quick snaps of Fredrika before the others arrive.

Kendall Baggerly wearing Cooper St.

About an hour later, Kendall and Tayana (and her partner Bet) arrive at the villa and we’re treated to an afternoon tea of fruit and sweet and savoury snacks by the staff. It’s then time to chill out before dinner time – but most of us spend this time taking pics and Stories for the Gram.

Our drivers pick us up and take us to our dinner reservations at Bangkok Hustle where we enjoy a feast of Thai food and cocktails. Most of us have travelled from Australia that day, so we decide to call it an early night and head back to the villa after dinner. Partial to a swim, I jump in the pool before heading back to my manor.

Tayana Yarkaya wearing Ete Swimwear.

Wednesday, October 24, 2018
Waking up at 5.30am and thinking I might get in some snaps before anyone is awake – I soon discover that literally EVERYBODY is awake. With the lighting being magical at this time of day, we decide to make the most of it and shoot a whole range of outfits for the different brands involved. Just before heading to breakfast, a couple of us take part in a mini exercise session on the lawn.

Breakfast. If anyone’s been to Bali, they would know that the food there is EPIC. And Milk & Madu was no exception. Full of healthy options ranging from breakfast bowls to your smashed avo on sourdough, we all went for a variety of the selections (with the mandatory coconut water in a real coconut).

Kendall Baggerly at Milk & Madu.

After breakfast it was back to the villa for some more free time and snaps before getting ready to head to Mrs Sippy.

If your idea about Mrs Sippy is a day club filled with an abundance of cocktails and bikinis – then you’re not wrong. After grabbing lunch, we all slipped into the pool (cocktail in hand) – mostly chatting and people watching. Life felt tough. And yes, there may have been some snaps and Instagram Stories along the way…

Tayana Yarkaya at Mrs Sippy.

After a glorious afternoon poolside, we head back to our villa for a little bit more poolside before dinner. Having managed to make my way through an entire SD card of images that day, I spend the time on my computer downloading and exporting to make way for that night’s activities.

We all head out to dinner at Watercress before coming home and lounging around in each other’s rooms chatting and sharing photos.

Em Gurr wearing Jenna Rose.

Thursday, October 25, 2018
Arriving at Neon Palms for breakfast, the place has been especially set-up with rose petals and flowers to welcome us. The café is an Instagrammer’s dream, with every nook having something new to photograph. I think pretty much everyone got the obligatory shot in front of the famous leopard mural.

After breakfast we head straight to the Colors Beauty spa for the girls to get treatments. Manicures, pedicures and facials were enjoyed – while others may have used the time to get a little shopping done (ahem!).

Fakander wearing MLM Label jumpsuit and Bianko jewellery.

Post salon treatments, and it was back to the villa to start getting ready for the evening’s festivities. A special dinner was being held at the villa by All The Dresses and Somewear Elsewhere, with the set-up being arranged by Bali Decor Rental and Bali Event Styling. You could already tell from the initial stages of set-up that it was going to be epic.

5pm to late
With the set-up complete for the dinner, it looked beyond beautiful – so naturally everyone began madly taking photos and Instagram Stories. It looked like a dream wedding scene rather than a villa dinner for 10. As music played, cocktails and food was brought out as Maya Gypsy and her partner Luke Cameron joined us for the festivities.

Em Gurr wearing a Zimmermann dress from All The Dresses.

Friday, October 26, 2018
The last morning and last meal together. We all head to The Common for our last breakfast before saying our goodbyes.

An epic week with an epic group. Well played Somewear Elsewhere.

Tayana Yarkaya wearing Pastiche jewellery.

All images: Husskie Press for Somewear Elsewhere. Article written in collaboration with Somewear Elsewhere.

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