Beyond the IG feed with British muse Olivia By Nature’s Olivia Frost

Hailing from the bustling city of London, Olivia By Nature influencer and blogger Olivia Frost is definitely one to watch as her bold looks and vibrant feed sees her connect with her 192K+ Instagram followers. After finishing up a degree in geography at Queen Mary University of London last year, Olivia has moved into influencing full-time where she has worked with brands such as Urban Outfitters, Aldo, and Cluse.

Living vicariously through her little adventures in every capture, Olivia’s feed has us suddenly wanting to inject more tartan and leopard print into our wardrobe. Here we sit down with Olivia to tap into the inner-workings of her mind from how she views her career to how we can pick out a pair of Olivia-approved trousers…

What’s a typical routine in the day of the life of oliviabynature?
A day in the life now mainly consists of filming for my Youtube Channel, this is something that I am trying to do everyday as YouTube is a huge focus for me moving forward into my future. Content creation has to also fit into my daily schedule, this includes shooting multiple images of my ‘ootd’ ready to post on Instagram (real time). With this (and often behind the scenes) comes the meetings with brands, emails, general admin, and a lot of planning and curating of ideas.

What is most exciting to you about being a fashion blogger/influencer?
Creating content and finding a unique form of expression. To me, my everyday work as an influencer is an expression of myself; a form of artwork. It’s so powerful yet intimate all in one process. I am able to use the most global canvas that exists… our body and garments. I mean we all have bodies and we all wear clothes… yet simultaneously, the body is the most intimate form you can think of. This to me is a powerful and exciting mix.

How did you feel when you realised your Instagram account was gaining a huge following?
I don’t think I really consciously thought of the growing of a huge following, to me I have always focused more on staying true and organic to what I love and what I love to create to share this journey with others is a very special feeling. Gaining followers is exciting in the fact that there are more people to take along on this journey with me and I’m just so grateful that people want to come along for the ride. 🙂

How would you describe your personal style?
This is a question I get asked on a daily basis, however, I am unable to answer this in the conventional way! I can’t define my style, and I don’t think you can (nor do I want to be ‘definable’). I choose not to follow any category or trend, I am me and that’s all I know how to be. I dress as ‘Olivia’ that’s the only way I can describe my style. I like to dress in my own way; I’m not minimalist, goth, punk or tailored. I’m Olivia, that’s my style and this is the only way style works in my opinion, it has to be unique. Style isn’t following a category… that’s already been done.

We’ve noticed that you have a love for trousers! What’s your best tips for picking out the perfect trouser?
It’s about picking the most colourful, garish, bonkers and “out there” trousers that you’d never think anyone could or should possibly ever wear… and then wearing them anyway.

Your feed is very dynamic and colourful. What do you think are the key components in producing such great visuals on the Gram?
The key to me is staying true to myself. Staying unique and never changing. It is so often too tempting to follow the crowd and feel like we have to be the same as everyone else and adhere to societal norms. I really want to, for as long as I am in this game, stay true to myself and ignore societal norms. This is the only way it works for me; I can only be me.

If you weren’t a fashion blogger/influencer, what would you be doing instead?
Well, the original route I had mapped out after university was to become a dentist. But this was never something I wanted to do as I have always fundamentally been more of a creative person. I think my dream job would mix the two fields: maths and art… architecture!

What’s five random facts that we may not know about you?
Five random facts… I used to be a very competitive runner (track and cross-country) actually running for England at my peak. I studied the three sciences at A-level, I hate cheese (for as long as I can remember)… and I can’t think of any others, haha.

What advice would you give to your followers who aspire to be a fashion blogger/influencer like yourself?
Don’t follow the crowd or what everyone else is doing just because you think that’s right/normal/the thing to do. Stay unique and be true to yourself.

All Images: Olivia Frost | Written by Margaux Levy

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