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When we’re not too busy drooling over her recipes on Insta or incessantly watching her Juice with Jess segments, you’ll find the Husskie team being constantly impressed by the way Jessica Sepel‘s health and wellness advocacy helps inspire and support others. After struggling with her own relationship with food from a very young age, Jess committed herself to a life-changing decision to understand nutrition and focus on body positivity. Now, she’s a clinical nutritionist, 2x best-selling health author and international wellness blogger.

And while today there seems to be a plethora of rising health and wellness influencers, Jess sets the standards as a leading health, wellness and nutrition guru. Here, we pull her aside to discuss everything from initial career undertakings to what her Day On A Plate looks like…

What inspired you to start posting about health in the beginning?
In my fourth year of nutrition study, I started sharing my health journey on my blog. I was so excited to show my community the information and recipes that were making such a difference to my health.

You post a lot of delicious foods on your Instagram, what inspires you to create so many different dishes?
Personal cravings are my biggest inspiration. I love creating food that I genuinely want to eat. I also listen to my community and depending on what they are loving – that influences what I cook.

As an expert nutritionist, do you have any tips for someone trying to eat well and maintain a balanced diet?
Wholefoods are the way to go… Fill at least half your plate with greens, focus on good quality, organic (if possible) proteins, healthy fats and organic fermented dairy (like yoghurt). It’s important to make healthy swaps – don’t expect to do it all right initially.

You chat to a lot of other health influencers through your “Juice with Jess” segment. What inspired you to start this?
I love having healthy conversations with inspiring people. I’m actually really interested in how others are managing their health journeys.

Jessica Sepel

What’s been the best piece of advice you’ve picked up from this segment?
I’ve realised that everyone is struggling – and that, as women, we all need to support each other.

What is your biggest guilty pleasure?
Hazelnut Gelato.

Can you talk us through your day on a plate?
I have the JSHealth Protein Power Smoothie for breakfast, a healthy and balanced salad bowl with greens, protein, healthy carbohydrates and a tahini dressing (recipe can be found in my 8-week Program) for lunch, and a snack of cut-up carrot with almond butter and Herbamare for my 4-5pm snack (sounds strange, tastes incredible). I’ll then make a tasty protein with sautéed greens or one of my healthy One Pan dishes for dinner.

You’re a 2x best selling health author. Have you found Instagram to be a platform which helped grow awareness and sales of your books?
Absolutely! I use my Instagram to show my community how quick and easy healthy food can be. My books are an amazing resource that actually contain the recipes I come back to time and time again.

Jessica Sepel

How do you photograph and edit your food photos for Instagram?
I love using really light, bright food photography – so often the food just speaks for itself.

What is your biggest tip for growing a health and food-based Instagram?
You have to have a unique message. Your content should genuinely help people. It has to be more than just inspiration.

What is your favourite dish of the moment we’ve seen featured on your Instagram?
My Cauliflower Arancini for sure (recipe found here).

What is the craziest health fad you’ve ever done?
I don’t do health fads anymore – but when I was younger, I tried the lemon water diet.

Summer sessions are upon us… have you got any tips for staying on track with your eating during the silly season?
I don’t believe in deprivation around this time. Being social is such an important part of the healthy life. If you are dining out, limit your portion sizes and make wise alcohol choices (I stop at 2-3 drinks). I also try to fill my plate with delicious veggies so I can still make the best choices available to me.

What are you tips for improving your self body image and positivity?
Reconnect with yourself and your body – put aside time to do that. So often, people just expect to fall back in love with themselves, but it takes work. We have to understand that our relationship with food and our bodies is as important as the food you are eating. Your thoughts and the way you love yourself have the biggest impact on your health.

When you’re not working, what are we most likely to find you doing?
Watching my favourite tv shows with my hubby or spending time with my family.

Where are you hoping for your career to take you?
I really want JSHealth to be a place where women can always come for support and relief. For me, I want to create a brand and products with longevity that will genuinely help people live a healthier life.

Jessica Sepel

All images: @jshealth | Words by Maddi Kinchington

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