Felix + Scott: The growth factor & other Instagram musings

You know when an influencer pops up in your Instagram feed and all of a sudden you find yourself lost in their account, wondering how they’d managed to escape crossing your radar earlier? That’s how I feel about the profile of Georgia Maccan’s Felix + Scott.

When a recent flatlay she did for Murad Skincare came strolling into my scrolling session I was quick to jump across to her account to take a closer stalk peek. And she got me. For not only does she have excellent taste in skincare (have you guys tried Murad?! #fiveyearsyounger), but her style and photography had us delving deep into her archives [and while we’re not going to admit how much so let’s just say we’ve seen her hair go from long, to pixie, to the current bob. No shame].

But after going alllll the way back and left still wanting more we decided it best to track Georgia down to grill her on everything from initial blogger dabblings to musings on the industry’s future…

We absolutely love the aesthetic of your blog and Instagram. How long have you been doing it for?
Oh thank you! I’ve been blogging for about three years now – since I finished University – as a hobby, but have only taken it on as a business within the last year when I moved to Melbourne.

What came first, your Instagram or blog?
It was a bit of both! My Instagram started as a personal account, which then turned into outfit posts and has gradually changed and been altered into what it is today. My website and blog first started when I was in highschool as a personal outlet – back then none of my friends or family knew I was blogging. Once my Instagram began to change into focusing more on my style, I launched a new blog which I would post regularly on – but it was on a really old hosting site that made it really difficult to edit. I relaunched FelixAndScott.com about eight months ago on a brand new hosting site, and it has become a destination for fashion, beauty and lifestyle.

What was it that made you first start sharing your style?
I have always been into fashion and style, and definitely grew up with my own style. I was always trying new things, updating my wardrobe and taking risks with what I wore – I guess in a way, I wanted to document it all. It was also the influence of Instagram specifically at the time, where bloggers were starting to take over, that I was inspired by those girls to start sharing my own thoughts and processes within fashion.

What’s behind the name Felix and Scott?
There is really nothing behind it! This has to be the most asked question for me, and I never have an answer. I used to go by a different name, and just decided to change it one day. Felix And Scott came to mind it wasn’t taken on Instagram, the domain name was free and there was no-one else with anything similar… so it stuck.

On top of your influencer duties, you’re also a flight attendant. Is it hard juggling the two?
Yes and no. Some weeks are really great for me event wise because I do shift work and work mostly half days – meaning I can attend most events, can select my days off, and be pretty flexible. Other weeks can be harder though when it comes to delays at work with weather and unpredictable things like that. There are days when I have said ‘yes’ to an event or have a meeting and I get stuck in an outport due to weather.

For us personally, flying can mean our skin gets a little dry. Is that where products like Murad come into play?
YES YES YES! I remember the first week of flying, I had to purchase an entire new range of skin care products just for hydration. I do love Murad products and they have a great range of products for all different skin types, especially dry skin.

What is it about the Murad products that had you adding them to your skincare regime?
This is a really good question because I’ve been really trying lately to be completely honest to my incredible followers when it comes to the difference between products I have purchased and products I have been sponsored to post. When skin care brands approach me to collaborate, if it is a brand that I love and use then I give a cheer and a ‘hell yes’, because I can personally vouch for those products. When it comes to new brands or products I have never tried, then I give a cheer as well because I get to try something new. I always ensure that I test the products myself for at least two weeks and if I’ve added them to my daily routine, then I can’t wait to share it. Murad comes into this bracket.

They were a brand I had never heard of nor tried, but their range just sounded so, so good. After a couple of days of using their products, I knew instantly that I would need a lifetime supply. The Hydrating Toner and Invisiblur Perfecting Shield SPF15 got me from the get-go. I use the toner after I’ve taken off my makeup and also before I apply my makeup, as it is an extra boost of hydration for the day. I also love a great SPF product and find the Invisiblur gives me the SPF protection, but isn’t sticky or greasy like some sun products can be, so my makeup sits so well over the top.

What’s your favourite product in the range and why?
This is such a hard question to answer, but I would have to go with the Rapid Resurfacing Peel. I love a great scrub, peel and mask, really anything that rejuvenates and retextures my skin is my go-to. The Resurfacing Peel from Murad come as individual towelettes, which are really great for travelling I always keep a few in my overnight bag for nights when my skin needs a little pick me up. You basically just swipe the towelette over clean skin, wait a couple minutes for it to absorb, then apply the Quenching Essence or a moisturiser and voila, rejuvenated and smoother skin thanks to the Vitamin C and Glycolic Acid!

Well, it’s obviously working for you! Now turning over to your feed… Where do you find inspiration for your shoots?
I am surrounded by the most creative and incredible people! I have such a great network of friends who are bloggers or in the fashion industry, and continuously inspire, challenge and push me to continue creating. For me, I shoot outfits that I actually wear so some days I have a really great idea of location and angles, and other days I just need a really quick shot running between meetings and events, so then it’s just about finding the right spot wherever I am.

Are they mostly done using a camera or iPhone?
All my images now are shot on camera. I use a really old Canon that my boyfriend has had for years, but I am just about to purchase a newer version. I’m thinking either the Canon 80D or the 5D Mark 3, so if anyone has any tips, let me know!

Who takes your pictures for you?
My boyfriend takes all of them for me now, unless it’s a flatlay or product shot then that’s me taking them. Once I get my new camera though, I’m going to get a tripod and start shooting myself as I tend to rely on him for photos and when we’re both working different hours, it does get really hard to take images for deadlines.

And three to end… Advice for staying on top of it all?
Planning! All of my Instagram is automated, so my posts are scheduled in an app with captions and all the required tags so when they need to be posted, I get notified and hit post. My website is the same. I spend one day a week dedicated to blog posts and I have them all scheduled for the next three months to go live every Wednesday and Sunday. When it comes to emails and more admin roles, I’m always responding on the go but do ensure I sit down every couple of days to double check I’ve replied to everything, reach out for new collaborations and get on top of my invoicing.

Top tip for growing an Instagram following?
Ooh, tough question. Listen to your followers is probably my top tip as they are the ones who are giving you love, so give them some love back and ask what they want to see, what they don’t like, and ask them for advice. Do keep in mind, Instagram nowadays isn’t about your following at all and it isn’t important to have thousands of followers, it is no popularity contest. Every day my following grows is obviously incredible and I thank every single one of you for responding so positively to what I do, but each follower is a real human being they aren’t just numbers.

Where are you hoping to take your blog and Instagram?
Instagram I have no idea because I just have this feeling that a new app is going to come out very soon and blow Instagram out of the water and then where will those people be who rely solely on Instagram? Since they made all of the changes in Instagram, it has become incredibly deflating for a lot of us bloggers and influencers, as it’s just becoming quite upsetting to be posting content and not receiving a great response. For us, posting about the latest products is a big part of our job and sharing where to shop things is key, but it’s hard when people don’t see your post until four days later and the product by then is sold out. For me, my website is growing and expanding and I’m creating newer and better content every day, so I would love to expand that as much as I can and incorporate new aspects into it.

Article written in partnership with Murad. Murad skincare helps deliver younger-looking skin by delivering hydration at a cellular level… which means WE ARE IN!!! ???

All images: @felixandscott

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