Erin Holland on the business of Instagramming

Barely recognisable as she hit MBFWA last week, Erin Holland stepped out sporting a completely new look with her traditional blonde locks swapped in for brunette (thanks to a little session with the Goldwell team).

Amidst the visually loud streets of Fashion Week that played host to everything from a studded face mask, to ruffled sleeves, to lots and lots of fur we pulled Erin aside to catch-up and chat everything from her new hair change to how Instagram has slotted into her career life.

First up, you’re a brunette!
I am brunette… for the first time in 28 years! It’s a little bit of a shock, and I’m still getting used to not scaring myself when I look in the mirror… but I really love it. I was nervous taking the plunge, but Goldwell has such incredible colours I knew they were going to come up with something fantastic that was going to suit me. I’m really happy!

Can you tell me about Goldwell making you brunette…
I was an ambassador for the brand during MBFWA, which is really exciting. We wanted a drastic change. They’ve got a brand new colour range out but a colour like seen on the models during Fashion Week might be a little extreme for my acting and presenting gigs we agreed to mix it up by going the opposite to blonde, which was brunette.

Your style throughout the week was right on point. How did you choose what to wear?
It was pretty epic. I’ve been working with Donny Galella, my stylist, because I figured if you’re going to do it, you have to do it properly. I’m really grateful that Donny has stepped in and helped me out with what to wear because I wouldn’t call myself the most fashionable person around… but I listen and I do as is instructed. He is fantastic at his job, so I just do as he tells me and it works out pretty well!

We put a lot of effort into the looks for each day. I was also lucky enough to be partnering with Swarovski for the week as well, so I wore their jewellery all throughout. I also did a bit with Sunglass Hut too, so I’m just trying to coordinate all of that. I always have a schedule of everything where I have to be, what I have to post!

Sounds like hard work…
Instagramming is a business – for me, it’s just one of a few things I do. But every job incorporates social media these days, so if I am presenting or hosting an event, there is going to be Instagram posts, Facebook lives [live presenting to audiences]… You also really have to make sure that you’re posting at the right time, going through all the tags for each client… it is actually a lot of work.

Can you talk me through what a normal week in your life looks like?
There is no normal week. I am actually trained as an opera singer so I’m a singer and a dancer first and foremost. So there’s practice, performances, events and bits and pieces on the go. There’s also working with brands such as The Star, BMW… and a few other things I can’t talk you through yet. But there’s no two weeks that are the same and that’s what I love about my job.

Do you think your success on Instagram has helped with you getting booked for opera singing gigs?
I don’t actually do much opera anymore – I’m more contemporary, jazz, musical theatre singing. But social media now is really important with anything. When I joined the cast of The Secret Daughter on Channel 7 last year, everything we did they wanted me to help them promote it. [Having a social media following] definitely helps sweeten the deal with certain gigs. It’s just an unavoidable, huge part of our world these days.

Lastly… Five year’s time, what can we see you doing?
I’d love to be on television hosting something like a variety or an entertainment show, whether it’s a morning show or The Voice or something like that. TV presenting is where my heart lies and what I’m working towards, so fingers crossed in five year’s time I will be there!

Main image: Husskie Other images: @erinvholland
Article written by @yaseminjenc

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