Elsa’s Wholesome Life: Typical weeks & travels with Gypsea Lust

I am not a foodie. I can’t cook. My fridge consists of about three ingredients. And I could have the same meal everyday for five year’s straight (in fact, I’ve done this in the past). But there is one Instagram account that has me rethinking my ways… Elsa’s Wholesome Life.

While I have to admit that it was the absolute breathtaking travel pics she posted alongside twin sister Gypsea Lust’s Lauren Bullen that initially drew me into Ellie Bullen’s Elsa’s Wholesome Life feed – I’ve since become a little obsessed with her foodie posts. Who knew food could consistently look that bright, colourful and drool-inducing?!

And it seems I’m not alone in my love for Ellie’s recipe creations. On top of her almost 600K followers on Instagram, Ellie has just recently launched her first published cookbook, aptly titled Elsa’s Wholesome Life. Filled with more than 100 vegan-based recipes created by Ellie herself (and featuring a slew of her beautiful photography), this one is set to get even the worst cooking offenders into the kitchen [yes, myself included].

Off the back of the book launch, we tracked Ellie down to talk everything from travelling the world, to favourite recipes, to her number one tip for growing an Instagram following…

What’s a typical week in your life look like?
Well, it depends where I am! I spend a lot of my time in Bali where I love to workout at the gym every day, create content for my Instagram/blog, venture out to a new café for lunch, business meetings/meet friends, and cook dinner at our home. When we are travelling, no week is the same!

Do you get to travel as much as it feels like you are from your feed?!
This year my partner and I have left our home in Australia to travel as much as we can! We’ve been travelling to new places every month this year. Between trips, we spend lots of time in Bali – so it feels like I am always travelling.

It seems like you’ve created a pretty fun little posse with your sister, Jack [Do You Travel‘s Jack Morris] and Alex [boyfriend]. Do you all travel most places together as a foursome?
We have done a few trips together. Recently we all went to Tahiti and also met up for some time in Europe. We stay together in Bali as well. It’s lots of fun being able to travel with my partner, my twin sister, and her partner.

With your love for both cooking and travel, do you find it hard to make creations while on the road?
Yes, it can be hard at times. But at our place in Bali, we have a kitchen (I even brought my blender over with me!) When travelling, I often look for accommodation with a kitchen, and head to a local supermarket/market and pick up some local ingredients to cook myself.

Talking about cooking, MASSIVE congrats on the new cookbook! It looks incredible. How long have you been working on this for?
Thank you! I created this cookbook during my final year of university. It took many months to complete (plenty of late nights) but I was working on it part-time.

What did it feel like when you were first approached to publish a cookbook?
I was so excited! Publishing a cookbook was my dream when I first created my blog, I never thought I would have it offered to me. I remember calling up my partner to tell him the news, but I was hesitant on telling many people because I thought it was too good to be true.

How did you come up with the idea behind each recipe?
I find inspiration for my recipes from many places, often they just come from experiments in my kitchen where I am either trying to make a traditional dish healthier or making it vegan.

Are they all recipes you like to incorporate in your own diet?
Definitely! All the recipes are healthy and vegan and dishes that I would cook all of the time.

What’s your favourite recipe in the book and why?
Ohhh this is so tough to pick! The Spring Blossom Carrot Cake is definitely my favourite dessert recipe! I remember creating this and just being blown away by how beautiful it looked and tasted! It’s iced with coconut icing and an abundance of bright berries.

And lastly, just two quick ones… where do you see yourself in five year’s time?
I think in five years time I could definitely see myself starting a family. Hopefully travelling still and on my next cookbook. 😉

What’s your top tip for growing a following on Instagram?
Posting good quality content that is exciting and fresh!

To get your copy of the Elsa’s Wholesome Life cookbook, click here to see a full list of stockists.

All images: Elsa’s Wholesome Life website + @elsas_wholesomelife

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