Day On A Plate with Tastefully Tash’s Tasha Meys

It’s not everyday you see someone perfectly fuse their health, art and photography passions to forge a career path, but that’s exactly what Tastefully Tash’s Tasha Meys has done. Whether it be food or lifestyle photography, art, or design work, Tasha has been creating content for companies since graduating from her degree in Consumer Food Science and Marketing at Otago University (NZ) in 2016.

With Tasha constantly posting the prettiest [and reportedly delicious] health food to the Gram as well as delivering regular new recipes to her blog, we thought she’d be the perfect candidate to talk us through her Day on A Plate.

Here, Tasha reveals what to expect from her typical daily food and fitness regime…

I love starting the day with f45 or a walk/run up ‘The Mount’ (the hill in Mount Maunganui where I live). When it’s sunny, I’m a big fan of starting the day outside to get fresh air before I go inside to work for the morning.

I go through big phases with breakfast. I use to always have a big chocolate protein smoothie bowl, however, I’m currently obsessed with eggs on toast. I love dark crunchy wholemeal toast with poached eggs and avocado.

I love my snacks. For a morning snack, I love greek yogurt with cacao and honey mixed through it – topped with buckwheat grouts.

Lunch is my biggest meal of the day. I am a big believer in the flexibility of wraps – they’re my go-to lunch as I can put whatever is hanging out in the fridge in them. My favourite wrap combo is wholemeal wraps filled with spinach, pesto, salmon, red onion, parmesan cheese, and avocado.

Kombucha is my favourite drink – so if I’m out for lunch, I’ll have one with what I order.

I also always have to have ‘lunch dessert’ – this usually involves something chocolate. My favourite at the moment is a single serving of a ‘healthy’ chocolate chip cookie.

So I’m a bit opposite and have my dinner at 4pm and a snack at around 6pm. My favourite dinner is a thin crust homemade pizza. I love adding leftover roast vegetables to bulk it up. Other toppings include pesto (as you can see I’m a big pesto fan), spinach, red onion, mushrooms, and a handful of nuts.

Sweet snack/dessert time! Time for another cookie… or brownie… or hot chocolate… or dark chocolate… basically anything dark chocolate-related with a cup of herbal tea.

All images: Tastefully Tash

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