Day on a Plate with Saskiateje’s Saskia Jenkins

Is it just us, or has Saskiateje’s Saskia Jenkins been popping up in your Instagram feed everywhere at the moment? And we definitely don’t hate it. The darling of brands including the likes of I Am Gia, Tigermist, and With Jéan – Saskia is all goals, from her hair to her lips to her brows. And then there’s her body… Yep, this one’s got that in the bag too.

Following a vegan and gluten-free diet, Saskia’s Day on A Plate is fuelled with nutritious fresh produce that has us seriously rethinking our highly processed ways (there’s a reason why you won’t find us in a bikini…)

Below, Saskia talks us through just what you can expect from her typical daily diet and fitness regime.

Wake up and have my ASN supplements and make my breakfast to take with me to a shoot.

Just before I go in to work, or as I’m travelling to work, I have my protein smoothie which has spinach, unsweetened almond milk, vegan plant protein, one banana, and honey.

My calltimes are usually early in the morning, but if I’m not working – I’ll normally do a morning workout. I need something to get up for in the mornings otherwise I feel unmotivated. It also sets me up for the day. I think by the end of the day I’m way too tired to do a really good workout!

If I am not working, or I’m really hungry – I will have quinoa, scrambled tofu, broccolini, and hummus.

Either a green smoothie bowl with gluten-free granola or a green salad with some sort of vegan protein like tofu, beans etc. I love Mexican-style salads as well!

I love honey cashews! I could eat them with some almonds any day. They’re the best!

If I had work, I’ll try and do some sort of exercise once I’m home. Either an F45 workout, personal training with @tomikahjenkins, or walk the dog/run.

I love Thai food – so I usually have stir fried veggies with tofu, green curry, or rice paper rolls.

Bed time after a couple of episodes on Netflix.

All images: Saskia Teje

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