Day on a plate with rugby star Charlotte Caslick

If there’s one person that’s been a major influence when it comes to the world of women’s sport in Australia, it’s Charlotte Caslick. Regarded as one of the best players in the world of Women’s Rugby Sevens, it was her drive and determination to help take the Aussie team to victory at the 2016 Olympics in Rio that saw the country begin to recognise that talent isn’t just restricted to one sex. Two years on, and we’re beginning to see sports like cricket, soccer and of course, rugby take on a more professional approach (read paying the athletes) when it comes to female talent.

And after that girl empowerment rant, I’m going to strip it all back and focus on the one thing that women in sport have been fighting against for years – her body! But seriously, when you’ve got washboard abs and buttocks of steel like Charlotte’s, can you really blame us?!

With the Sydney 7s tournament kicking off this Friday, we thought it was the perfect time to have a little chat to her about just what food is used to help fuel that epic figure…

Can you talk me through your usual “Day on a plate”?
I usually will have either porridge or cereal. On the weekends I might have bacon and eggs or pancakes, but during the week it’s usually whatever’s quick and lets me sleep in the longest!

Then before training I try and have a snack, just a banana or something, to have on my stomach while we are training because sometimes we don’t finish until about midday. Then as soon as we come in, we usually have a catered lunch which is awesome. It’s normally some sort of protein, salads, bread or potatoes as our carbs.

After gym I usually have a protein shake which fills me up before I get home, then I’ll have a snack before dinner – that’s usually a piece of toast or some nuts or fruit. Dinner ranges a lot, but sometimes a roast lamb with veggies and potatoes. I also have dessert a lot – usually ice cream!

Do you have anyone that guides you on your food program?
We have a nutritionist at training [Peta Carige] who monitors our weight and our skin folds – which is our fat. She’s really great at promoting a balanced diet rather than telling us we can’t indulge in anything that’s delicious. She just explains to us how bad it is for our body, and the consequences – but it’s then up to us on what we want to eat, and how we should eat.

She’s always giving us lots of different ways to make our food taste just as good but remain healthy – so we’re pretty lucky to have that support. Our coaching staff is also really understanding of having a balanced life as well – they don’t make us cut anything out.

All images: Charlotte Caslick

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